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Metrics for Community Events

For community events, we can find different ways to measure the impact. Each event is different from the other, also there are variations to measure by regions, cultures, and languages.

However, we could divide the community events in 3 types. Each type can overlap with the other, and some events could be identified with more than 1 type. This overlap is expected, since the lines that define these events are movable.

  • Type 1: Contribution focused events (e.g.: FOSDEM, Flisol, L10n Worksprint, etc)
  • Type 2: Evangelism/Community Engagement (e.g.: Tech4Africa, EBE, etc)
  • Type 3: community meetups (focus in growth, strengthen communities, improving community health. e.g.: Arabic Meetup, Germany meetup, etc)

For these types of events, we should map the expected outcome for each one.

Type 1:

  • Number of bugs fixed
  • Articles Translated
  • Apps Submitted
  • Number of code patches
  • Number of MDN articles created/edited
  • Number of downloads of Firefox Nightly/Aurora

Type 2:

  • Number of people engaged with
  • Social Media Impressions
  • Posts/articles about the event
  • Social shares
  • Number of people who will contribute after the event

Type 3:

  • People satisfied with the event
  • Percentage of task accomplished
  • Number of bugs fixed

The more accurate the metrics, the better you can know the impact that the event had.