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Contribution Challenges Overview

Contribution Challenges were developed to drive immediate impact against our topline organizational goals this year. They were also developed to engage, empower and inspire the community to make an impact.

The first set of six challenges were socialized at ReMo Camp in September. These first challenges were selected because they will make an impact this year and because there is a strong need for community involvement in these challenges to make them successful.

This is just the beginning as we will be identifying challenges to work on as we move forward. If you have an idea for a challenge please go ahead and submit your challenge. Challenges will be identified on an ongoing basis. As challenges get approved teams to support these challenges will be assigned.

What is a Contribution Challenge?

A contribution challenge is just that a “challenge” that we are facing that would benefit greatly from the involvement of our community. Contribution Challenges start with a brief that outlines the mission/business need and the impact it will have against our topline strategic goals. The contribution challenge is driven by a business owner and a community liaison who are in charge of drafting the brief. Once the brief is drafted the drivers of the challenge will share the information with the community asking for input. This information will typically be shared either asynchronously or through a vidyo call/meeting. There will be some brainstorming or a discussion around the brief. A community lead will be identified and a core team will be formed and held accountable ensuring the brief is delivering against the impact it set out to achieve.

How do I Submit a Challenge?

Any one can submit a challenge (volunteer community members or paid staff). If you have a project that you feel would benefit greatly from the involvement of the community please fill out the brief template and submit your challenge.

How Are Challenges Selected?

The Community Tiger Team will review and evaluate challenges as they are submitted. Challenges will be evaluated based on the set of criteria outlined here:

  • Executive sponsor/champion
  • Impact: will it deliver impact against our topline initiatives?
  • Time to market: can it get into market quickly?
  • Timeliness: is this challenge time sensitive; does it need to be executed in a certain amount of time?

If your challenge is selected you will receive an email notification outlining next steps to kick off your challenge.

Submitted Challenges

Note: Do not edit the table below directly as it is auto-generated. To submit a new challenge, click the button above.

TitleBusiness OwnerCommunity LiaisonStatusApprovedLive DateShort DescriptionImpact GoalMore infoNotesContribution Challenge
Firefox Growth Team - Project DistruFoxChris More (Firefox Growth Team), Eric Petit for 10th AnniversaryLarissa ShapiroSubmittedtrue15 November 2015Project Distrufox is a Contribution Challenge developed as part of the Firefox Growth Team and the Firefox 10th Anniversary Challenge. Project DistruFox seeks to aid users in locations where internet bandwidth is limited to install up to date Firefox via hard copy distribution. DistruFox additionally seeks to collect data on installation failures in developing markets and increase brand awareness in markets.Get Firefox on a Growth Trajectory 5Y/edit?pli=1Contribute/Contribution Challenges/Firefox Growth Team - Project DistruFox
Firefox OS Local ContentTBDWilliam QActivetrue15 October 2014Mozilla has successfully launched Firefox OS in nearly 20 countries in Latam, Europe and Asia and the reception for the product has been generally positive. While we have been very good at creating buzz and excitement around our Fx OS launches in the weeks before and after our launches, we have had difficulty sustaining the momentum gained and interest/excitement/engagement peters out which this challenge aims to address.Scale Firefox OSContribute/Contribution Challenges/Firefox OS Local Content
Mobile WebmakerDavid Ascher, Laura de ReynalMichelle Thorne, Bobby RichterActivetrue24 October 2014What do the next billion web users want? Mozillians love to tell world about Mozilla. Now they can tell Mozilla about the world. Collect real information about what problems the next billion users want to solve and how to improve mobile Webmaker to address those needs.Grow Adoption of WebmakertbdContribute/Contribution Challenges/Mobile Webmaker
Test Challenge EMeNot MeSubmittedfalse15 February 2015short description for challenge eScale Firefox OShttp://cnn.comnotes hereContribute/Contribution Challenges/Test Challenge E


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