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Core team weekly meeting
Date & Time: Monday 25 August 2014 @ 5pm UTC
Location: CBT vidyo room (
Moderator: David
Last agenda + notes:
Parking lot:


  • Catch up on email after one work week and one week of meetups :)


  • 1:1s for this week
    • Let's debrief the last couple of weeks -- what came up for you, what are you thinking about in a new way, etc.

  • Communications
    • (Note that I changed the categories here to reflect the audiences in our communications plan)
    • What we'll share with the project this week
    • What we'll share with executives this week
      • See below
    • What will we share with managers and directors this week

  • Upcoming visitors to team meeting
    • Amie -- date TBD -- to join to talk about onboarding work she's doing and she how we can get core contributors plugged in
    • Gerv -- date TBD -- to join to talk about a governance project he is interested in focusing on

  • Budget
    • Still no update from Finance on actuals -- will share when I've learned more.

  • Strategy Lens
    • More about this in discussions below

  • PTO/Travel
    • Next Monday, Sep 1, is a US holiday so we won't have a team call then
    • David on PTO this Friday
    • Michelle on PTO this Friday, unless Content Services needs me before 12. 
    • Christie on PTO 25-29 August, see you in September!
    • William on PTO  2-5 September


In 2 minutes, answer the questions: 

  • What did I accomplish last week?
  • What will I do this week?
  • What problems I am solving for this week / What obstacles are impeding my progress?

  • William
    • William had breakthrough on community space in India (Bangalore) -- was approved last week
    • Going to Manilla to inaugurate Mozilla Philippines community space! Move as fast as possible to build that out.
  • Pierros
    • What did I accomplish last week?
      • Nailing last conversion points for Q3Baloo (AMMO, MDN)
    • What will I do this week?
      • Conversion points consolidation in wiki
      • Hardware mailing list (and community kick-off)
    • What problems I am solving for this week / What obstacles are impeding my progress?
      • Location Services pathways
  • Larissa
    • Last: Working Groups Meet Up – went great!
    • Grow change taking up a lot of time – should be a lot of forward movement this week
      • consolidated some feedback, made recommendations -> make a whole community driven project
    • Get Involved page back-end piece, auto-responders – Sept 30th
      • making sure everyone is on same page
    • PriMo is moving forward rapidly – want to grow community quickly as important issue
  • Michelle
    • What did I accomplish last week? 
      • Education/Recognition/Pathways Meetup ate my brain, but I'm proud of the direction we are going in now. 
    • What will I do this week? 
      • Content Services launching Tiles! - localized
      • Recognition through vouching
      • QA Aurora page kicking off
      • Meetup Comms and Bugs and Priorities
    • What problems I am solving for this week / What obstacles are impeding my progress?
      • Content Services TILES-- Communications plan for community for TILES launch in October
      • Need Pierros to help me figure out how to get recognition and pathways reporting from Baloo data
  • Christie
    • on PTO
  • Jennie
    • Great WG Meetup last week!
    • Open Hatch Event and finding mentors (potential blocker)
      • help show any part of project can bring people in, not just internship – need to find mentors for beg, int, adv students
    • Get involved page is complicated

  • Sean
    • Last: helped Grow comm, Working Groups Meet Up day 1, TRIBE
    • Meeting with UXR to see what's up – Cori is leaving, can we still go forward anyway?
    • Get Involved auto-responders, Stewards stuff
    • looking into platforms for collaborating on future Grow ideas
  • David
    • Last: wrote blog post about Portland work week – health report, pathways 
    • continuing discussions with Mark, Mary Ellen, Debbie might create some asks for the team


  • Acknowledgements
    • Who do you want to recognize within our team?
      • [DB] I'd like to acknowledge Michelle, Larissa, Christie and Jennie for organizing and running the working group meetup last week +1
      • [SB] Acknowledge Larissa and Jennie for handling the back-end issues with Get Involved in a timely way and bringing everyone along with it
    • Who do you want to recognize outside of our team with a community building superstar badge
      • [LS] community attendees at working group last week - (some or maybe all already have badges I feel sure) Janet, Mike, Srikar, Brian, Madalina, Stacy, Amy, Dietrich, William R, Sean, Amie, 

        • (I think all the people have 

  • Debrief of working group meetup in MV last week
    • Support the group needs from us
      • Metrics help with Baloo
      • Publicizing and getting people to use a survival guide
      • links?

  • Follow up from our Portland work week
    • Next steps with future team state tasks
      • Notes at:
      • Is someone interested in driving this process?  This would involve keeping track of  where we are we each of these items, clearly documenting the decisions for changes that have been made and introducing unresolved items for discussion (perhaps in upcoming hack times?)
        • Pierros and Larissa and Christie to help train team on bugzilla roadmap use
        • Pierros is getting ready for us to use -- will follow up with us with details when it's ready

  • Preparing for our work days in October
    • Etherpad:
    • Attendees: David has invited both Michelle Thorne and Brian King's teams -- haven't heard back about who is able to join
    • Topics: Feel free to start putting suggestions up on the etherpad
    • Festival tickets: David will follow up with Michelle Thorne unless people know what the process is here

  • Preview of community goal discussions this week with Mark, Mary Ellen and Debbie
    • There are 2 two hours meetings this week and the focus is on 2014 -- getting everyone on same page about where we are, identifying any short-term tweaks that we want to make, talking about how the CBT, Brian's team and Michelle Thorne's team should be coordinating, etc.
    • Slides about CBT progress and learnings for the discussion:
    • Discussions looking forward to 2015 will be happening after this week

Action items and notes