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Title Firefox Growth Team - Project DistruFox
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Project Distrufox is a Contribution Challenge developed as part of the Firefox Growth Team and the Firefox 10th Anniversary Challenge. Project DistruFox seeks to aid users in locations where internet bandwidth is limited to install up to date Firefox via hard copy distribution. DistruFox additionally seeks to collect data on installation failures in developing markets and increase brand awareness in markets.
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This is a part of the Firefox Growth team and the 10th Anniversary contribution challenge.
Impact Goal
Why would this motivate our volunteers?
Get Firefox on a Growth Trajectory
Motivation Our volunteers care about the continued success of Firefox. Our volunteers are intimately familiar with issues in low-bandwidth areas and want to support development of firefox usage within their home countries, even in places with infrastructure challenges.
Problem Statement
What do we want people to do.
Community in three target countries (and others if they wish) will establish a program for distributing hard copy firefox and installing firefox via flash and dvd for users and potential users in markets where the bandwidth makes it hard to download. The community leads will obtain media in country and burn images, and in partnership with Mozilla community building will set up local events to execute the program. On the event days volunteers will help people update their firefox, hand out media for further distribution, train attendees on helping others update *their* firefox, and document problems found when people try to install as to help us test Growth team hypotheses about failing installs in these markets.
What’s the approach? Do you have an existing process, system or framework to guide the contribution? What tools and resources will the community be provided?
We will use existing Reps and FSA programs to develop in country events to distribute media and perform installs as well as collect data on installs. We will provide ISO images, funds for media and event, collateral, and tools for collection of data.
How will you measure both completion and positive impact?
Total number of installs seen in Growth metrics, total number of events
Skills and experiences to support volunteers (from employees)
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Event strategy

Release management

Skills and experiences of volunteers
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Event Management

User Research Firefox user support

Est Launch Date
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This project is timed to coincide with the tenth anniversary campaigns. The ISO images will be available on the 10th anniversary of Firefox, but it will take some time (~2 weeks) to get the image onto hard copy and distributed. Events will occur throughout November and December. The events will be primarily asynchronous.
Are there specific regions where the work needs to happen? Can the work be done in a distributed manner? Or do contributors all need to be in the same place?
First round target countries are India, Indonesia, and Nigeria. Additional countries can participate but may not get targeted support.
What events can or should play a role in this project? This can be a work week, a Mozilla event, or a 3rd party event. An event also does not need to be part of this challenge. The work might be able to be completed outside of or independent of an event. Events should be a supportive aspect for the challenges and might be central for only a few challenges.
Events are the primary vehicle for execution of this project once the media is on the ground.
Business Owner
Who is accountable for overall project success?
Chris More (Firefox Growth Team), Eric Petit for 10th Anniversary
Community Liaison
Who is accountable for community contribution?
Larissa Shapiro
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