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Please consult the Rapid Release Calendar for more information.

  • 2014-03-17: Firefox 31 arrives on Nightly
  • 2014-04-28: Firefox 31 merges to Aurora
  • 2014-05-02: Firefox 31 Aurora updates enabled
  • 2014-06-09: Firefox 31 merges to Beta
  • 2014-06-12: Firefox 31 Beta 1 released


Meeting Purpose When Where
Crashkill Raise stability concerns with the Crashkill team 10:00 PST on Monday Vidyo: Stability, IRC: #crashkill
Channel Status Raise quality concerns with the Release Management team 10:00 PST on Tuesday & Thursday Vidyo: ReleaseCoordination, IRC: #planning


Priority Check Description Frequency Last Checked
1 Stability Review the stability reports to identify new/rising crash signatures Daily 2014-06-18
2 Pushlog Review the pushlog to identify fixed bugs needing verification Daily 2014-06-19
3 QA Needed Bugs Review and assign qawanted bugs for investigation At least twice a week 2014-06-03
4 Unconfirmed Bugs Triage and test unconfirmed bug reports At least once a week 2014-06-09
5 Verification Needed Bugs Test verifyme bugs to confirm fixed bugs are fixed At least once a week 2014-05-05
6 Reported Bugs Document and escalated reported bugs as necessary Every Monday 2014-06-03
7 Features Ensure features are owned and on track for release Once a week 2014-05-21
8 Automation Ensure automation bugs are owned and on track for resolution Once a week 2014-06-03


Please consult the feature testing walkthrough for more information.

Generational Garbage Collection (lizzard)

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
619561 Add GC stats to Test Pilot RESOLVED FIXED
641027 GC: Snapshot-at-the-beginning write barrier for incremental GC RESOLVED FIXED
658676 Static analysis for identifying moving GC hazards RESOLVED DUPLICATE
673454 [meta] GC: Generational write barriers RESOLVED FIXED
707049 Dynamic analysis for identifying moving GC hazards RESOLVED FIXED
714647 Add rooters to get rooting analysis to pass sunspider/v8bench RESOLVED FIXED
750733 Use handles in API object hooks where possible RESOLVED FIXED
752093 Add rooters to jsreflect.cpp RESOLVED DUPLICATE
753203 [meta] GC: Exact Stack Rooting RESOLVED FIXED
764876 [meta] GC: Get GenerationalGC working on JaegerMonkey RESOLVED DUPLICATE
782646 Make JSObject::doSomethingToThisObject methods static RESOLVED FIXED
831506 [meta] GC: Get Generational barriers in IonMonkey RESOLVED DUPLICATE
832489 GC: Unbitrot the post-barrier verifier RESOLVED FIXED
838810 Requesting twig repo holly be reset RESOLVED FIXED
851181 Fix --disable-methodjit build RESOLVED INVALID
851342 More Spidermonkey builds for generational garbage collection RESOLVED FIXED
863521 Remove the verifier nursery and store buffer from the Zone RESOLVED FIXED
863524 Don't mark the atoms during minor GC's RESOLVED FIXED
877471 [meta] GC: fuzz generational GC RESOLVED FIXED
877907 Add a generational garbage collection spidermonkey build to trees that do spidermonkey builds RESOLVED FIXED
882482 Don't use the store buffer off the main thread RESOLVED FIXED
883234 Fix some GGC orange from the lazy parsing landing RESOLVED FIXED
883466 Fix the GGC build failures caused by the landing of bug 880565 RESOLVED FIXED
883498 Run tier 1 spidermonkey builds on all relevant trees RESOLVED FIXED
885955 Enable ggc by default in debug spidermonkey builds RESOLVED WONTFIX
886575 Fix generational GC crash on octane-gbemu RESOLVED FIXED
893486 GenerationalGC: Octane pdfjs doesn't work, giving a score of 0 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
906091 GC: MarkGlobalForMinorGC() slows down root marking for minor GC RESOLVED FIXED
916829 GenerationalGC: xpcshell test crashes [@ js::WeakMap::markIteratively(JSTracer*)] RESOLVED FIXED
919536 GenerationalGC: JS reftest js1_5/GC/regress-203278-2.js fails in browser try build RESOLVED FIXED
921178 Remove unused Nursery::fallbackBitmap RESOLVED FIXED
923179 GenerationalGC: jit-test asm.js/testParallelCompile.js fails in threadsafe shell builds RESOLVED FIXED
925397 GenerationalGC: parallel/scatter jit-tests fail in threadsafe shell build RESOLVED FIXED
925817 GenerationalGC: Refactor inside nursery check to avoid repetition RESOLVED FIXED
925863 Remove unused AccumulateEdgesTracer RESOLVED FIXED
941779 Fix an opt no-debug build error in ggc builds RESOLVED FIXED
956434 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | testArrayBufferSlice.js | --no-baseline --no-ion | 8:12 Error: Assertion failed: got 16, expected 43 RESOLVED FIXED
967720 Requesting twig repo maple be reset RESOLVED FIXED
984684 Do not fire post barriers on shared atoms from workers RESOLVED FIXED
985562 Hack around MNewSlots in GGC RESOLVED FIXED
986147 [GGC] On Maple jsreftests: Assertion failure: !(*thingp)->arenaHeader()->allocatedDuringIncremental RESOLVED FIXED
987160 Avoid over-reserving address ranges on windows RESOLVED FIXED
988053 Commit nursery allocation as we go RESOLVED WONTFIX
988821 Generational GC causes gcNursery.isEmpty() assertion failures on MacOSX RESOLVED FIXED
991845 crash in nsTArray_base<nsTArrayInfallibleAllocator, nsTArray_CopyWithMemutils>::IncrementLength(unsigned int) | `anonymous namespace''::WorkerJSRuntime::WorkerJSRuntime(JSRuntime*, mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerPrivate*) VERIFIED FIXED
994450 Terrence Cole needs access to crash report minidumps and json blobs RESOLVED FIXED
995442 Don't fire barriers in the browser for non-object Heap<T> RESOLVED FIXED
1009675 Crash when commenting on [@ mozilla::dom::WrapperPromiseCallback::Call(JSContext*, JS::Handle<JS::Value>] VERIFIED FIXED
1015618 Consequent performance regression with Map objects in Firefox 31 VERIFIED FIXED
1020751 Enable GGC on B2G RESOLVED FIXED
1068399 Enable GGC on the mobile browser RESOLVED FIXED
1127246 baseShapes table is not updated after generational GC RESOLVED FIXED
1149526 Check HeapPtrs have GC lifetime RESOLVED FIXED

53 Total; 0 Open (0%); 50 Resolved (94.34%); 3 Verified (5.66%);

HTTPS for Yahoo Searches (Camelia Badau)

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
997215 [ja, ja-JP-mac] Update Yahoo to use SSL, implement suggestions and add resultdomain RESOLVED FIXED
1007159 Add Yahoo to search.order RESOLVED FIXED
1008206 [rw, tn, zu] (Destkop) Restore to en-US defaults RESOLVED FIXED
1008223 [uk] Missing webcal handler in mobile RESOLVED FIXED

4 Total; 0 Open (0%); 4 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

In-content Preferences (Camelia Badau)

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
753150 Improve visual style of in-content preferences on Linux RESOLVED WONTFIX
754344 In content preferences tabs should mimic add-ons type RESOLVED FIXED
974641 Favicon for in-content preferences VERIFIED FIXED
988536 InContent preferences needs icons for headers and arrows. VERIFIED FIXED
989479 InContent preferences treats [disabled=false] as disabled state RESOLVED FIXED
989626 Prevent "Tell me when a website asks to store data for offline use" label from overflowing in Settings > Advanced > Network > Offline Web Content VERIFIED FIXED
989890 Port the help button to in-content prefs VERIFIED FIXED
990041 Make In Content Prefs more consistent to Firefox's UI RESOLVED WONTFIX
990566 Remove strings made unused by bug 738796 RESOLVED FIXED
990973 In-content prefs : scrollbars appear in a wrong position VERIFIED FIXED
991073 New in-content preferences styling squishes certain buttons VERIFIED FIXED
991361 Text in in-content cramped on different language packs RESOLVED DUPLICATE
992185 Download location preference field is empty on reload VERIFIED FIXED
992456 Show only the folder name and not the whole path on the downloads location preference field RESOLVED WONTFIX
993339 The dialog with specific details doesn’t appears on Application tab for in-content preferences VERIFIED FIXED
993344 The "Show tab previews in the Windows taskbar" option doesn't appear in Tabs section for in-content preferences VERIFIED FIXED
993359 Rendering issue regarding the buttons for in-content preferences RESOLVED WORKSFORME
993369 The button labels aren’t entirely visible on Privacy tab for in-content preferences VERIFIED FIXED
993373 The shade of blue is the same when an item is hovered and when it is selected on dropdowns for in-content preferences VERIFIED FIXED
993383 A dialog window without title bar appears after pressing on some buttons for in-content preferences RESOLVED DUPLICATE
993402 [Linux] Sorting the two columns under Applications tab is distinct than the one from Edit->Preferences for in-content preferences VERIFIED FIXED
993524 in-Content Preferences lack polish on Linux RESOLVED DUPLICATE
994056 Name of the "about:preferences" tab is displayed differently across platforms RESOLVED INVALID
994265 In-content preferences : some buttons are bigger than others VERIFIED FIXED
996036 Confusing Focus Ring UI + Behavior in new in content prefs. VERIFIED FIXED
998229 Adjust In Content prefs design for Windows RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1012395 [l10n] In-content preferences: multiple truncated labels in drop-down lists RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1012396 In-content preferences: wrong alignments in sync panel VERIFIED FIXED
1013689 In-content prefs - Alignment and spacing issues VERIFIED FIXED
1013692 in-content preferences: rendering issue radio buttons VERIFIED FIXED
1013696 in-content preferences applications pane: remove double border from header row VERIFIED FIXED
1013698 in-content preferences privacy pane, custom settings: alignment of buttons RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1013704 in-content preferences sync pane: alignment of 'manage' RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1013708 in-content preferences advanced pane: remove text shadow from sub categories VERIFIED FIXED
1013709 in-content preferences advanced pane: align default browser text VERIFIED FIXED
1013711 in-content preferences advanced pane: lot of empty space RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1013714 Preferences data choices panel: weird focus ring on 'learn more' link VERIFIED FIXED
1013715 in-content preferences: form controls have strange background RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1013718 in-content preferences: advanced pane: alignment issue 'cached web content' VERIFIED FIXED
1013719 in-content preferences: advanced pane, certificates: show all buttons in a single row VERIFIED FIXED
1013721 in-content preferences: improve style of active category RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1013724 in-content preferences: style issue category sidebar VERIFIED FIXED
1028590 in-content preferences: application panel: content not selectable RESOLVED WORKSFORME

43 Total; 0 Open (0%); 19 Resolved (44.19%); 24 Verified (55.81%);

Mozilla PKIX (Matt Wobensmith)

