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Photo taken by A. I. Sajib

Mozilla Handmade Working Group


Build a community of people who love the web and love crafting (knitting, crocheting, sewing, glass blowing...) in order to create cool hand made items that can be given to contributors and/or offered through the new Mozilla store.


Next Meeting, Monday January 27, 12:15pm PST in the Community Building Team (CBT) Vidyo Room (use this link for guest access) with live crafty gatherings (making metal stamped key chains) in SF- Community Space and MV - Warp Core. Contact Larissa if you'd like to be added to the meeting invite.

Meeting Notes


Craft projects

Knit and crochet

Name Image Pattern/Project Creator
Firefox OS phone costume Knit phone cover.jpg Fabricio Zuardi
Firefox logo hat Firefox logo hat.jpg Firefox logo hat Janet Swisher
Dino head hat Dino head hat.jpg Mozilla logo ski mask Janet Swisher
Firefox ears hat
Knit hat.jpg
Irayani Queencyputri
Firefox ears hat Firefox ear hat.jpg Arturo Martinez
Firefox fingerless gloves Fingerless gloves in Firefox colors.jpeg Maine Morning Mitts pattern Sheeri Cabral

Other ideas: Fox hat and scarf combo (Crochet)


Name Image Pattern Creator
Bugzilla bracelets Bugzilla jewelry.jpg Liz Henry


Name Image Pattern Creator
Paper Toys Papertoy-firefox-2012.jpg Viking Karwur and Faisal Azad

Upcoming Events

Communities to reach

  • Mozillians
  • Ravelry
  • Etsy
  • Threadless
  • Hackespaces
  • Art Groups