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  • nhirata in System Frontend Work Week in SF this week.
  • please add lizzard to the stability mailing list.


  • No ship last week, because of risk wrt Fx release + many people out
  • Forced correlations were, however, patched, and should be available



  • #3 topcrash on Release and Beta: bug 925459 - crashes related to bitguard.dll
  • bug 854176 (Windows networking) and bug 767343 (OOM abort) are high in Firefox 25 stats as well.


  • Should this be backported to Beta (and other channels)? bug 929009 - crash in `anonymous namespace::downmix_to_stereo<float>(float*, long, float*, int)
    • On 25, we did a feature disable/backout - on 26, we may want to target an actual fix if it comes soon enough.


  • Need uplift to Aurora (27.0a2)
    • bug 927413 - crash in mozilla::gfx::DrawTargetSkia::DrawSurface will need to be uplifted to Aurora
    • bug 931911 - crash in mozilla::a11y::SelectionManager::ProcessSelectionChanged(nsISelection*)
  • Fixing bug 927413 will likely push bug 934203 - Windows-only startup crash in JS_WrapValue(JSContext*, JS::MutableHandle<JS::Value>) with Twitter Disconnect / Facebook Disconnect to #1 topcrash on Aurora.
  • bug 934509 - crash in nsGlobalWindow::RunTimeout(nsTimeout*)


  • bug 933734 and other crashes caused by it (such as bug 933776) has dominated weekend stats. Fixed now, so should subside.
  • KaiRo is seeing bug 934250 a lot and it's a Linux topcrash, but it might only be in the experimental Linux OMTC code (off by default).


  • Filed top 25 crashers as of Friday for Release/beta. Might be some slight shifting as the signatures settle with more users.
  • Ratio on release is 1.6 per 100 ADU
  • Ratio on beta is 3.0 per 100 ADU
  • bug 900033 - Crash on Samsung 8 and 7 inch Galaxy tab 3 - still a top crash on release - Milan was sent a tablet for GFX people to look at
  • bug 883500 - Favicon crash Flared up on beta top crash - above empty crash


  • bug 909402 - Need to get symbols; still working things out with vendor
  • bug 895246 - looks like duplicate reports are on client end


  • bug 932046 - crash in mozilla::net::HttpChannelChild::OnRedirectVerifyCallback(unsigned int)
  • bug 929004 - crash in mozilla::system::SetStatusRunnable::Run()
    • This crash is a top crasher; would it be possible to have someone take a look at it please?
  • bug 927413 - crash in mozilla::gfx::DrawTargetSkia::DrawSurface
    • needs uplift to v1.2


  • bug 929004 - crash in mozilla::system::SetStatusRunnable::Run()
  • bug 922196 - crash in nsBaseAppShell::DoProcessNextNativeEvent(bool, unsigned int)


  • Not enough info


Stability Week Actions


  • KaiRo has a local Firefox OS event on Nov 25th - can someone else take over the meeting that day?
    • Lukas will be leading the meeting - thanks!

Upcoming PTO