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
915930 Make mozilla::pkix the default certificate verifier RESOLVED FIXED
921898 mozilla::pkix does not have any unit tests for name constraints in its own test suite RESOLVED DUPLICATE
926260 mozilla::pkix does not enforce name constraints on OCSP response signing certificates NEW
926261 mozilla::pkix does not enforce certificate policy on OCSP response signing certificates NEW
926263 mozilla::pkix rejects self-issued certificates that do not conform to issuers' name constraints RESOLVED WONTFIX
926265 mozilla::pkix counts self-issued certificates in its enforcement of path length constraints RESOLVED INVALID
926270 mozilla::pkix issuer/subject name matching and other name comparisons may be too strict RESOLVED DUPLICATE
965011 Explicitly classify NSS errors for mozilla::pkix RESOLVED WONTFIX
965136 Add AKI/SKI matching optimizations to mozilla::pkix RESOLVED WONTFIX
966856 Add SHA-2 support to mozilla::pkix's OCSP implementation RESOLVED FIXED
968451 Document the exported functions exposed from mozilla::pkix (pkix/pkix.h) RESOLVED FIXED
968453 Add unit tests for x.509 extension parsing in mozilla::pkix's BackCert::Init NEW
968490 Add unit tests for mozilla::pkix DER decoder (pkixder.h/pkixder.c) RESOLVED FIXED
968556 Document internal design of mozilla::pkix NEW
968560 Return a distinct error codes for certificates that are not valid yet, as opposed to being expired, in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
970196 Enforce that isCA bit and certSign/crlSign key usages are consistent in mozilla::pkix NEW
970542 Decode and verify name constraints in mozilla::pkix internally (without relying on NSS to do all the work) RESOLVED FIXED
970750 Support the anyExtendedKeyUsage EKU in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED WONTFIX
973751 Support the "extended revoked" OCSP status for unknown/mis-issued certificates in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED WONTFIX
976961 Tasks to finish before mozilla::pkix is the default certificate verifier on the beta & release channels RESOLVED FIXED
977865 add backoff for ocsp fetching when a responder fails in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
980163 Do binary name comparison optimization consistently in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED DUPLICATE
980628 move security::psm::Digest to mozilla::pkix and use it in the OCSP cache RESOLVED WONTFIX
982248 mozilla::pkix always uses the default timeout for OCSP in EV and not 10 seconds RESOLVED FIXED
982290 (mozilla::pkix) does not load in Fx30 with mozilla::pkix enabled RESOLVED WORKSFORME
982292 SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_CERT_TYPE due to intermediate CA certificates with SGC EKUs but without "TLS Web Server Authentication" EKU when mozilla::pkix is enabled VERIFIED FIXED
982314 (mozilla::pkix) does not load in Fx30 with mozilla::pkix enabled RESOLVED DUPLICATE
982536 Error messages for SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER and SEC_ERROR_UNTRUSTED_ISSUER are misleading when mozilla::pkix is enabled RESOLVED WORKSFORME
982774 Test failure for mozilla::pkixder ExpectTagAndGetLengthWithWrongLength RESOLVED FIXED
982778 mozilla::pkix::der::AlgorithmIdentifier leaves parameters of output value uninitialized RESOLVED FIXED
982780 Test failure for mozilla::pkixder CertificateSerialNumberCrazyLong RESOLVED WONTFIX
982786 Test failure for mozilla::pkixder OptionalVersionInvalidTooLong RESOLVED WORKSFORME
982878 (mozilla::pkix) With mozilla::pkix enabled, some sites throw SEC_ERROR_BAD_DER instead of expired cert error RESOLVED FIXED
982879 (mozilla::pkix) does not load in Fx30 with mozilla::pkix enabled RESOLVED DUPLICATE
985002 Only accept certs for server TLS which have the TLS Server Authentication EKU in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED DUPLICATE
985021 mozilla::pkix: temporarily accept the presence of pathLenConstraint in EE basic constraints extensions RESOLVED FIXED
985025 mozilla::pkix: do not accept the presence of pathLenConstraint in EE basic constraints extensions NEW
985201 rename insanity::pkix to mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
986150 mozilla::pkix: test der::OptionalBoolean RESOLVED FIXED
986156 mozilla::pkix does not accept anyPolicy in intermediate certificates when verifying certificate policy for EV RESOLVED FIXED
986171 mozilla::pkix: add telemetry for what certificate verification library is enabled RESOLVED FIXED
986712 public-facing test server for working on mozilla::pkix RESOLVED WORKSFORME
987262 mozilla::pkix::der::Input::AtEnd returns a bool, not a Result (so don't compare the two) RESOLVED FIXED
987295 mozilla::pkix: fix and test OCSP response extension decoding RESOLVED FIXED
987924 (mozilla::pkix) getting OCSP error when OCSP hard-fail not set RESOLVED WORKSFORME
987969 (mozilla::pkix) getting sec_error_extension_value_invalid error RESOLVED WORKSFORME
988462 (mozilla::pkix) returns success on criticial certificate policies even tough it does not handle them correctly RESOLVED INVALID
989051 mozilla::pkix does not process the id-ce-inhibitAnyPolicy extension correctly. NEW
989516 mozilla::pkix: temporarily accept improper encodings of basicConstraints:cA RESOLVED FIXED
989518 mozilla::pkix: do not accept improper encodings of basicConstraints:cA NEW
989564 Clean up implementation of DecodeBasicConstraints (mozilla::pkix) RESOLVED FIXED
989833 Double-check calls to der::Nested()/der::End() in mozilla::pkix NEW
990248 make mozilla::pkix the default certificate verifier in Firefox Nightly RESOLVED FIXED
991177 SEC_ERROR_CA_CERT_INVALID is not overridable with mozilla::pkix, but the UI makes it look like it is RESOLVED FIXED
991209 does not load with mozilla::pkix enabled RESOLVED FIXED
991815 (mozilla::pkix) Sites not getting EV treatment with mozilla::pkix is on, but do get EV treatment when mozilla::pkix is off because OCSP response is old RESOLVED FIXED
991823 (mozilla::pkix) site not getting sec_error_unknown_issuer error when mozilla::pkix on, but get the error when mozilla::pkix is off RESOLVED INVALID
991898 (mozilla::pkix) sec_error_ocsp_malformed_response when mozilla::pkix on -- April 3 Nightly Build RESOLVED FIXED
997509 mozilla::pkix should not require "revoked" or "unknown" OCSP responses to be fresh or unexpired VERIFIED FIXED
997843 mozilla::pkix::der::Input::Expect should take a uint16_t as its length argument instead of a size_t RESOLVED FIXED
997994 mozilla::pkix: don't allow empty Extensions in OCSP responses NEW
998517 mozilla::pkix: test OCSP responses with ResponderID == ByName RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1000483 CheckKeyUsage in pkixcheck.cpp in mozilla::pkix does not use its isTrustAnchor parameter RESOLVED FIXED
1000544 mozilla::pkix doesn't use mozilla::pkix::Fail and mozilla::der::Fail consistently RESOLVED FIXED
1000548 Leaking arenas allocated in mozilla::pkix::CheckIssuerIndependentProperties RESOLVED FIXED
1001188 mozilla::pkix's BuildForward function returns RecoverableError without calling PR_SetError RESOLVED FIXED
1002921 mozilla::pkix::der::Input::GetSECItem returns a value uselessly and callers ignore it RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1002929 mozilla::pkix::der::GeneralizedTime uses implicit conversion from der::Result to boolean RESOLVED FIXED
1002933 Use strongly-typed enums more often in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1003290 Type of length parameter of mozilla::pkix::der::OID is too wide (uint16_t instead of uint8_t) RESOLVED FIXED
1004149 nsNSSHttpInterface functions should return mozilla::pkix::Result result values RESOLVED FIXED
1005084 mozilla::pkix: add support for verifying certificates signed with RSASSA-PSS RESOLVED FIXED
1005208 issuerKeyHash in mozilla::pkix's pkixocsp.cpp has a misleading name RESOLVED FIXED
1005256 Parameter validation of mozilla::pkix::der::Input::GetMark/GetSECItem is not great RESOLVED FIXED
1005309 Enable more compiler warnings for mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1005718 (mozilla::pkix) Some websites fail with sec_error_ocsp_old_response when security.OCSP.require=true due to old OCSP responses for the end-entity certificate RESOLVED WONTFIX
1006041 Switch EKU decoding to mozilla::pkix::der from NSS RESOLVED FIXED
1006812 Improve and Clarify the decoding of the Key Usage extension in mozilla::pkix, removing NSS dependency RESOLVED FIXED
1006958 Use mozilla::pkix::der instead of NSS to decode certificate policies RESOLVED FIXED
1007076 mozilla::pkix cannot connect to and various other sites RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1007195 Change licensing on mozilla::pkix to dual Apache 2/MPL 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1007891 Some sites chaining to Cybertrust root give sec_error_ocsp_malformed_response when mozilla::pkix on and OCSP enforced RESOLVED FIXED
1008133 mozilla::pkix does not canonicalize names when matching names during path building RESOLVED INVALID
1009100 bugs that need to be fixed in the future for mozilla::pkix RESOLVED INVALID
1009101 bugs that need to be fixed for mozilla::pkix to be used in NSS NEW
1009102 CA compatibility issues that affect mozilla::pkix NEW
1009110 (mozilla::pkix-CAs) For intermediate certs, don't accept OCSP responses that are more than 10 days old NEW
1009161 mozilla::pkix rejects certificates with a critical Netscape Cert Type extension RESOLVED FIXED
1010581 Document Expect/match/skip naming convention in mozilla::pkix::der and make the code more consistent in this respect RESOLVED FIXED
1011105 crash in mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | mozilla::pkix::der::OptionalVersion(mozilla::pkix::der::Input&, unsigned char&) RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1016420 Troubles testing new Certificate Verification library (mozilla::pkix) Camerfirma EV Certificates RESOLVED INVALID
1018033 Potential integer overflow in buffer length check in mozilla::pkix::der::Input::EnsureLength RESOLVED FIXED
1018061 Use mozilla::pkix::der::Input::EnsureLength more consistently RESOLVED FIXED
1018064 Replace mozilla::pkix::der::Input::MatchBytes with a variant that requires the match to be at the end of the input RESOLVED FIXED
1018411 Factor out the parsing of signed data structures into a reusable function in mozilla::pkix::der RESOLVED FIXED
1018633 Simplify the max cert chain length check code in mozilla::pkix and make it more efficient RESOLVED FIXED
1018876 (mozilla::pkix) FF32 revoked EV cert checks fails RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1019770 Use mozilla::pkix::der to decode certificate validity period (notAfter and notBefore) RESOLVED FIXED
1019771 [TRACKING] Remove CERTCertificate dependencies from pkixocsp (mozilla::pkix::VerifyEncodedOCSPResponse and mozilla::pkix::CreateEncodedOCSPRequest) RESOLVED FIXED
1020237 (mozilla::pkix) BuildForward() should prefer a root certificate to a "newer" non-root certificate RESOLVED FIXED
1020682 mozilla::pkix constructs the result cert chain twice RESOLVED FIXED
1020683 mozilla::pkix's VerifyEncodedOCSPResponse uses CERTCertificate internally RESOLVED FIXED
1022970 Switch from UNIFIED_SOURCES back to SOURCES in mozilla::pkix, security/certVerifier, and security/manager/ssl/src RESOLVED FIXED
1023605 mozilla::pkix should only accept Generalized times that conform to RFC 5280 section RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1025625 mozilla::pkix does not show message when connecting to a site whose SSL cert is revoked RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1026261 Remove CERTCertificate uses from mozilla::pkix revocation checking API RESOLVED FIXED
1027255 Add ASSERT_/EXPECT_ helper macros for mozilla::pkix::Result RESOLVED FIXED
1029089 spin up amazon ec2 instance for mozilla::pkix compatibility testing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1029247 Use mozilla::pkix::der to parse certificates instead of extracting the data of of a CERTCertificate RESOLVED FIXED
1029341 Factor out extension parsing code from mozilla::pkix's pkixocsp into a reusable function RESOLVED FIXED
1029364 Centralize certificate version parsing into mozilla::pkix::BackCert::Init RESOLVED FIXED
1029992 Make mozilla::pkix::der::AlgorithmIdentifier less error-prone to use and more consistent with other mozilla::pkix::der functions RESOLVED FIXED
1030204 ANSSI(DCSSI) Root cert is not name constrained under mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1030475 The mozilla::pkix test case pkix_cert_extensions.KnownCriticalCEExtension uses an invalid id-ce-inhibitAnyPolicy extension RESOLVED FIXED
1030478 The mozilla::pkix test case pkix_cert_extensions.CriticalAIAExtension uses an invalid id-ce-authorityInfoAccess extension RESOLVED FIXED
1031542 Crash on with mozilla::pkix enabled due to CheckKeyUsage null pointer dereference VERIFIED FIXED
1032947 Change mozilla::pkix::CheckNameConstraints to construct CERTCertificates as needed, temporarily RESOLVED FIXED
1033092 Add unit tests for mozilla::pkix::der::ExpectTagAndGetValue RESOLVED FIXED
