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Previous Action Items

  • KaiRo/liz to evaluate options for public stability list [KaiRo: Liz was off last week, will connect with her this week]
  • [DONE] juanb to file remaining Seer crash from comment #10 [ this is bug 994344 ]
  • [DONE] Anthony to dig into Aurora regression range for bug 740325
  • Naoki still trying to get a reply from GP, KaiRo possibly trying to contact them as well. [KaiRo: held out due to new findings that this seems to be a seccomp violation.]
  • bsmedberg to follow up with Jason on JS crashes without action in 29 (Beta)
  • Anthony to follow up with bsmedberg on impact of GGC crashes
  • [DONE] KaiRo to bring the __fnNCDESTROY crash up in the channel meeting for a decision by relman. [relman said "yes", David has questions in the bug, relman to follow up]


Reported bug 995991 Sort is broken for columns in the Reports tab. (lizzard)


It looks like F284861780, F_1466881225, and F344568511 (there may be more at lower volume) are OSX-specific Flash signatures that went from 0 to significant on 2014-04-07/08 (last Mon/Tue). Did Adobe ship something bad for Mac?


  • Looks like we're still missing some MS symbols (kernel32.dll, kernelbase.dll) from recent Patch Tuesday.


  • Ongoing regression tracking:
    • bug 987248 (main part of Seer crashes) has landed for 29.0b7 and looks fixed!
    • bug 976181 (nsContentUtils::IsCallerChrome, dupe of bug 913138) landed on 29.0b7 and the signature is gone from the top 300 as well.
    • bug 976536 (JIT, also bug 988961) has landed for 29.0b7 but apparently didn't help, Till and Jan are discussing that and following up.
    • bug 970362 F-secure is (hopefully) looking at it, meanwhile David created a blocklisting patch for those old versions on XP, which landed on trunk and has approvals, waiting for uplift.
    • bug 856796 (Yarr, correlated to Avast) - looks like new Avast versions are not triggering it any more, but we also have a workaround patch that just landed on trunk, uplifts hopefully coming soon.
    • bug 994344 (remaining Seer issue) has landed on trunk, uplift hopefully coming soon.
    • bug 974656 - top #2 on Fx29, linux, needs investigation
    • bug 988961 - top #5 on Fx29 this week, also needs traction
  • juanb filed bug 994335 (nsXULPrototypeDocument::GetCompilationGlobal) which is #6 and a startup crash, but not exactly new. We probably should have it investigated, though.


  • bug 740325 (_cairo_surface_snapshot_copy_on_write) is still the major issue, bug 991767 is supposed to fix it but was backed out on Aurora. Android might have the same crash as well.
  • bug 994335 - startup crash in nsXULPrototypeDocument::GetCompilationGlobal() also mentioned above (beta). this startup crash has risen to #12 on Fx30 topcrash list.
  • bug 990082 - crash in nsWindowGfx::CreateIcon(imgIContainer*, bool, unsigned int, unsigned int, nsIntSize, HICON__**) - asked dev to request uplift to Aurora for the fix that has eliminated this on Nightly.



  • bug 812881 is in for b8 and should fix the largest offenders on 29 atm
    • Fixes the # 1,3 and 5 crashes on release
    • Might fix bug 983211 #6
    • Looked for the #1 signature with a build date > 2014-04-11 and no crashes were found will keep an eye on it


  • TCL says they have uploaded new symbols but they might not be used correctly, do we need to unpack them or something?
  • lots of missing symbols for various devices


  • bug 983976 - crash [@ ] when launching Usage app after app's initial setup
    • what Kairo stated earlier
  • bug 990908 - [RTSP] Video app crash at android::OMXCodec::read when opening RTSP streaming
    • still needs work


  • bug 989408 - crash in mozilla::layers::PLayerTransactionChild::SendPLayerConstructor(mozilla::layers::PLayerChild*)
    • happens on 1.3; needs further QA investigation; bug 993933 is a possible dup
  • bug 992313 - Crash in ContentChild::RecvNotifyIdleObserver while running stability scripts
    • looking for dev.
  • bug 994903 - Camera app crashes during stability test in mozilla::layers::GrallocImage::~GrallocImage (
    • being patched
  • bug 993736 - [crash] AtomicBaseIncDec<unsigned int> | RefCounted<mozilla::layers::TextureChild> | TextureChild::ActorDestroy | PColorPickerChild::DestroySubtree


  • bug 976656 - crash in mozilla::gfx::DrawTargetCairo::CreateSourceSurfaceFromNativeSurface(mozilla::gfx::NativeSurface const&) const
  • bug 970007 - [tarako]monkey test crash at!BufferUnrotate
  • bug 991550 - [Tarako][Music]Switch between Music and Songs categories get crash


Upcoming PTO

  • bsmedberg out next Monday for Easter
  • ashughes out next week
  • lonnen on the road for 3 weeks after next week, will find someone else to attend this meeting for Socorro but will be reachable during the week for questions.

Action Items

  • [Carryover] KaiRo/liz to evaluate options for public stability list
  • Naoki still trying to get a reply from GP, KaiRo possibly trying to contact them as well with new info on seccomp, etc.
  • [DONE] KaiRo to check if Mac Flash crashes really increased [it did, filed bug 996637]
  • bsmedberg to follow up on getting investigation for bug 994335