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Anyone at Mozilla - module owner, newcomer, veteran, staff, volunteer should feel welcome to initiate or run the Designing for Participation Workshop.

Purpose & Goals

what's the goal of this workshop?

Designing for Participation was created in order to get Mozilla community members to think about how they can structure the work Mozilla does to better enable contributions from anywhere. As such the workshop has three goals:

  • impart on participants some best practices about how to design tasks to better enable participation
  • foster a conversation where best practices and ideas can be surfaced and critically assessed, particularly around how suggestion may or may not be relevant to areas the participants work on
  • provide participants with action items they can take back to where they contribute to Mozilla that will help increase opportunities for participation from community members
  • share differing experiences around the possibilities and obstacles to participation between managers, employees, staff, volunteers, newcomers and veteran contributors.

who should participate?

Almost anyone at Mozilla should feel like this is open to them. "Roles" that might want to participate or lead this workshop include:

  • module owners
  • newcomers
  • veterans
  • staff
  • volunteers
  • managers

Some of the more common questions participants often have that make them a good fit for the course include:

  • We are starting a new product/activity/function and want to think about how we can encourage community participation
  • I've just moved to/been assigned as a manager to a new area and we want to expand how we can encourage community participation
  • I'm a long time contributor with lots of thoughts about how to encourage participation, I wonder if others at the corporation or foundation have similar thoughts?
  • I need to expand the scope of our work without increasing the financial resources I have
  • I'm a manager and I'd like some tools for thinking about how to evaluate how effectively those who work for me create space and opportunity for community participation.
  • I'm a contributor and I'd love to expand how much I contribute or have been trying to explore new parts of the project to contribute to with little success.


Slide Deck

The slides for this presentation can be downloaded here in

Identify Goals

Please start by watching video number 1.

As per the video, please write down 1-4 goals that you have for this workshop

Case Study

Please watch video number 2.

For those interested - the Support Mozilla Webpage.

Once you have looked the SUMO page or the webpage of another open source project that you chose and completed the tasks outlined in the previous video continue on with watching video number 3. Slide 4 of the presentation is also relevant here.

Personal Application

As outlined in the previous video in this section we attempt to take the lessons learned from the case study and apply them to the area of interest for each participant.

The worksheet template is available as a Google Doc template Please make a personal copy of the template to fill out (please leave the template blank for others)

Debrief Personal Application

Please watch video number 4.

Please feel free to send questions or ideas to david <a>

You may also find the follow up workshop Identifying Contributors to be interesting.