1033103 Add a function to mozilla::pkix::der for retrieving an entire DER-encoded item, instead of just the value RESOLVED FIXED
1033561 [TRACKING] Remove all CERTCertificate uses from mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1033563 Switch mozilla::pkix::TrustDomain::FindPotentialIssuers to an iterator/callback interface RESOLVED FIXED
1033953 Remove CERTCertificate from mozilla::pkix::BuildCertChain signature RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1034124 mozilla::pkix: the error encountered when a CA certificate is used as an end-entity is not overridable VERIFIED FIXED
1034636 Remove mozilla::pkix::ScopedPLArenaPool and mozlla::pkix::ScopedCERTCertificate RESOLVED FIXED
1035008 Use a consistent naming convention for mozilla::pkix GTests RESOLVED FIXED
1035009 Stop using CERTCertList in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1035414 mozilla::pkix should explicitly check that the child cert's issuer name matches the potential issuer's subject name, instead of relying on the TrustDomain to do the check correctly RESOLVED FIXED
1035470 Some mozilla::pkix unit tests use a hash algorithm OID instead of a signature algorithm OID in the signature field of test certificates RESOLVED FIXED
1036103 [TRACKING] Limit all uses of NSS in mozilla::pkix to pkixnss.cpp (is/was pkixkey.cpp) and the test suite RESOLVED FIXED
1036105 Delegate digest operations to the TrustDomain in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1036107 Stop using NSS's CERTSignedData in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1036116 [TRACKING] Remove all uses of NSS in from pkixocsp.cpp (mozilla::pkix::VerifyEncodedOCSPResponse and mozilla::pkix::CreateEncodedOCSPRequest) RESOLVED FIXED
1037324 Delegate additional name constraint selection to the TrustDomain in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1038828 Replace mozilla::pkix::der::Result with uses of mozilla::pkix::Result RESOLVED FIXED
1038837 Factor out mozilla::pkix::der::Input into its own header and move it out of the "der::" namespace RESOLVED FIXED
1039064 Use a strongly-typed enum for mozilla::pkix::Result instead of NSPR-style error handling RESOLVED FIXED
1041343 Use references instead of pointers for TrustLevel parameters in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1041344 Refactor CheckCertificatePolicies to remove use of mozilla::pkix::Input::MatchTLV RESOLVED FIXED
1042479 mozilla::pkix does not support OID (OIW's sha1WithRSASignature) VERIFIED FIXED
1042870 CALDAV to HTTPS with self-signed certificates stopped working (fails using mozilla::pkix, works using NSS) RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1042889 mozilla::pkix, cannot override sec_error_ca_cert_invalid with version 1 certificate, and other scenarios (with or without pkix) RESOLVED FIXED
1043041 Replace use of NSPR's PRTime with a safer type in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1045973 sec_error_extension_value_invalid: mozilla::pkix does not accept certificates with x509v3 extensions in x509v1 or x509v2 certificates RESOLVED FIXED
1047177 mozilla::pkix does not accept x509v4 (v4) certificates RESOLVED FIXED
1047792 Filter out expired issuer certificates within mozilla::pkix, instead of relying on NSS's CERT_CreateSubjectCertList to do it RESOLVED FIXED
1048037 Add assertions for mozilla::pkix::Input and mozilla::pkix::Reader invariants NEW
1048070 Remove uses of NSPR macros from non-NSS-specific parts of mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1048561 Fix up after landing of Bug 1043041 - Replace use of NSPR's PRTime with a safer type in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1048642 Remove SECStatus-related code from mozilla::pkix test suite RESOLVED FIXED
1049176 mozilla::pkix gives SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_CERT_TYPE when root CA cert has extendedKeyUsage set RESOLVED INVALID
1050302 mozilla::pkix not accepting wildcard certificate: sec_error_bad_signature RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1050451 mozilla::pkix::VerifyEncodedOCSPResponse doesn't return validity period of the signer cert NEW
1052529 some mozilla::pkix errors potentially aren't localizable RESOLVED FIXED
1053616 Remove uses of PR_SetError from mozilla::pkix test suite RESOLVED FIXED
1053620 Replace uses of PR_Abort with uses of abort in the mozilla::pkix test suite RESOLVED FIXED
1053621 Remove uses of PR_NOT_REACHED from the mozilla::pkix test suite RESOLVED FIXED
1053627 Remove uses of PR_ARRAY_SIZE from mozilla::pkix test suite RESOLVED FIXED
1053924 Remove mozilla::pkix's dependencies on PRTime RESOLVED FIXED
1053928 Remove mozilla::pkix's dependencies on PRTime RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1056341 mozilla::pkix spends too much time attempting to build a valid path when there are many possible paths RESOLVED FIXED
1057123 mozilla::pkix: allow end-entity certificates to assert keyCertSign in some cases RESOLVED FIXED
1057790 Reduce scope of CERTCertificate dependencies in mozilla::pkix test suite RESOLVED FIXED
1057791 Replace last usage of PR_ASSERT() with assert() in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1057793 Fix build warning in mozilla::pkix::IsFatalError RESOLVED FIXED
1057872 Mozilla::pkix verification fails with VERIFIED FIXED
1058812 mozilla::pkix rejects trust anchor certificates that are (self-)signed using MD5- or MD2- based signatures VERIFIED FIXED
1059924 Centralize tag and length decoding in mozilla::pkix's DER decoder RESOLVED FIXED
1059928 Remove use of SECOidTag from mozilla::pkix testing library's interface RESOLVED FIXED
1061021 Remove mozilla::pkix's dependencies on PLArenaPool RESOLVED FIXED
1061483 Remove mozilla::pkix dependency on NSPR's PR_smprintf RESOLVED FIXED
1063006 Centralize use of NSS for cryptography into one place in the mozilla::pkix test suite RESOLVED FIXED
1063013 Remove dependencies on pkixnss.cpp/pkixnss.h from mozilla::pkix test suite RESOLVED FIXED
1063031 Remove mozilla::pkix::test::NSSTest RESOLVED FIXED
1063281 Implement RFC6125-compliant name matching in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1063315 mozilla::pkix, FF31, cannot override bad cert if issuer CA lacks basic constraint ext. (sec_error_ca_cert_invalid, e.g. routers, ) RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1065264 Use MOZILLA_PKIX_MAP_LIST to define mozilla::pkix::Result RESOLVED FIXED
1070444 mozilla::pkix's pkixbuild_tests uses NSS directly RESOLVED FIXED
1073867 Remove support for DSS (non-ECC DSA) signatures from mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1077192 mozilla::pkix: more testing of signature algorithms NEW
1077790 mozilla::pkix::CheckPublicKeySize() should check for correct ECC curves RESOLVED FIXED
1077859 mozilla::pkix::test::ENCODING_FAILED is unsafe to use as defined RESOLVED FIXED
1077864 Check that tbsCertificate.signature and signatureAlgorithm are equal in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1077926 RSA Keypair generation makes mozilla::pkix unit tests too slow RESOLVED FIXED
1079436 OCSP cache does not compare validity period of responses consistently with mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1085497 Use typedef for the length of mozilla::pkix::Input/Reader for safer casting RESOLVED FIXED
1088845 Annotate mozilla::pkix code so that compilers report missing return value checks NEW
1089430 mozilla::pkix doesn't verify that an IPAddress name constraint is a valid subnet mask NEW
1097622 mozilla::pkix returns ERROR_NOT_YET_VALID_CERTIFICATE or ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE rather than ERROR_INVALID_TIME when decoding invalid time values RESOLVED FIXED
1111397 Refactor mozilla::pkix name matching code RESOLVED FIXED
1111399 mozilla::pkix doesn't support RFC822 (email) name constraints RESOLVED FIXED
1114701 Replace all uses of function pointers with function references in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1114703 Clean up or remove mozilla::pkix's bind.h RESOLVED FIXED
1115718 mozilla::pkix does not verify that the certificate issuer is not an empty distinguished name RESOLVED FIXED
1115761 Clean up NSS-/NSPR-related stuff in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1115903 Remove workarounds for VS2010 from mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1115906 Add "override" and "final" to classes and methods in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1115910 remove mozilla::pkix's nullptr polyfill RESOLVED FIXED
1122841 Security checks for public keys should be done within mozilla::pkix, not by the TrustDomain RESOLVED FIXED
1123805 mozilla::pkix's BuildCertChain doesn't fully validate the key of the passed-in certificate, because NSSCheckPublicKey doesn't NEW
1125261 mozilla::pkix: matching a reference ID like "localhost" against a wildcard presented ID results in an assertion failure RESOLVED FIXED
1128413 Enable more compiler warnings in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1129540 mozilla::pkix should provide a parser for the Authority Information Access (AIA) certificate construct NEW
1135407 Factor out duplicate logic in mozilla::pkix unit tests RESOLVED FIXED
1136616 mozilla::pkix name matching disallows some characters in reference IDs that are valid in DNS labels VERIFIED FIXED
1139039 investigate where underscores should be allowed in mozilla::pkix name matching after bug 1136616 NEW
1146057 Remove workarounds for "override" and "final" from mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1147544 mozilla::pkix attempts to build chains of selfsigned roots, and appears stuck RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1153737 Remove unnecessary uses of mozilla::pkix::ScopedPtr outside of mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1165987 use mozilla::pkix to extract data when gathering telemetry in SSLServerCertVerification.cpp NEW
1170303 if mozilla::pkix::CheckCertHostname returns Result::ERROR_BAD_DER, treat that as a domain mismatch VERIFIED FIXED
1188957 Separate mozilla::pkix::Input/Reader from rest of DER parsing RESOLVED WONTFIX
1189020 Replace |// unnamed namespace| with |// namespace| in mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1196813 mozilla::pkix should handle VFY_VerifyDigestDirect setting the error SEC_ERROR_PKCS7_KEYALG_MISMATCH RESOLVED FIXED
1246117 Return a more descriptive error code from mozilla::pkix for malformed DNS IDs in certificates, instead of ERROR_BAD_DER NEW
1248099 write some extended key usage tests for mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1255153 convert most of the xpcshell name constraints tests to mozilla::pkix gtests RESOLVED FIXED
1274714 fix mozilla::pkix::Duration so its constructor's arguments are passed in increasing chronological order NEW
1275238 Certificate Transparency support in mozilla::pkix (RFC 6962) RESOLVED FIXED
1280076 mozilla::pkix supports certificate trust path lengths of 8 or less NEW
1285733 Crash in @0x0 | mozilla::pkix::der::internal::TimeChoice VERIFIED INCOMPLETE
1308548 Deal with Bug 1296317 changing VerifyCert() and VerifySSLServerCert() to return mozilla::pkix::Result instead of SECStatus RESOLVED FIXED
1318770 make the stub mozilla::pkix gtest printers added in bug 1318030 print something useful NEW
1337412 mozilla::pkix doesn't handle CAs with otherName constraints (import of email certs fails) RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1433407 Very long subject alternative names in certificates are rejected by mozilla::pkix with SEC_ERROR_BAD_DER RESOLVED INVALID
1449668 add a specific error code for when we run out of budget searching for a path in mozilla::pkix NEW
1579060 mozilla::pkix tag definitions for issuerUniqueID and subjectUniqueID shouldn't have the CONSTRUCTED bit set RESOLVED FIXED
1588567 enable mozilla::pkix gtests in NSS RESOLVED FIXED
1593141 add `notBefore` or similar "beginning-of-validity-period" parameter to mozilla::pkix::TrustDomain::CheckRevocation RESOLVED FIXED
1594510 update all TrustDomain implementations in mozilla-central due to the mozilla::pkix API change in bug 1593141 RESOLVED FIXED
1603183 vfychain should use mozilla::pkix by default NEW
1648172 [meta] certutil, strsclnt, selfserv, vfychain, vfyserv should use mozilla::pkix NEW
1650291 mozilla::pkix: IsValidDNSID should allow the TrustDomain more control over how many labels a wildcard DNSID must have RESOLVED WONTFIX
1651505 Do ABI checking on mozilla::pkix's NEW
1732541 Intermittent /feature-policy/reporting/vr-reporting.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::pkix::CheckNameConstraints(mozilla::pkix::Input, mozilla::pkix::BackCert const&, mozilla::pkix::KeyPurposeId)] RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1738501 Automatic S/MIME cert import should use additional verification using mozilla::pkix RESOLVED FIXED
1755092 rework signature verification in mozilla::pkix and add tests RESOLVED FIXED
1756061 PSM changes corresponding to mozilla::pkix changes in bug 1755092 RESOLVED FIXED
1757758 consider having mozilla::pkix ignore invalid entries in subjectAlternativeNames RESOLVED FIXED
1765003 Add a strict variant of mozilla::pkix::CheckCertHostname RESOLVED FIXED

