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WebDev Web Engineering Community Building

9 September 2014 - First Meeting

Let's get oriented!

I'm here to help you generate ideas for community building and to help you implement them.

A model of community building is documented here:

Some guiding questions:

  • Scope of projects?
    • crash reporter  <-- this is the primary one.
    • l10n tools: elmo (dashbord), rhelmer lead for l10n tools
    • misc tiny projects (doctor, bonzai)
    • air mozilla; peterbe lead
    • bouncer (figures out where to download ff from)
    • phonebook
  • What's does the community look like now?
    • trying to figure this out
    • internal focus of tools limits interest from outside contributors
    • documentation edits, small changes to deploy scripts, most work contributed are done at beginning with system is setup (socorro)
    • developers who would like to contribute but it's so hard to setup so by the time they are done, they don't have any energy for contributing (socorro)
    • an intern has been setting up a proper package (socorro)
    • most contributors doing work on the clock, don't work on things on volunteer basis
    • external companies are thinking about either paying Mozilla or paying contributors to work on projects (as contractors)
    • debate around whether or not product should be mozilla-agnostic so as to be friendlier to outside use and contributors

  • How do folks get involved?
  • What do you feel are the greatest pain points or areas to improve?
    • one: acquiring contributors
    • two: retaining them
      • someone will come to the community and be really, really active for a week and then never come back, don't know why
      • in general, pretty responsive to pull requests, questions, etc.
  • What do you want to accomplish this year?
    • settle the corp community debate. are we project or product? <-- this.
    • answering this would settle questions we have about how much time should be dedicating to community. etc. 
    • stakeholders in that decision: module ownership
    • having it be easier to install and update, then will drive contribution
    • frequency of updates might also scare off contributors

contribute.json ( standard for indicating how to contribute. root in web property that contains structured, machine-readable json file that has info for documentation, requirements, etc. goal is to be able to automate processes based on this file.

== Action Items ==