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  • Added an example of handling RSS feeds differently based on content inspection (text, images, video).
  • Improved date handling for the hCalendar dialog
  • Added an example of an unknown protocol request
  • Added a horizontal bar in between actions like Download and Display in Firefox, and applications.
  • Cleaned up the download application dialog

Open Questions

Web Feed content inspection

  • Do we want to have custom icons for image feeds and video feeds?
  • Are there any other types of content we should be looking for in feeds that we can hand off to particular applications? Microformats?
  • Should we follow Apple's lead and use the terminology: Podcast, Video Podcast, Photocast?
  • cbarrett isn't sure if you can subscribe to any RSS feed of images as a Photocast he's checking into it though.

Launching Applications

  • Should we say "this Web site would like to send information to an application" or "this Web site would like to launch an application?"