239 Total; 30 Open (12.55%); 199 Resolved (83.26%); 10 Verified (4.18%);

New Tab Page Search (Petruta Rasa)

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
975786 Add FHR search source for about:newtab VERIFIED FIXED
980606 new tab search input affiliate codes VERIFIED FIXED
1001523 New Tab grid does not provide enough padding below the grid VERIFIED FIXED
1001854 Search field length does not consistent after toggle "Hide the new tab page" and restart VERIFIED FIXED
1003172 Small artifact on Ubuntu when closing the search engine list from the new tab page RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1004429 5% tart regression for linux 64 on fx-team (v32) April 24 RESOLVED WONTFIX
1005042 The Search text field length in about:newtab is not always equal with the length of the tiles on Ubuntu RESOLVED WONTFIX
1009266 Make about:newtab use 2x-DPI logos in 1x-DPI windows when a 1x logo isn't available VERIFIED FIXED
1009313 ContentSearch.jsm should call nsIBrowserSearchService.init VERIFIED FIXED
1011054 search bar and tile hiding can result in fewer than 9 thumbnails appearing on new tab page NEW
1011610 Make the new tab search dropdown panel more consistent to Firefox's UI RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1014389 auto populate in google search is not working (in New Tab) RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1021110 Icons in about:newtab's search panel should be high-res (2x DPI) on high-res displays VERIFIED FIXED
1032324 about:newtab can't switch search engine if icon/logo/image is not available VERIFIED FIXED
1038607 Unreadable text in search field on about:newtab page if using dark OS theme VERIFIED FIXED
1045008 Manage search Engine option in new tab is not working (broken) if search bar is removed VERIFIED FIXED
1048275 Add Yandex and DuckDuckGo logos to about:newtab search RESOLVED WONTFIX
1091117 Search picker/chooser/switcher panel in about:newtab should use @2x DPI image for checkmark glyph/icon VERIFIED FIXED
1096534 ContentSearch should load the search URL in the browser/tab sending the search message, not the current/selected browser in the top-level chrome window VERIFIED FIXED

19 Total; 1 Open (5.26%); 6 Resolved (31.58%); 12 Verified (63.16%);

New Tab Page Tiles (Cornel Ionce)

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
972933 Generate token for impression/click submission that allows for estimated unique counts RESOLVED WONTFIX
972936 Overall impressions metrics for New Tab VERIFIED FIXED
974474 Ensure that QA has access to tile metrics RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
974736 Add icon to title bar of Sponsored Tiles VERIFIED FIXED
975211 Create backend logic to provide list of Tiles and associated metadata (image, text, background color) VERIFIED FIXED
975235 Send click pings for Directory Tiles (including which link, tile, other metadata) VERIFIED FIXED
978338 Update new tab site rendering for fixed ratio tile images VERIFIED FIXED
980014 Allow new tab grid layout to reduce rows/columns if the window can't fit 3x3 VERIFIED FIXED
1007974 [new tab page] Create & test privacy solutions for Tiles for users with DNT enabled RESOLVED FIXED
1013051 "Comparable link missing required property: frecency" error showing up in console constantly VERIFIED FIXED
1030892 Decide on initial Enhanced Tiles placement/replacement of history RESOLVED FIXED

11 Total; 0 Open (0%); 4 Resolved (36.36%); 7 Verified (63.64%);

Plugin Whitelisting (Bogdan Maris)

