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Core team weekly meeting
Date & Time: Monday 15 September 2014 @ 5pm UTC
Location: CBT vidyo room (
Dial In: +1 800 707 2533, pin 369, conf 9634# 
Moderator: David
Last agenda + notes:
Parking lot:

Today is David's Birthday!  Everyone should wear a [silly] hat and sing to him. -- Michelle :)


  • Start drafting Q4 goals -- these don't need to be finalized yet but we should start the process of identifying what we want to get done before the end of the year.  Please add your drafts on the goals pad (note that this is a place to draft goals, but we may want a different place to post and track finalized goals)


  • 1:1s for this week
    • Discuss draft Q4 goals

  • Communications
  • Upcoming visitors to team meeting
    • Amie -- date TBD -- to join to talk about onboarding work she's doing and she how we can get core contributors plugged in
    • Gerv -- date TBD -- to join to talk about a governance project he is interested in focusing on

  • Budget
    • Still no update from Finance on actuals -- will share when I've learned more.

  • Strategy Lens
    • Ongoing Tiger Team discussions (more below)

  • PTO/Travel
    • David out for the rest of today
    • Michelle PTO 12-19th in Hawaii.  Really really really not working.  Will ask for backup on Open Standard stuff


In 2 minutes, answer the questions: 

  • [Written] What did I accomplish last week?
  • [Verbal] What will I do this week?
  • [Verbal] What problems I am solving for this week / What obstacles are impeding my progress?

Note: Please provide a written update on what you accomplished last week (either with notes in the pad or with a link to and only talk through what you will do this week and what problems you are solving for.

  • William

  • Pierros

  • Larissa
    • Last week: 
      • Growth challenge and Get Involved page were huge. 
      • Privacy/Policy/Advocacy also. 
      • MozFest stuff is getting hotter
      • Incoming trip to cGI annual meeting which gives oportunties to work on both of the above. 
      • Various onboarding paperwork for Jennie.
      • exact target training
    • This week:
      • Growth team is huge especially getting an initial plan for DistruFox and understanding the evolving landscape after ReMo (thank you Pierros)
      • Get Involved page backend continued
      • Privacy/Policy moving quickly - first opportunities, new badges, and more
      • CGI meeting prep
  • Michelle
    • On PTO
  • Christie
    • Last week:
    • This week: 
      • Follow-up with webdev/l10n partnerships
      • Draft contribution challenge
      • Complete proposal for Wiki user rights adjustments
      • Complete contrib challenge wiki template
      • make significant progress on Feedback game with Jennie
      • draft q4 goals
  • Jennie
  • Sean
  • David
    • Last week: Tiger Team wrangling, coordinating with Dave Eaves on research project proposal, starting Q4 goals process
    • This week: Tiger Team wrangling (ongoing), kicking off research project, helping everyone with challenges


  • Acknowledgements
    • Who do you want to recognize within our team?

    • Who do you want to recognize outside of our team with a community building superstar badge
      • Rebecca Billings, Clint Talbert, Hal Wine, Karl Thiessen
      • Rosanna
      • William and Pierros
        • Need to wait to see what are specific suggestions
        • Looking to join the product meetings

  • Debrief and take-aways of RemoCamp and today's Tiger Team meeting
    • We had a 3 hour Tiger Team meeting this morning.  The bulk of it was focused on debriefing how the challenge sessions went at RemoCamp.  Mitchell further defined what she is looking for in these challenges: asynchronous activity, scale impact, specific time commitment/small chunks of work, high touch.  There is a RemoCamp challenges ether pad below and there will be a report back on challenges from Mark and Mitchell at the project call today.
    • The Tiger Team is interested in moving challenge content to the wiki.  Christie, could you help Kristin with this?  This wouls interested in moving challenge content to the wiki.  Christie, could you help Kristin with this?  The template form would be part of this, but they want more -- an overview of challenges, links to current challenges, etc.
    • There were other agenda items for the meeting today, but we didn't get to most of them because the debrief ran long.  There was a discussion around moving forward with the survey and data analysis research project and a discussion about how this should be the beginning on a long term research effort.  We started talking about a communications plan, but only had time to focus on what to share on the project call today.  We'll get into the rest of the communications plan at a following Tiger Team meeting next week.
    • The Reps are going to be using the challenge concept as a way to get things accomplished

  • [Carry-over from last week] Reorg affects on partnerships
    • Do recent reorgs affect our partnerships? how?
    • This may be difficult to understand and try to reconstruct what's happened in the past.
    • Triage as needed.
    • Engineering, User Research, etc.

  • [Carry-over from last week] Webdev community building around community tools? (need to talk about this as a group)
    • mozilians
    • badges and badge discovery
    • reps
    • mozmoderator
    • kitherder?
    • other?
      • get involved (there's a case for this to be a separate 
        • including the (current) ET backend which is used for both GI and the communities newsletter
    • in terms of who drives these projects, what is the line between systems & data and other areas of CBT?
    • Should we have a combined community tools team?
      • This has been frustrating
      • What approach can we take?
      • Forcing part of the conversation is the (maybe)
      • The Wiki is a good example of how we've moved forward
      • What is the priority? What does the governance look like, etc?
      • How do we divide these things up into what we can do?
      • Make sure that we're spending energy on things that we can solve
      • Community Engagement and CBT should be working more closely together, probably
      • Tools is just one part of that algorithm

  • Team dynamics

Action items and notes