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
979800 How to add ING BusinessOnLine to whitlelist? RESOLVED INVALID
979849 Application for inclusion on NPAPI Plugin Whitelist: Unity Web Player VERIFIED FIXED
979885 Digital Signature Plugin RESOLVED DUPLICATE
979895 Digital Signature Plugin RESOLVED DUPLICATE
980133 Cisco Jabber SDK for Web - request to whitelist plugin VERIFIED FIXED
980305 Plugin Whitelist Request: ING BusinessOnLine Sign Plugin RESOLVED WORKSFORME
980772 White listing of McAfee Security Scanner + NPAPI plug in VERIFIED FIXED
981403 plugin whitelist request: Cisco VGConnect for VERIFIED FIXED
981503 Plugin whitelist request: McAfee Virtual Technician VERIFIED FIXED
981905 Cisco Jabber Guest - request to whitelist plugin VERIFIED FIXED
982028 DnB Nord Sign Plugin RESOLVED WORKSFORME
982045 Add Estonian ID-card digital signature plugin to whitelist VERIFIED FIXED
983958 K7 Web Protection Browser Extension ( Plugin Click-To-Activate Whitelist Request ) RESOLVED WONTFIX
984441 Plugin whitelist request: VERIFIED FIXED
984737 Plugin Whitelist Request:QQ Mail plugin for firefox RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
984744 Plugin Whitelist Request:Tencent Storage plugin for firefox RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
984754 Plugin Whitelist Request:cntv plugin RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
985397 Plugin Whitelist Request: Cuminas/Caminova DjVu Plugin RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
985640 Plugin whitelist request: F5 Networks SSLVPN plugin RESOLVED FIXED
987056 Plugin whitelist request: Nexus Personal BankID VERIFIED FIXED
987057 Plugin Whiltelist Request: McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise VERIFIED FIXED
987554 Plugin whitelist request for Canon's npCCBPLFirefox.dll RESOLVED INVALID
987650 request to whitelist Click-To-Activate for Skype, Facebook and Lync plugins RESOLVED INVALID
988119 Plugin whitelist request: gradecam VERIFIED FIXED
988152 Request for adding IBM Notes Browser Plug-in to the NPAPI Plug-in whitelist RESOLVED WONTFIX
988641 plugin whitelist request RESOLVED INVALID
988781 Plugin whitelist request: Smart Card Browser Plugin VERIFIED FIXED
989096 Plugin Whitelist Request: Cisco WebEx Plugins VERIFIED FIXED
989872 Plugin Whitelist Request:Verimatrix ViewRightWeb for Firefox RESOLVED FIXED
989942 Request to Whitelist IBM SmartCloud Sametime Webplayer Plugin RESOLVED WORKSFORME
989981 The plugin is about describing experience, work, relationship with some persons, describing experience with the sites. RESOLVED INVALID
990067 request to whitelist Click-To-Activate for Skype Web plugin RESOLVED FIXED
990068 request to whitelist Click-To-Activate for Facebook Video Calling plugin VERIFIED FIXED
990069 request to whitelist Click-To-Activate for Lync Web App plugin RESOLVED FIXED
990286 Request to whitelist Vidyo's VidyoWeb plugin VERIFIED FIXED
1009792 Request to whitelist 20-20 Technologies 3D Viewer plugin (ikea and generic) VERIFIED WORKSFORME
1023636 Include whitelist for Windows plugins on Linux RESOLVED WONTFIX
1023721 Plugin whitelist request: Alawar Digital Gamebox RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1023874 Request to Whitelist IBM Lotus Sametime WebPlayer Plugin and IBM Sametime WebPlayer Plugin RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1024033 Plugin Whitelist Request: Internet Banking Helper - Blocked RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1024073 Roblox Plugin launcher is not whitelisted, hampering user experience VERIFIED FIXED
1024965 Plugin whitelist request: Nexus Personal (not the same as BankID) VERIFIED FIXED
1025068 Plugin White list Request - Manheim Remarketing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1028673 Plugin Whitelist Request: Avaya's Scopia Conference Client Dispatcher plugin RESOLVED WONTFIX
1029476 White listing of Kaspersky Password Manager NPAPI plug in RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1029654 Request for whitelisting Box Edit plugin VERIFIED FIXED
1030289 Being Prompted to run "Google Talk" Plugin RESOLVED WONTFIX
1031386 plugin whitelist request:Blue Jeans Video RESOLVED WONTFIX
1036693 Plugin Whitelist Request: Novell iPrint Client (2 plugins) RESOLVED FIXED
1037398 Plugin Whitelist Request: kPoint Plugin RESOLVED WONTFIX
1051772 plugin whitelist request: Cisco VGConnect plugin VERIFIED FIXED
1052353 Whitelist request: NPAPI-PlugIn InternetBanking for smartcard-support in FF RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1063647 Plugin Whitelist Request: McAfee SiteAdvisor for Mac RESOLVED WONTFIX
1068855 Plugin Whitelist request: Top Producer Editor RESOLVED WONTFIX
1091835 Plugin Whitelist Request: Cisco WebEx Plugins (Re-application) RESOLVED WONTFIX
1096659 Plugin whitelist request: F5 Networks SSLVPN plugin: Linux Platform RESOLVED WONTFIX
1098064 Plugin whitelist request: F5 Networks SSLVPN plugin - Windows 7 RESOLVED WONTFIX
1101538 Add Estonian ID-card digital signature plugin to whitelist RESOLVED WONTFIX
1114291 flashplayer 16 has been blocked why ? RESOLVED INVALID
1124861 extension of NPAPI whitelist inclusion RESOLVED WONTFIX
1128077 Flash click-to-play doesn't work on Facebook videos RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1153078 Flash now autoplays on YT but shouldn't RESOLVED INVALID
1188287 White listing of AT&T Connect NPAPI plugin RESOLVED WONTFIX
1188303 White listing of AT&T Connect NPAPI plugin RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1210835 Set Flash as Click-to-play for Linux RESOLVED WONTFIX
1213235 Grammarly Spell Checker & Grammar Checker RESOLVED WONTFIX
1224235 Please put on your whitelist RESOLVED INVALID

67 Total; 0 Open (0%); 47 Resolved (70.15%); 20 Verified (29.85%);

WebVTT (Alexandra Lucinet)

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
515898 implement UI for subtitles on html5 video/audio RESOLVED DUPLICATE
620664 Add support for the <track> element to the HTML parser RESOLVED FIXED
736598 Add support for the track element in the old HTML parser RESOLVED WONTFIX
830879 HTML Element WebIDL bindings require classinfo RESOLVED FIXED
833382 [webvtt] Implement WebVTTParser to manage the libwebvtt parser RESOLVED FIXED
833385 [webvtt] Implement Track element and TextTrack* DOM classes RESOLVED FIXED
833386 [webvtt] Tests for Track element and TextTrack* DOM classes RESOLVED FIXED
833388 [webvtt] Add captions div to nsVideoFrame for webvtt subtitle display RESOLVED FIXED
833403 [webvtt] Integrate parser library into Mozilla build system. RESOLVED FIXED
849189 Update webvtt to recent upstream version. RESOLVED FIXED
863485 [webvtt] <track> does not parse data: URIs REOPENED
863488 [webvtt] captions do not display unless play() is called RESOLVED WORKSFORME
865395 [meta][webvtt] Implement vtt css-extensions (::cue, ::cue-region, :past, :future) NEW
865401 Implement :past and :future pseudo-classes REOPENED
865407 Implement the text track processing model RESOLVED FIXED
868509 [webvtt] Implement VTTCue RESOLVED FIXED
868611 [webvtt] Implement HTMLTrackElement::UnbindFromTree RESOLVED FIXED
868629 [webvtt] remove WEBVTT_NO_CONFIG_H RESOLVED FIXED
871747 [webvtt] should HTMLTrackElement load resources outside a document? RESOLVED FIXED
872271 [webvtt] verify media element src attributes return urls RESOLVED FIXED
875169 Crash upon loading a page with a track element RESOLVED FIXED
875213 implement text-outline REOPENED
876505 Change the default style for WEBVTT captions to match the spec RESOLVED FIXED
879426 [webvtt] TextTrack.mode should be being updated correctly VERIFIED FIXED
880064 Convert HTMLTrackELement::kind to an appropriate type RESOLVED FIXED
880094 [webvtt] Run needed tasks asynchronously in HTMLTrackElement RESOLVED FIXED
880851 [webvtt] Update C => DOM conversion code to handle lang tags RESOLVED INVALID
881475 [webvtt] Discard a cue if non-fatal error is returned RESOLVED FIXED
881978 [webvtt] Move WebVTTLoadListener's call backs to be private RESOLVED FIXED
882131 [webvtt] Add a test for invalid timestamps RESOLVED INVALID
882535 [webvtt] HTMLTrackElement.readyState is not being set RESOLVED FIXED
882661 [webvtt] Update the Media Element's Text Track Model RESOLVED WORKSFORME
882700 [webvtt] Tracking for TextTrack* DOM classes RESOLVED INACTIVE
882718 [webvtt] Implement the 'time marches on' algorithm VERIFIED FIXED
882817 [webvtt] Fix assertion errors on debug builds for the new tests RESOLVED FIXED
882915 [webvtt] Ensure that voice tags display the speaker on the subtitle RESOLVED INVALID
883122 [webvtt] Implement the rules for constructing a chapter tree from a text track REOPENED
883843 [webvtt] Remove extraneous QI implementation line for HTMLTrackElement RESOLVED FIXED
884507 [webvtt] SECONDS_TO_MS macro should actually be MS_TO_SECONDS RESOLVED FIXED
884879 [webvtt] Cue times are being rounded RESOLVED FIXED
886353 File->Save As...->Web Page, complete should also save the VTT file NEW
887463 [webvtt] Remove webvtt library RESOLVED FIXED
887934 [webvtt] Update <video> controls to include options for closed captioning RESOLVED FIXED
887978 Turn WebVTT on by default on trunk. VERIFIED FIXED
890051 [webvtt] Ensure that HTMLTrackElement is loading at the correct time RESOLVED WORKSFORME
891052 [webvtt] Implement RemoveTextTrack() RESOLVED INVALID
891381 [webvtt] Ensure that TextTrack::Id is being loaded correctly RESOLVED FIXED
891661 Implement WebVTT (subtitles) in JS RESOLVED FIXED
895091 [webvtt] Integrate vtt.js into Gecko RESOLVED FIXED
909993 [webvtt] Implement TextTrackCue as an abstract class RESOLVED FIXED
913016 [webvtt] Add 'onreadystatechange' to HTMLTrackElement RESOLVED INVALID
917945 [webvtt] Enable regions to be handled by Gecko correctly upon parsing RESOLVED FIXED
918289 [webvtt] Remove videos from TextTrack* tests where not needed RESOLVED FIXED
920088 [webvtt] TextTrackRegion's mTextTrack should update when adding it to a TextTrack RESOLVED FIXED
921484 [webvtt] Fix bugs in TextTrack::GetActiveCues() RESOLVED FIXED
941701 [WebVTT] Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::TextTrackCue::GetCueAsHTML()] VERIFIED FIXED
949642 [WebVTT] Implement VTTCue::LineAlign RESOLVED FIXED
949643 [WebVTT] Implement VTTCue::PositionAlign RESOLVED FIXED
950049 [WebVTT] Rename VTTCue::TextTrackCueAlign to "AlignSetting" as per spec RESOLVED FIXED
952130 [WebVTT] Actually emit events when TextTrack::CueChanged() is called RESOLVED INVALID
960184 [WebVTT] Should TextTracks be added to an HTMLMediaElement's list of pending TextTracks RESOLVED DUPLICATE
969506 [webvtt] TextTrack's ActiveCues should return null of TextTrack's mode is set to 'disabled' RESOLVED FIXED
974017 [webvtt] Limit the line cue setting to the range of -1000~1000 RESOLVED FIXED
976580 [WebVTT] Caption sizes aren't changing when the video enters full screen VERIFIED FIXED
977302 [webvtt] Perform automatic text track selection whenever a text track is added to a media element RESOLVED FIXED
978163 [webvtt] Update VTTRegion implementation to spec RESOLVED FIXED
981691 [webvtt] Honor user preferences for TextTrack selection based on selected language NEW
981862 [webvtt] Captions small in ff29 RESOLVED WONTFIX
982183 [webvtt] Put VTTRegion implementation behind a pref. RESOLVED FIXED
983182 [webvtt] Split the more complicated track test files into separate test files RESOLVED WORKSFORME
983207 [webvtt] Tracks created from TrackElements should have their mode set to 'disabled' by default VERIFIED FIXED
985484 [WebVTT] Remove TextTrackCue::CueChanged RESOLVED FIXED
985915 [webvtt] The two rows subtitles are overlapped with video controls on mouse hover RESOLVED FIXED
985917 [webvtt] Two rows subtitles are not entirely visible when browser is in fullscreen RESOLVED WONTFIX
992664 Ensure <track> captions are visible for audio-only files in <video> RESOLVED WORKSFORME
996331 [webvtt] remove broken cuechange interface VERIFIED FIXED
996333 [webvtt] Dispatch TextTrackCue enter and exit events RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1010707 [WebVTT] hang with VTTCue and canvas RESOLVED FIXED
1028581 [webvtt] Separate AlignSetting to PostionAlignSetting and LineAlignSetting RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1033144 implement cuechange event RESOLVED FIXED
1035582 [webvtt] Add tests for TextTrackList onremovetrack and onchange RESOLVED WONTFIX
1059541 HTML5 <video> does not show captions, if <video> element is moved RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1161738 [webtt] Support WebVTT inband tracks in libnestegg NEW
1206304 Created text tracks don't appear in the textTracks list RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1242594 textTracks lost when video removed from DOM RESOLVED FIXED
1242599 textTracks are not added when track element appended to video RESOLVED FIXED
1253905 HTMLMediaElement.oncuechange not receiving events RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1270122 Subtitles not added on OGV video when using track RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1274344 [webvtt] Report parse errors to the console NEW
1274884 [webvtt] Remove/add cues which when the TextTrack::mMode is changed. RESOLVED FIXED
1275492 [webvtt] Add logs for TextTrackManager/TextTrack* . RESOLVED FIXED
1275808 [webvtt] Merge the TextTrackManager::TimeMarchesOn() and UpdateCueDisplay() function RESOLVED FIXED
1276129 [webvtt] Use PositionAlignSetting type for VTTCue's positionAlign RESOLVED FIXED
1276130 [webvtt] Correct the enum value for VTTCue's AlignSetting RESOLVED FIXED
1276830 [webvtt] Use LineAlignSetting for VTTCue's lineAlign RESOLVED FIXED
1276831 [webvtt] Let VTTCue's position return double or AutoKeyword RESOLVED FIXED
1276832 [webvtt] VTTCue's line should be auto or double RESOLVED FIXED
1276833 [webvtt] Size should return double RESOLVED FIXED
1277179 [webvtt][meta] Enable webvtt web-platform tests. NEW
1277437 [webvtt] Process cue and apply related CSS attributes on the div element RESOLVED FIXED
1278164 [webvtt] Empty Cue's display state when its active flag is unset RESOLVED FIXED
1280644 [webvtt] Add the Telemetry for webvtt RESOLVED FIXED
1281418 [webvtt] Implement HTMLTrackElement src attribute. RESOLVED FIXED
1283417 [webvtt] the cue doesn't be rendered immediately when its attributes changes RESOLVED FIXED
1283803 [webvtt] Modify the webvtt parsing algorithm for header and cue identifier RESOLVED FIXED
1285897 [webvtt] make cuechange event asynchronous. RESOLVED FIXED
1286497 [webvtt] in-band text for webm. RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1286751 [webvtt] memory leak in webvtt. RESOLVED FIXED
1293292 Add a tooltip 'Subtitles' to the closed captioning button NEW
1305732 [webvtt] cue box should be restricted placing inside the video rendering area VERIFIED FIXED
1307710 [webvtt] fix getCueAsHTML.html RESOLVED FIXED
1334112 <video autoplay> sometimes starts playing before text tracks are ready RESOLVED FIXED
1338030 [webvtt] implement the region functionality. RESOLVED FIXED
1338031 [webvtt] implement the ::cue-region pseudo element. NEW
1390465 disable or limit WebVTT with privacy.resistFingerprinting UNCONFIRMED
1416143 [webvtt] region scroll up functionality. NEW
1436430 webvtt: Update parser to current spec NEW
1451747 [webvtt] Subtitles can be placed outside the video RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1453774 [webvtt] Degradation between versions regarding Webvtt Styling (::cue) RESOLVED INACTIVE
1464012 [webvtt] Video element does not load subtitles track if initialized with preload attribute set to none RESOLVED FIXED
1488673 [webvtt] HTML5 Video track/subtitles do not scale when using css transform scale on parent elements RESOLVED FIXED
1509446 [webvtt] cue should be removed from video's rendering area after it has been removed from text track RESOLVED FIXED
1527688 [webvtt] do not show caption button when there is no rendering area RESOLVED FIXED
1527874 [Webvtt] Firefox only failing web platform tests NEW
1528420 [webvtt] Cue's positionAlign should be `auto` by default RESOLVED FIXED
1531863 Implement the `show-poster-flag` for HTMLMediaElement RESOLVED FIXED
1534862 [webvtt][meta] increase testing coverage for webvtt rendering wpts RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1534888 [webvtt] Enable wpt '2_cues_overlapping_completely_move_up.html' and '2_cues_overlapping_partially_move_up.html' RESOLVED FIXED
1534904 [webvtt] Enable '2_cues_overlapping_partially_move_down.html' NEW
1535005 [webvtt] html5 video captions doesn't disappear after seeking back to a position with an other caption VERIFIED FIXED
1535223 [webvtt] Enhance the WebVTT log RESOLVED FIXED
1536762 [webvtt] use actual cue box height as a step to adjust cue's position RESOLVED FIXED
1541452 [webvtt] Cue doesn't show in correct position, when window resizes and an explicit CSS 'width' applied on video in percentage VERIFIED FIXED
1544455 [webvtt] cue class spans get rendered as block elements instead of inline elements VERIFIED FIXED
1545587 [webvtt] video render a unexpected black frame on Android RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1548731 [webvtt] support `cuechange` event RESOLVED FIXED
1548923 [webvtt] update cue display immediately after adding or removing cue RESOLVED FIXED
1550633 [webvtt] HTMLTrackElement should not load resource when its text track is disable RESOLVED FIXED
1551045 [webvtt] add debug log in `vtt.jsm` RESOLVED FIXED
1551385 [webvtt] cue display wasn't updated correctly when there are multiple cues with overlapping timestamp VERIFIED FIXED
1552081 sometime we should only run 'TimeMarchesOn' when media element's show poster flag is false RESOLVED FIXED
1555197 [webvtt] reuse cues' display state when the amount of displaying cue changes RESOLVED FIXED
1555825 [webvtt] enable wpt 'track-cue-empty.html'. RESOLVED FIXED
1555836 [webvtt] use the pref to dynamically switch vtt debug log RESOLVED FIXED
1555849 [webvtt] use `computeLine` to adjust cue's position when `snap-to-lines` is false RESOLVED FIXED
1556581 [webvtt] change cue's root div element to a pseudo element RESOLVED WONTFIX
1557882 [webvtt] the cue text with different base direction should align to different side of the cue box RESOLVED FIXED
1562021 [webvtt] cues are incorrectly displayed twice RESOLVED FIXED
1562353 [webvtt] Add a test to ensure that media element can't access CORS vtt file if server doesn't response to CORS header RESOLVED FIXED
1575460 [webvtt] search whole 2D space to find a proper place for cue's position arrangement NEW
1580015 [webvtt] Video with min-width AND captions locks up browser tab VERIFIED FIXED
1636572 [webvtt] The testcase fails if we allow sending onStartRequest via pHttpBackgroundChannel NEW
1664754 [webvtt] viewport unit for ::cue doesn't refer to video element size UNCONFIRMED
1675326 Put all webvtt related codes and tests to `dom/media/webvtt` RESOLVED FIXED
1675386 Miss `bad.vtt` file NEW
1676286 PiP (Picture in picture) does not support tracks NEW
1687119 Subtitle (WEBVTT) with a style is not correctly loaded (new issue from the last update?) UNCONFIRMED
1698401 Seeking to non-round number causes all WebVTT cues to fire between currentTime and seekTime. RESOLVED FIXED
1703444 [webvtt] NOTE as subtitle in Firefox 87.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1703895 Refactor the vtt parser NEW
1704099 [webvtt] &amp;amp; as subtitle in Firefox 87.0 NEW
1721736 OS-level caption/subtitle settings not passed through to video player NEW
1733232 Subtitle/Closed Caption not displaying after upgrade firefox to 92 VERIFIED FIXED
1738555 [webvtt] Setting low position on a cue crushes or hides the caption UNCONFIRMED
1757124 Crash [@ mozilla::dom::TextTrackCue::TextTrackCue] NEW
1758578 Firefox Doesn't Render HTML5 Video Captions (VTT) RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1855236 Implement TextTrackCue constructor and related global attributes NEW
1858162 Improve the performance of selecting cues in order to avoid lagging when dealing with too many cues. NEW

168 Total; 30 Open (17.86%); 124 Resolved (73.81%); 14 Verified (8.33%);

Iteration Development

Ensure these bugs have QA status as per Iterative Development guidelines.

Full Query
ID Summary Status Qa contact Whiteboard
557665 Allow specifying SearchForm as a normal <Url> in engine description files VERIFIED p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
610545 Arrowpanel animation VERIFIED Andrei Vaida [:avaida] p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
616853 The onbeforeunload dialog should be tab-modal VERIFIED Camelia Badau [:cbadau], Desktop QA p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa!]
738796 Visual polish for in-content preferences VERIFIED Camelia Badau [:cbadau], Desktop QA p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa!]
754265 Add a dedicated API to provide a final complete value different from the matching one VERIFIED p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
754306 show URL bar for in-content prefs VERIFIED Camelia Badau [:cbadau], Desktop QA p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
818584 Discard consecutive duplicate bookmark backups by comparing hashes VERIFIED p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
821252 Browser hung after Flash updated in the background VERIFIED Paul Silaghi, QA [:pauly] p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
822763 [UX] Implement new action buttons in the Library/Content download view VERIFIED [ux] p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
857427 Intermittent browser_save_link-perwindowpb.js | Test timed out | Found a browser window after previous test timed out VERIFIED p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
878566 Design Captive Portal Login UI VERIFIED [ux] p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
887923 Switch Task.jsm to use Promise.jsm VERIFIED p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
910729 Pressing the Apostrophe in a content editable opens up the quick find dialog VERIFIED Catalin Varga [QA][:VarCat] p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa!]
911307 Changes to top sites aren't immediately reflected in about:newtab VERIFIED Tracy Walker [:tracy] [tiles] p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa!]
914070 [Places] Many statements seem to be left unfinalized VERIFIED p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
944557 [Session Restore] Remove the state string from sessionstore-state-write VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa!]
951618 Always show the close button on the last tab VERIFIED Paul Silaghi, QA [:pauly] p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
959558 Visual design for search terms in the search query callout VERIFIED [search] [ux] p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
959559 Interaction design for search query callout VERIFIED [search] [ux] p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
959573 Design the interaction between the UI for top search provider and the places database VERIFIED [search] p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
959576 Create a component to get the list of priority domains VERIFIED Petruta Horea [:phorea], Desktop QA (back on May 31) [search] p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
960940 PDF tabs should have favicons VERIFIED [ux] p=1 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [pdfjs-c-ux][qa-]
962502 [UX] Better styling for "unstyled" form widgets VERIFIED [ux] p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
967028 history.pushState() and .replaceState() don't invalidate shistory VERIFIED Ada [:adalucinet] p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa!]
967674 Port new Fxa sync options work to in-content prefs VERIFIED Tracy Walker [:tracy] [mentor=mak] [mentor=markh] p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2
970291 Remove serializeNodeAsJSONToOutputStream VERIFIED p=1 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
970495 [Session Restore] Switch to use the native OS.File read() VERIFIED Ada [:adalucinet] p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa!]
971043 Implement document walker to grab webpage's text content and format it for translation service VERIFIED [translation] p=13 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
971045 Breakdown: Translation infobar styling for all 3 OSes VERIFIED [translation] p=1 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
971048 Run language detection on webpages and display infobar when language is not the current UI locale VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA [translation] p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
972930 Clicks (raw number) for tiles VERIFIED Paul Silaghi, QA [:pauly] [tiles] p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa!]
972936 Overall impressions metrics for New Tab VERIFIED Paul Silaghi, QA [:pauly] [tiles] p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa!]
973428 Story Breakdown - Desc: Sponsored Tile metrics report via Telemetry VERIFIED [tiles] p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
973998 Telemetry experiments: initial server VERIFIED Kamil Jozwiak [:kjozwiak] p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa!]
974460 Add translation icon to URL bar structure VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA [translation] p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa!]
974461 Display translation icon at the same time as the translation infobar VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA [translation] p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa!]
974521 Create Translation icon(s) VERIFIED [translation] p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
974527 Clicking translation icon in URL bar shows translation infobar VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA [translation] p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa!]
974538 Create "Error Translating" infobar for Automatic Translation VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA [translation] p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
974728 Create a Public Mozilla page describing Sponsored Tiles to users VERIFIED [tiles] p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
974736 Add icon to title bar of Sponsored Tiles VERIFIED [tiles] p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
974745 Create click event on Sponsored Tiles to show explanation panel VERIFIED Mihaela Velimiroviciu (:mihaelav) [tiles] p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
975210 Augment Site._render logic to allow for Sponsored Tiles images & text VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] [tiles] p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa!]
975211 Create backend logic to provide list of Tiles and associated metadata (image, text, background color) VERIFIED [tiles] p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
975228 Create logic to merge frecency-pages and Tiles (Tile equiv 1000 frecency) VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] [tiles] p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa!]
975475 [new tab page] initial list of tiles for directory tiles VERIFIED [tiles] p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
976545 Implement dropdowns with language list in Translation Infobar VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA [translation] p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa!]
976552 Add "View Original" content toggle button to "Translated" state infobar for Automatic Translation VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA [translation] p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa!]
976638 New tab controls.png should be the same across platforms VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa!]
977730 Count total pages visited by all test users VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA [translation] p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
977806 Story Breakdown - Trial audiences for translation add-on VERIFIED [translation] p=1 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
978338 Update new tab site rendering for fixed ratio tile images VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] [tiles] p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa!]
978459 [UX] Australis - Redesign Edit Bookmark panel VERIFIED [Australis:P-] [ux] p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
979424 Implement structure and state switching for translation infobar VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA [translation] p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa!]
979653 Ctrl+Shift+X does not work in URL bar in RTL locales VERIFIED Catalin Varga [QA][:VarCat] p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa!]
980014 Allow new tab grid layout to reduce rows/columns if the window can't fit 3x3 VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] [tiles] p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa!]
980513 [translation] Determine best method to serve translation to a fraction of Beta audiences VERIFIED [translation] p=1 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
980514 [Translation] Develop remote way to disable translation pilot VERIFIED [translation] p=1 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
981785 Identify opportunities to increase the perceived performance of Firefox VERIFIED p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
981900 nsISHistoryListener does not provide a way to detect history.replaceState() VERIFIED p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
982101 Automatically activate plugins that are bundled inside of extensions VERIFIED Paul Silaghi, QA [:pauly] p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
982323 Breakdown: Avoid shifting the page when toolbars appear or disappear VERIFIED p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
982324 Breakdown: Find a way to avoid the »Firefox is already running in another process« error VERIFIED p=13 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
982329 Breakdown: Use a dark theme for private browsing VERIFIED p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
982331 [UX] Breakdown: Improve the design of the history panel/menu VERIFIED [ux] p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
982350 [UX] Create concept for making restoring closed tabs and windows more obvious VERIFIED [ux] p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
983453 Re-enable whatsnew/firstrun page for Nightly builds VERIFIED Paul Silaghi, QA [:pauly] p=1 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa!]
983478 Rearranging thumbnails in about:newtab doesn't work VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa!]
983571 browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML = true no longer works on 29.0a2 as of 03-13-2014 VERIFIED p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
983623 Async transactions: Add a preference for turning it, implement undo & redo commands VERIFIED p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
983918 Story Breakdown - Initial business case and description of Notifications feature VERIFIED [notifications] p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
983926 Story Breakdown - Write user stories for Form Auto-Fill on Desktop VERIFIED p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.1 [qa-]
984131 Async transactions: protect transactions objects so we can optimize them VERIFIED p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
984898 Places async transactions: Implement "new separator" ui command VERIFIED p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
984900 Places async transactions: Implement "sort by name" ui command VERIFIED p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
985084 Experiment add-ons should be disabled at startup VERIFIED Kamil Jozwiak [:kjozwiak] p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
986677 Include time left in experiment in addon-manager VERIFIED Kamil Jozwiak [:kjozwiak] p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
987522 Improve localizability of translation infobar VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA [translation] p=1 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
988442 Feature Breakdown - download service for directory links VERIFIED p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
988478 [UX] Create Translation Infobar styled for Windows VERIFIED [translation] [ux] p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
988479 [UX] Create Translation Infobar styled for Linux VERIFIED [translation] [ux] p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
988873 Telemetry experiments: enable the experiments feature VERIFIED Kamil Jozwiak [:kjozwiak] p=1 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
988907 Context menu and clicking-to-focus do not work in empty space above/below newtab grid VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] p=1 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
988969 [UX work] Design Australis downloads widget VERIFIED [ux] p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
989108 [UX work] Better structure of History panel VERIFIED p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
989137 Telemetry Experiments: remaining AddonManager integration cleanups VERIFIED Kamil Jozwiak [:kjozwiak] p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
989202 Allow users to add a custom site to a New Tab tile via an Edit Panel VERIFIED p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
989604 [Australis - OSX] Tabstrip Dropdown Button is too close to the Fullscreen Button VERIFIED [SV Manager] Florin Mezei, QA (:FlorinMezei) [Australis:P5] p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
989767 When the tabbar is hidden (popup), the top border of the location bar is gone VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] [Australis:P4] p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
990049 [UX] - The top auto-complete should reflect the intended action VERIFIED [Australis] [ux] [search] p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
990052 [UX] - Styling updates for the Awesome Bar auto-complete VERIFIED [Australis] [ux] [search] p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
990114 Find out which uses of promise.js can be easily converted and which ones need test changes VERIFIED p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
990973 In-content prefs : scrollbars appear in a wrong position VERIFIED Camelia Badau [:cbadau], Desktop QA p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
990977 Sponsored tiles: don't expose explanation URL as a localizable string VERIFIED p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
991111 Middle clicks on tiles are not counted VERIFIED Paul Silaghi, QA [:pauly] p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
991123 [UX] Design - Places async transactions: Implement "new folder" ui VERIFIED [ux] p=8 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
991202 The event callback of popup notifications should have a way to prevent the panel from showing VERIFIED Catalin Varga [QA][:VarCat] p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa!]
991210 [new tab page] Tiles are sometimes arranged all in a single line (wrapping as appropriate, e.g. to two lines with 5 items and then 4 items), instead of 3x3 grid VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
991542 Odd shadowing around newtab's sponsored panel VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa!]
991668 Exporting bookmarks.html may cause AsyncShutdown to abort crash due to "too much recursion" error caused by old promises in Task.jsm VERIFIED Paul Silaghi, QA [:pauly] p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
992327 Change directoryLinks and NewTabUtils to imageURI instead of imageURISpec VERIFIED p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
993084 14% regression in ts paint on linux64 seen on fx-team VERIFIED [talos_regression] p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
993329 Remove inline event handlers in newTab.xul VERIFIED p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
993391 Places async transactions: Implement "move bookmarks" command VERIFIED Andrei Vaida [:avaida] p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
993495 gUM persistent permissions must not work for http VERIFIED Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa+]
993581 use an empty directory tiles data source pref VERIFIED p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.2 [qa-]
994185 When dragging tiles on a 3x2 view, a third row of tiles shows up inexplicably VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
994686 Permaorange nightly-only failure in browser_experiments.js | Experiment tab hidden by default. - false == true VERIFIED p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
995041 Fix browser_aboutHome.js to not touch the outside network and re-enable it on all trees VERIFIED p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
995170 Convert legacy uses of promise.js in devtools where this doesn't result in test failures VERIFIED p=1 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
995184 Copy the legacy "promise.js" implementation from the Add-on SDK to devtools VERIFIED p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
995321 nsIDocumentEncoder.encodeToString should offer a way to limit the size of the output VERIFIED [translation] p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
995436 Use different sponsored panel text for Release and non-Release VERIFIED p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
996632 'Close tab' option from the tab context menu should be active for the last tab VERIFIED Paul Silaghi, QA [:pauly] [good first bug][mentor=dao][lang=js] p=0 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
997188 testsuite connects to VERIFIED Kamil Jozwiak [:kjozwiak] p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
998163 8% Tp5 Optimized regression on inbound for most all platforms VERIFIED [talos_regression] p=3 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
998387 Middle click on newtab block button blocks the site VERIFIED p=5 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
999443 IE Tab Plug-in is not automatically activated VERIFIED Paul Silaghi, QA [:pauly] p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]
1000796 Fix localization comments for plural forms in VERIFIED [SV Manager] Florin Mezei, QA (:FlorinMezei) p=1 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa-]
1001523 New Tab grid does not provide enough padding below the grid VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] p=2 s=it-31c-30a-29b.3 [qa!]

120 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 120 Verified (100%);


This section tracks bugs representing the most urgent stability issues. Consult this wiki for more information.

Full Query
ID Summary Component Op sys Status firefox31
883134 crash in nsPluginHost::StopPluginInstance mainly with Adicional de Seguranca CAIXA add-on Plug-ins Windows 7 affected
963962 crash in sse2_composite_src_x888_8888 Graphics: CanvasWebGL Windows 8.1 fixed
974656 Linux crash in gfxContext::PushClipsToDT(mozilla::gfx::DrawTarget*) Graphics Linux affected

3 Total; 3 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


QA Wanted Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Qa contact Component
945192 The updater.exe loads the bcrypt.dll and other dll's from the working and binary directory when not using the service (Application Update) VERIFIED Kamil Jozwiak [:kjozwiak] Application Update

1 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 1 Verified (100%);

Unconfirmed Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Component Op sys
831411 Custom dictionary word additions are lost/removed whenever Firefox is updated. Spelling checker Windows 7
867538 Replies to messages forwarded as attachments are not listed as sent Folder and Message Lists Windows 8
870348 'helper.exe /SetAsDefaultAppUser' trigger UAC OS Integration Windows 7
877113 In Unified Sent folder, imap message when clicked on disappears [row invalidation? Folder and Message Lists All
991874 Pseudo element -moz-placeholder :before selector doesn't work CSS Parsing and Computation Linux
1002453 StartSSL certificate has weird name le-8bbf0da1-ccce-44d9-....... Security: PSM Windows 7
1005860 Downloads calculates all downloads in download history Downloads Panel Windows 8.1
1006901 S/MIME signature wrongly reported as invalid Security macOS
1018368 Default address is not used on reply when there is no 'to' address Message Compose Window Windows 7
1025679 Windows: Clicking on the top-left corner of the window does not open the system menu OS Integration Windows 8.1
1025708 Unable to add security exception when using a self-signed CA Security All
1028504 firefox bmp to ico converter is not good, results in jagged edges especially Graphics: ImageLib Windows XP
1035579 sendAsyncMessage callback DOM: Core & HTML Windows XP
1039212 intl.accept_languages not configurable in the GUI after usage of defaultPref Settings UI Windows 7
1039973 Privacy History settings switch unsaved Settings UI Linux
1042402 No focus or blur events fire when text is dropped into <input> General macOS
1042681 Recipient autocomplete and AB (quick) searches should be less sensitive about accented local characters ("bar" should match "bàr"): use .localeCompare(... { sensitivity: 'base' }) Message Compose Window All
1042834 certificate green bar not shown when site loaded before old site finished loading Security Windows 7
1043046 Image load in unload handler delays subsequent window.load event DOM: Navigation macOS
1043298 Template tag download resources when not instantiated General All
1043302 LDAP search/autocomplete using SSL doesn't work for TB 31.0. Without SSL still works. Certificate manually trusted in certificate manager is ignored by LDAP-connecting code. Message Compose Window macOS
1043354 border-collapse corner joins different from Chrome, causing gaps in different places Layout: Tables All
1043357 Moving more than 1 SubDirs into another Dir only move 1 of marked SubDirs. And all moves fail after that. Folder and Message Lists Windows XP
1043418 Can't login to server if user name has different domain name than server Account Manager Windows 7
1043852 Quick search input repositioned to far right side of the window Mail Window Front End Windows 7
1044394 Animated GIFs do not restart when animation_mode=once and the page is cached Graphics: ImageLib macOS
1045253 Cannot focus ContentEditable in different domain during Click event if MouseDown was canceled DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling Windows 8
1045263 <msqrt> rendering excessively stretched with larger expressions with Cambria Math MathML Windows 8.1
1045635 `blur` that happens because of a mouse click is sent to the element that is inserted and focused during `mousedown` that is fired for the same click DOM: Events Windows 8.1
1046985 Crash in XPCShell (xul.dll) when packaging after building 31ESR with VS2012 XPCOM Windows 7
1047216 "Archive" message header button (and others) move around depending on presence of "Junk" button, which is error-prone for sequential archiving of multiple messages Message Reader UI Linux
1047704 rendering error in frasl entity rendering General macOS
1047846 Delayed iFrame Request Fails DOM: Core & HTML macOS
1048067 giving .focus() to input type=search causes transform to fail General macOS
1048233 Exporting a contact as vcard does not honour icq number Address Book Linux
1048282 tlsv1 alert unknown ca in SSL_accept imaps TLS negotiation failed Security Linux
1048286 When launching FF in permanent private browsing mode (with the -private option), only the initial window has the indicator that it's private. Private Browsing Windows 8.1
1049785 Paste in contentEditable div from xclip removes newlines DOM: Editor Linux
1050084 scale(0,0) err with linux General Linux
1050244 Cannot enable D3D11 in Firefox 31.0 on Windows 7 Graphics: CanvasWebGL Windows 7
1050792 Transparent DIV covers box-shadow when changing its zIndex in Firefox Web Painting Windows 8.1
1050856 Menu locked and non-working scrolling in one window after restoring tabs Tabbed Browser Linux
1051646 Chat icon is displayed incorrectly Toolbars and Tabs Windows 7
1051981 Top and bottom 5 pixels of URL and Search box are not clickable Theme Windows 7
1052231 text in edit box disappears Graphics: Text Linux
1052614 no error if an attachment cannot be attached File Handling All
1052783 no hashchange event when going back to first history entry of a page created by document.write DOM: Navigation Windows 7
1053755 New Firefox auto change windows size General Windows 7
1053926 Add Apply button to color selection dialog Message Compose Window Linux
1054170 HTML video element consumes memory too aggressively, and may cause OOM or freeze system Audio/Video: Playback Windows 7
1054187 incorrect encoding/charset autodetection for encrypted messages Message Reader UI Linux
1054722 spell checker shows a mistake by underlining only a part of the word even there is no mistake. Message Compose Window Linux
1056320 Loading font files from fontface fails when used over https protocol that requests client certificates Layout: Text and Fonts Linux
1057714 Download manager: Some files are not highlighted upon selection Downloads Panel Windows 7
1057853 Feature Request: More than one address record under Private tab Address Book All
1058415 in developer toolbar in network tab timeline shows upto 8 minutes of transaction Netmonitor Windows 7
1058740 when more than one suggestions for e-mail address exist, tab should only complete up to the common prefix Message Compose Window Linux
1058975 Logged-in user profile not loaded when application with changed Environment Variables (path etc) launches browser Startup and Profile System Windows 8.1
1060272 V31 uses wrong identity when replying to messages from Yahoo group forums Message Compose Window Windows 7
1060332 ghost tabs (the page has been closed but the tab remains) Tabbed Browser Windows 7
1060766 The order of values in the form history are not satisfactory Form Manager All
1061108 PDF produced by Firefox has margin even when I set margin to zero. Printing: Output Linux
1061249 Body of Message not showing up on some messages even with display attachments inline enabled Untriaged Windows 7
1061605 Silent fail with expired SSL certificate on OS X Security macOS
1061834 Can't set network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris Networking Linux
1061977 [OMTC] Dragged image shows corruption Graphics Linux
1062313 Drag'n'drop URL on Home icon should also suggest to append to (instead of replace) homepage setting Toolbars and Customization Linux
1062831 Self-Signed certificates (SHA1) unacceptable to Thunderbird. Security Windows 7
1062943 Sender signature image replaced in reply Message Compose Window Windows 7
1064680 XUL timepicker returns time different from time entered XUL Windows XP
1065292 filter email addresses doesn't match if email have uppercase characters Filters Windows 7
1065326 some emails cannot be forwarded Message Compose Window Windows 7
1066738 Delete Button Too Close To Scrollbar (Accessibility Problem) Message Reader UI Windows Vista
1068265 Performing a Thunderbird Update creates an additional Thunderbird entry in "Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features" Installer Windows 8.1
1068488 datalist-size breaks on fast changes Layout: Form Controls Linux
1069279 Missing a "marked as replied" option for POP3 accounts. Mail Window Front End All
1069419 userchrome.css not honoured & no support for arial narrow font Folder and Message Lists Windows 8
1069739 DIVs with overflow receiving focus, causing issues for accessibility user DOM: Selection All
1070094 Imported CA should automatically be trusted for mail users Security Windows 7
1071122 Quoted text with hard returns is reflowed Untriaged Linux
1071173 printing messages directly in PDF or PS format with printEngine.startPrintOperation fails on MAC Untriaged macOS
1072298 VCARD encoding/decoding at city/address Account Manager Windows 8.1
1072761 Creating new message displays last one for a short time Message Compose Window Linux
1073528 [LINUX using the Gnome 'Monospace' font] fixed width fonts in plain text message compose: size is small Message Compose Window Linux
1073655 Starting TB24 stops getting new mail (stuck) after mesage with attachment. GDATA Untriaged Windows 8.1
1074059 Not able to access address book from MS Exchange Global Address book in case of Multiple LDAPs exist Address Book Linux
1074353 'Reset Firefox' doesn't work if firefox crashes on exit General Linux
1074802 Option to see replies/forwards Folder and Message Lists All
1075671 Messages with events can only be forwarded as attachments Message Compose Window Windows 7
1076034 X-Mozilla-Status is not updated when using "Mark Folder Read" Mail Window Front End Linux
1076964 Wrong 'From:' address selected for Reply to listserver. Identity issue? Message Compose Window Windows XP
1078775 "Save Link As" hangs, when saving file to NFS home directory, then core dumps on shutdown Downloads API Linux
1081510 [RFE] The message/topic list adapt Folder and Message Lists Windows 7
1081980 Support for reading and setting Accept-Language header General All
1082317 All functions in my TB have stopped. I can only receive and read emails, that's it. Thanks Folder and Message Lists Windows 8
1083329 text rendering issue with FF31 esr and below Graphics: Text Windows 7
1084621 folder retention policy : new rule relying on the last moved messages in folder Folder and Message Lists Linux
1086191 Creation of the second items list fails Message Compose Window Windows 7
1087105 thread pane subject shows "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...." instead of subject "CA+IRD=?" Mail Window Front End Linux
1088469 Archiving messages from sent folder ignores archiving options Folder and Message Lists Windows 7
1089703 Storing a download on a network share results in slow download and corrupted data Downloads Panel macOS
1089800 Use Desktop theme colors for Email window default background color instead of white Message Reader UI All
1090187 Opened email message content changes when moving email to another folder Untriaged Windows 7
1093860 folder path length limited to 255 chars (file system level) even if longer paths are supported by PATH_MAX=4096 of Linux Untriaged Linux
1094081 Update from 24.8.1 to 31.2.0 loses prefs.js with profile on Samba 4 Active Directory with Folder Redirection General Windows 7
1094227 In draft folder saved email with text-attachment when open it comes up with wrong character set Untriaged Windows 8.1
1095988 Global indexing (Gloda) does not automatically re-index IMAP folders if messages not on disk ("Keep messages for this account on this computer" disabled) after the global-messages-db.sqlite file is deleted Search macOS
1096355 Thunderbird fails to use the default usenet host OS Integration Linux
1097174 HTML is correctly shown in Compose window but is broken on send or saving in Drafts folder (involving <code> and "white-space: pre-wrap" used by user) Untriaged Windows Vista
1100265 Link to signature changed unintentionally Untriaged Windows 7
1101968 in "search function" wrong "Sender" is displayed for sent E-mails, for received E-Mails OK Untriaged Windows 7
1102303 chat names are not saved with export address book Address Book Linux
1102861 Integrate 'Search Message...' window into the main UI + Add button for quick toggling between folder view and search view + Extend features Search Windows 7
1103261 Feature request: Unique CSS classes for folders in the folder pane Folder and Message Lists All
1105958 inconsistent scaling of icons with layout.css.devPixelsPerPx=2 Untriaged Linux
1106407 Needs to be an option for find toolbar to stay open and keep its search string from tab to tab Find Toolbar All
1107027 "An account with this name already exists" when create two accounts on same server Account Manager Windows 8.1
1107044 Firefox ESR 31.2.0 "print to file" produces 0 length files when /tmp full Printing: Output Linux
1109492 Only one newline below quoted text, when using reply below quoted text Message Compose Window Windows 7
1110740 Open attachment uses wrong filename encoding (Latin-1/15 instead of UTF-8) if LANG set to something not UTF-8 OS Integration Linux
1111778 addon-sdk starts with notice: Your SDK may not work properly. Testing Infrastructure Linux
1114066 mail list emails don't work if list name matches member name in list Untriaged Windows 7
1114638 Changing from account in a reply does not change the signature block Message Compose Window Linux
1114941 when i receive a file which is named with a kroatien letter like "č" the thunderbird stops Untriaged Windows 8
1115617 proxy authentication: Firefox should give up trying to re-auth if another auth mechanism already chosen Networking: Proxy Linux
1116757 Notifications do not open Thunderbird Activity Manager to show an imap error Mail Window Front End macOS
1118002 Shortcut [Alt+P] for [Preferences] on the phishing notification bar not working Message Reader UI Linux
1119173 show photos/icons of addressee in message list Folder and Message Lists Windows 7
1119362 Advanced account configuration in autoconfig should never be grayed out Account Manager Linux
1120165 after select "flag as folder already read" if receive a new mail inside the same folder all messages selected with option result Unread Untriaged Windows 7
1120702 Unable to send messages -- for an unknown reason Security All
1121302 thunderbird' fails without descriptive error message when accessing server with a personal CA-signed certificate Security Linux
1121675 mailnews.reply_header_type = 3 changed to use header_authorwroteondate Untriaged Windows 7
1121954 Format Changes when Sending Templates via Message Filters Filters Windows 8.1
1122497 Text selection and cursor movement using arrow keys is counter-intuitive and inconsistent Message Compose Window Windows 7
1123411 add security exception keeps on popping up Security Windows 7
1123700 Color selection does not apply the color to the selected text Message Compose Window Windows 7
1124969 Firefox uses full path for user profile path rather than the system variable Downloads API Windows 7
1125154 In Normal View only Some Tabs in View - no option for others Tabbed Browser Linux
1125649 cannot change text color in Thunderbird 31.4 for Linux (32 bit). Message Compose Window Linux
1125664 T stopped receiving mail in while 3 other addresses from same server continue receiving mail Folder and Message Lists Windows 8.1
1125976 Missing blank line when selectively quoting/replying Message Compose Window Linux
1125978 31.2 and after doesn't "Reply" from the correct (of several) addresses Message Compose Window macOS
1129996 Select text and click on forward email behaviour inconsistent with reply General All
1130779 standard setting as email client are defective OS Integration Windows 7
1133269 Improve order of matches in recipient autocomplete address field drop-down list: Searching for "foo bar" (with space) should also prioritize results having initial string "" (with dot) Message Compose Window Windows XP
1134697 empty attached file is not detached Message Reader UI Linux
1135519 Contact Export (LDIF) is missing fields Address Book Windows 8.1
1136626 No way to configure colour of reply text in plain email Message Compose Window Linux
1136686 Wrong path written to registry [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mozilla\Thunderbird\TaskBarIDs] Installer Windows XP
1137646 Send Document as attachment from MS-WORD or by "Send to" option from Explorer Untriaged Windows 7
1137777 Lose message which cannot be sent Message Compose Window Linux
1138383 Include a QR code for the URL on printed pages Printing: Output All
1139262 when composing, font keeps popping back to sans-serif Message Compose Window Linux
1139325 Message Headers Do Not Display in one of my subscribed folders Mail Window Front End Windows 7
1140818 Address Book stopped asking for LDAP password(s) Address Book Linux
1140894 rewrap produces inconsistent results Message Compose Window macOS
1141487 Permit a way to add separators between tabs so that unpinned tabs can be grouped together Tabbed Browser All
1141523 Find next does not work when find is intiated before text is loaded General Linux
1143292 Reply to mail in sent folder sends from wrong address Untriaged Windows 7
1145753 Activity manager should show *current* activity, i.e. task manager Mail Window Front End All
1145956 Viewing huge patch in Bugzilla splinter's diff pegs CPU and hangs browser. Layout Linux
1146851 Edit contact popup dissappears on hitting right alt (compose key) Message Reader UI Linux
1148074 Signed email not recognized as signed Security macOS
1148246 Thunderbird Message Filter doesn't filter my message Filters Windows 7
1148773 "multimessageview" not showing most recent messages when there are more than 100 in the current view Message Reader UI All
1148850 Should offer to (auto-)save changes to the display name of a recipient address in composition to the address book Message Compose Window All
1150524 Print useful error message if opening of profile fails due to permissions instead of opening profile manager Startup and Profile System Linux
1151282 Open support/help/SUMO pages with Thunderbird Mail Window Front End All
1151307 autoconfiguration fails for Punycode domains Account Manager Linux
1151322 Generate better diagnostic messages when certificate issues cause SMTP STARTTLS connection failures Security All
1152042 ActivClient7 not work completely in Thunderbird because of PIV cert Security Windows 7
1152054 Folder loses current view mode Mail Window Front End Windows 7
1152709 AltGr key (Level 3 keyboard) captured by program Untriaged Windows 7
1153099 When selecting an identity with a cc, it shouldn't be added as duplicate Message Compose Window Windows 7
1155367 S/MIME Signature from BB10 Phones Fails To Validate (base64 violation) Security Windows 7
1155628 HTML-Signature appears with additional empty lines inside HTML-signature, if placed above original message, when sending a reply Untriaged Windows 7
1155960 Checkboxes do not check or uncheck in messages Message Compose Window Windows 7
1155967 When replying to message from sender with Hebrew display name, addressbook changes display name of existing contact with English display name (and same email address) to Hebrew Message Compose Window Windows 7
1156960 Certificate trees fail to propagate. Security Unspecified
1158369 add role=scrollbar to tabstop created with overflow auto or scroll Disability Access APIs Unspecified
1160273 Downloading truncated message fails in folder other than inbox Untriaged Unspecified
1160427 fix handling of Group Addresses defined by ; semicolon per RFC5322 Message Compose Window Unspecified
1160776 Context menu item to copy element anchor link Menus All
1160865 message filter not applied for messages with empty body Filters Linux
1161695 Which message should be displayed when a tabbed email is deleted Message Reader UI Unspecified
1162163 Choosing to clear the cache on exit shouldn't disable it altogether Networking: Cache All
1162513 apparent address-book filename not actual address-book filename Address Book Windows Vista
1162565 Implement more flexible options for importing address books (new AB, overwrite, add as new entries, merge on key) Address Book Unspecified
1163281 Some emails come in Chinese... Message Compose Window Unspecified
1165302 Character Encoding: ReferenceError: BrowserSetForcedCharacterSet is not defined Untriaged Unspecified
1165535 Email view window goes blank when you delete (et al.) a folder from the tree. Untriaged Unspecified
1165578 OSX multi file in open -a command doesn't work Untriaged Unspecified
1165645 Autoconfiguration Does Not Try /mail/config-v1.1.xml Account Manager Unspecified
1166067 Attachment icon of Thread pane does not appear when some messages are viewed("pdf under multipart/mixed under multipart/alternative" is shown as-if attachment at Attachment box) Folder and Message Lists Linux
1167139 Thunderbird-31.6.0 incorrectly handles X11 Window traditional commands (Ctrl-Q to close window) Mail Window Front End Linux
1167798 Implement option to remember different choice of columns for each Address Book Address Book All
1169148 removeDelayedFrameScript() does not work with global Message Manager DOM: Core & HTML Windows XP
1169926 Self-signed root ca certificate import failed without warning before system restart Security Unspecified
1170614 Consider adding "File -> Export" Printing: Setup Unspecified
1170862 old encryption certificate is used even when new selected Security Unspecified
1172018 Virtual Folder Filters were disabled after renaming the parent folder (IMAP) Folder and Message Lists Unspecified
1172303 spidermonkey jsapi JS::Compile Segmentation Fault JavaScript Engine Unspecified
1174081 Thunderbird protocol handler for https and http confuses update check function General Unspecified
1175707 Muted option of video tag does not work when the video attributes are added programmatically via javascript using knockout. Audio/Video: Playback Unspecified
1176944 Folder message retention policy ignored Untriaged Linux
1178210 (Sub)folder name ending with digit Folder and Message Lists Unspecified
1181416 Office 365 address book sync Address Book Unspecified
1183089 Spell Checker errors Message Compose Window Unspecified
1186096 Send-To drop down doesn't keep selected contact Message Compose Window Unspecified
1186349 delete attachment from signed message via delete button still possible, invalidates message Untriaged Unspecified
1187693 automatically rename the attachment file names when saving them Untriaged Unspecified
1189868 It should be possible to remove all identities (for sending mail) from an account Account Manager Unspecified
1192762 Cannot compile Spidermonkey with VC14 General Windows 10
1195384 Copy-Paste operations in Compose corrupt font tags. Message Compose Window Unspecified
1197127 in sent folder last sent e-mail loose selection Folder and Message Lists Unspecified
1202428 [autoconfig] Bad UI layout and bad domain guess Account Manager Unspecified
1209531 Search finds but fails to open messages in local folders Search Unspecified
1209749 Stop messages like "Error writing to folder Trash" from popping up repeatedly Message Compose Window Unspecified
1213876 Quick Search misbehaves if the search string contains a slash character, with no way to escape or quote it Search Unspecified
1224539 Reply menu-button needs Call or Chat option Message Reader UI Unspecified
1733044 [navigation timing] Navigation Timing should not export connection timing when cross-origin redirects occur DOM: Performance Unspecified

222 Total; 222 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Fixed Bugs

Review the pushlog and place each Desktop Firefox bug in one of the following categories:

  • A) Tested by the QA Team --> add the verifyme keyword to the bug and set the status-firefox31 flag to fixed
  • B) Tested by a new volunteer --> add the [good first verify] whiteboard tag
  • C) Tested by the bug reporter --> set the needinfo flag to ask the reporter to confirm the bug is fixed
  • D) Not tested at all --> add the [qa-] whiteboard tag


  • If you are unsure, set the needinfo flag to the Assignee or QA Contact and ask if the bug needs testing
  • Be sure to set the status-firefox31:fixed flag
  • If the bug includes tests from a developer you can set in-testsuite+
  • Ignore any bugs for non-Desktop platforms, with in-testsuite coverage, or which address test failures
Untriaged Bugs

Reported Bugs

Ensure these bugs remain on track to resolve and are verified when fixed.

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
993339 The dialog with specific details doesn’t appears on Application tab for in-content preferences VERIFIED FIXED
993344 The "Show tab previews in the Windows taskbar" option doesn't appear in Tabs section for in-content preferences VERIFIED FIXED
993359 Rendering issue regarding the buttons for in-content preferences RESOLVED WORKSFORME
993361 Caret browsing doesn't work well in XUL documents (such as about:preferences) and should be disabled there NEW
993369 The button labels aren’t entirely visible on Privacy tab for in-content preferences VERIFIED FIXED
993373 The shade of blue is the same when an item is hovered and when it is selected on dropdowns for in-content preferences VERIFIED FIXED
993383 A dialog window without title bar appears after pressing on some buttons for in-content preferences RESOLVED DUPLICATE
993402 [Linux] Sorting the two columns under Applications tab is distinct than the one from Edit->Preferences for in-content preferences VERIFIED FIXED
993959 Dotted square appears on popup notification anchor icons VERIFIED FIXED
993974 Graphic glitches when switching Windows themes with Firefox open RESOLVED DUPLICATE
994037 Translation infobar can be placed in the wrong tab VERIFIED FIXED
994063 Typing ' or / on a page that contains contenteditable attribute is not opening the quickfind bar. RESOLVED FIXED
995178 The separator is not displayed between each of the pinned tabs RESOLVED INVALID
995193 Tab bar not properly displayed if several monitors of different sizes are used NEW
1003142 A translucent shadow remains on the page/desktop if alert comes up while dragging RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1003155 Firefox 31 memory usage increase since April 27th RESOLVED FIXED
1003169 The entire Dock freezes after minimizing a window with a tab-modal alert RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1003172 Small artifact on Ubuntu when closing the search engine list from the new tab page RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1005029 The icon ahead of "Desktop" from download location preference field isn't displayed on reload RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1005038 In-content preferences: the pages from the Sync tab are loaded in current tab VERIFIED FIXED
1005042 The Search text field length in about:newtab is not always equal with the length of the tiles on Ubuntu RESOLVED WONTFIX
1005394 Make sure all Aurora users are updated to Firefox 31.0a2 latest on Monday May 5th, 2014 VERIFIED FIXED

22 Total; 2 Open (9.09%); 11 Resolved (50%); 9 Verified (40.91%);

Bug Fix Verifications

  • Review the bugs below to identify a bug you want to test
  • Make sure you understand the bug before you begin testing it
  • Test on a previously known broken build to make sure you can reproduce the bug
  • Test on the latest build from the branches which are fixed to confirm the bug no longer reproduces
  • Mark the bug VERIFIED FIXED if the bug appears to be fixed and set the appropriate status-firefox flag to verified
  • Reopen the bug if it still reproduces
Full Query
ID Summary Component Severity Op sys
989549 Call signOut() in FxAccountsClient.jsm from signOut() in FxAccounts.jsm Sync normal All
991251 Heap-buffer-overflow in mozilla::AudioBlockCopyChannelWithScale triggered with ChannelMergerNode Web Audio critical All
1007389 Implement plugin whitelist, round 2 Plug-ins normal All
1015636 pdfjs privilege escalation round 2 PDF Viewer normal Linux

4 Total; 4 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Aurora Migration

Pre-sign-off Checks:

  • [DONE] Automation - document all Mozmill test failures and memory usage regressions
  • [DONE] Features - all scoped features are signed off as ready for Aurora by owners
  • [DONE] Bugs - document and review any reported bugs and issues, nominate them for tracking if serious
  • [DONE] Stability - review crash stats before sign-off to raise any red flags
  • [DONE] L10n - contact :Pike to see if there are any known localization issues

Post-sign-off Checks:

  • [DONE] Updates - previous versions of Aurora update to the new version (check after updates live)
  • [DONE] MM-CI - configure the mozilla-aurora_update testrun on MM-CI to use the aurora channel


Testrun Reports
Report Test Failures
Add-ons 0 failing tests
Functional bug 999357: /testSessionStore/testUndoTab.js::testUndoTabFromContextMenu
bug 866599: /testPreferences/testPasswordSavedAndDeleted.js::testSaveAndDeletePassword
bug 904610: /restartTests/testAddons_changeTheme/test3.js::testChangedThemeToDefault
Remote bug 1003083 /testSecurity/testSecurityNotification.js::testSecNotification
bug /restartTests/testAddons_InstallAddonWithoutEULA/test2.js::testInstallAddonWithoutEULA
bug 992187 /restartTests/testAddons_InstallAddonWithoutEULA/test1.js::testInstallAddonWithEULA
bug 952034 /restartTests/testAddons_installFromFTP/test2.js::testAddonInstalled
L10n bug 1004827 /testAccessKeys/test1.js::testPrefWindowAccessKeys
Updates 0 failing tests
Endurance 0 failing tests
Memory Usage Report
Platform Min Memory Usage Max Memory Usage Avg Memory Usage Net Compared to Firefox 30
Windows 32-bit 78 MB 99 MB 95 MB +14 MB [17%]
Mac OS X 133 MB 140 MB 135 MB +17 MB [14%]
Linux 32-bit 90 MB 91 MB 90 MB +11 MB [14%]
Linux 64-bit 124 MB 125 MB 125 MB +15 MB [14%]

Memory regression being tracked/investigated in bug 1004608


Feature Owner Aurora Sign-off Status Potential Blockers
Newtab page Tile Grid Cornel Ionce Ready for Aurora N/A
HTTPS for Yahoo Searches Camelia Badau Ready for Aurora N/A
In-content preferences Camelia Badau Ready for Aurora N/A
Search field in Newtab page Petruta Rasa Ready for Aurora N/A
WebVTT Alexandra Lucinet Ready for Aurora N/A
Plugin whitelist Bogdan Maris ON TRACK N/A


Platform Source Build Target Build Result
Windows Firefox 30.0a2 en-US 2014-04-06 Firefox 31.0a2 en-US 2014-05-02 PASS
Firefox 30.0a2 eu 2014-04-28 Firefox 31.0a2 eu 2014-05-02 PASS
Mac OS X Firefox 30.0a2 en-US 2014-04-10 Firefox 31.0a2 en-US 2014-05-02 PASS
Firefox 30.0a2 as 2014-04-25 Firefox 31.0a2 as 2014-05-02 PASS
Linux Firefox 30.0a2 en-US 2014-04-01 Firefox 31.0a2 en-US 2014-05-02 PASS
Firefox 31.0a2 zh-TW 2014-04-29 Firefox 31.0a2 zh-TW 2014-05-02 PASS with issues [1]

1. some locales are not updating passed Firefox 31.0a2 2014-05-01

Reported Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Resolution
1003155 Firefox 31 memory usage increase since April 27th FIXED
1005394 Make sure all Aurora users are updated to Firefox 31.0a2 latest on Monday May 5th, 2014 FIXED

2 Total; 2 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Beta 1

Read the Beta Coordination Guide for more info

Build1 (20140610163407)
Automated Testing
Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
1024141 Firefox shutdown crash in testHomeButton.js P1 RESOLVED

1 Total; 0 Open (0%); 1 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Manual Testing
  • [DONE] Smoketest new features
  • [DONE] Verify no HSB builds were generated
  • [DONE] Verify notice is shown to beta users when we turn telemetry on by default (bug 981689)
Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
1000097 UI issues when tiles are dragged out of the tab then resize (tiles locked at old size/position) -- RESOLVED
1005042 The Search text field length in about:newtab is not always equal with the length of the tiles on Ubuntu -- RESOLVED
1007993 Unnecessary scrollbar appears temporarily when deleting thumbnail in about:newtab -- RESOLVED
1008929 Unpinning a tile causes a short "bounce" of the whole grid to the left -- RESOLVED
1023887 Search does not fit to size of tiles after exiting from full screen if window is resized to show -2 columns than 'browser.newtabpage.columns' value -- RESOLVED

5 Total; 0 Open (0%); 5 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Beta 2

Read the Beta Coordination Guide for more info

Build1 (20140616143923)
Automated Testing
Manual Testing
Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
1026582 Test failure in testSessionStore.testUndoTab.testUndoTabViaShortcut for [hsb] locale RESOLVED FIXED
1026738 Firefox 31.0b2 update tests are failing on releasetest RESOLVED FIXED

2 Total; 0 Open (0%); 2 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Beta 3 [SKIPPED DUE TO BUG 1027983]

Read the Beta Coordination Guide for more info

Build1 (20140619131915)
Automated Testing
Manual Testing
Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
1027983 bm-2008-sm-00xx fail to link xul.dll when build is PGO enabled RESOLVED WONTFIX
1028035 Intermittent Win PGO timeout running for xul.dll ("command timed out: 7200 seconds without output, attempting to kill") RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1028183 [OSX10.6] Audio controls issues on mp4 files RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1028230 [OS X] Tooltip for "Print" button in panel menu should not end with an ellipsis NEW
1028237 Video controls cut and flickering when fading away VERIFIED FIXED

5 Total; 1 Open (20%); 3 Resolved (60%); 1 Verified (20%);

Beta 4

Read the Beta Coordination Guide for more info

Build1 (20140623175014)
Automated Testing
Manual Testing
Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
1027983 bm-2008-sm-00xx fail to link xul.dll when build is PGO enabled RESOLVED WONTFIX
1028035 Intermittent Win PGO timeout running for xul.dll ("command timed out: 7200 seconds without output, attempting to kill") RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1028230 [OS X] Tooltip for "Print" button in panel menu should not end with an ellipsis NEW
1028237 Video controls cut and flickering when fading away VERIFIED FIXED
1029480 Ubuntu menu bar and dock are not always hidden in fullscreen mode RESOLVED WORKSFORME

5 Total; 1 Open (20%); 3 Resolved (60%); 1 Verified (20%);

Beta 5

Read the Beta Coordination Guide for more info

Build1 (20140626181429)
Automated Testing
Manual Testing
Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
1027103 Google Maps Street View crashes in gfxContext::PushClipsToDT(mozilla::gfx::DrawTarget*) VERIFIED FIXED

1 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 1 Verified (100%);

Beta 6

Read the Beta Coordination Guide for more info

Build2 (20140630185627)
Automated Testing
Manual Testing
Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
1032770 Updating older beta FF versions through About Firefox page, updates the build to FF 29 instead of FF 31.0b6. RESOLVED DUPLICATE

1 Total; 0 Open (0%); 1 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Beta 7

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Build1 (20140703154127)
Automated Testing
Manual Testing
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ID Summary Status Resolution
1034592 Social service cloud icon still on screen after closing a large number of chat panels RESOLVED WONTFIX

1 Total; 0 Open (0%); 1 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Beta 8

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Build1 (20140707160635)
Automated Testing
Manual Testing
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ID Summary Status Resolution
1035776 fix link text in demo provider to have clear explanations RESOLVED INVALID
1035803 Expanding the toolbar by pressing ">>" button is not working the first time if demo social provider is enabled. RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1035835 panel resizing seems to stop working after opening several windows RESOLVED WONTFIX

3 Total; 0 Open (0%); 3 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Beta 9

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Build1 (20140710141843)
Automated Testing
Manual Testing
  • Exploratory testing for stability issues - PASS

Bugzilla query error

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Release Candidate 1

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Build1 (20140714151536)
Automated Testing

Note: keep an eye on addon hotfix bugs to verify them asap:

Sign-off for Beta

  • bug 1038282 Remove sw during beta-release migration for Firefox 31, keep hsb - PASS

Sign-off for Release

  • bug 1028972 crash in xul.dll@0x8e13cd | xul.dll@0x1ab44c | xul.dll@0x126047 | xul.dll@0x19effe | xul.dll@0x1c8403 | _MD_CURRENT_THREAD | PR_Unlock | xul.dll@0x11d2d4 | xul.dll@0x1c844d | xul.dll@0x34a70d
  • bug 988549 startup crash in _VEC_memzero | _VEC_memzero - N/A (latest change is NOT in Firefox 31 RC build 1)

Fixes landed on RC build (still need verification)

- - [Read comment #414] [D2D] Text Rendering Issues on Windows 7 with Platform Update KB2670838 (MSIE 10 Prerequisite) or on Windows 8.1 ==> this is a rather old rendering issue affecting some Radeon cards. Going through the bug I could not find any Radeon model that we have available. There is only one machine with an AMD Radeon HD 3000, which may have been affected, but we haven't tried it yet.

- - Memory leak with TURN relay ==> according to Nils: "This was caught in the WebRTC QA lab and can be verified with that as well. Additionally manual verification has been done and can be done as needed."

Release Candidate 2

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Build1 (20140716183446)
Automated Testing
Manual Testing

Noteable Issues

  • bug 1015341, bug 1035534, bug 1035537 and bug 1035529 all related to Movie Toolbar (bandoo) and combine to be our #7 topcrash
    • Bandoo has been contacted and we'll be tracking this in Release (They are working on a fix)
  • bug 984033 is an OOM that is now #4, correlated with Crossrider framework add-ons
    • 0 crashes in Nightly since the patch landed in mozilla-central on July 17
    • too late for Release but it should be uplifted to 32 and might be good to consider as a ridealong if we do a .point release
  • bug 1012924 (experiments shutddown crash) is #2/#3 (depending on specific report) after OOM|small, competing with processMarkStackTop
    • this should be gone when we release (just like Fx30) but raises concerns about running experiments through the entire Beta cycle (perhaps disable it in the last Beta until stability settles down)
  • New tab page issues (etherpad) -- do not block as they are also reproducible in Fx 30 (ie. not regressions from backing out New Tab Page Tiles)