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Previous Action Items

  • [Carryover] KaiRo/liz to evaluate options for public stability list
  • Naoki still trying to get a reply from GP, KaiRo possibly trying to contact them as well with new info on seccomp, etc.
  • [DONE] KaiRo to check if Mac Flash crashes really increased [it did, filed bug 996637]
  • bsmedberg to follow up on getting investigation for bug 994335


  • skiplist updates
  • automating maintenance for ES and collectors
  • symbols for t2mobile in place
  • some setbacks in graphs of crashes per adu for individual signatures, that feature will be delayed for at least a week
  • discovered a trifecta of bugs crippling reprocessing, fixes have highest priority


  • The Mac Flash rise discussed last week is bug 996637. Adobe knows what the problem is and released Flash for Mac to fix this.
  • KaiRo filed bug 997712 so we can see Mac Flash versions in Socorro stats correctly.


  • Ted had some issues getting to do a MS symbol fetch and though it ran now, things still don't look right. He is looking into it.


  • Ongoing regression tracking:
    • bug 970362 (F-secure) is off top 300 on b9.
    • bug 856796 (Yarr, correlated to Avast) is down to #36 in b9.
    • bug 994344 (remaining Seer issue) if off top 300 on b9.
    • bug 976536 (JIT, also bug 988961) was reproduced, diagnosed and fixed by Jan de Mooij late last week, including some (Easter) weekend work, reviewed by Till Scheidereit on Saturday, did get uplift approvals, and today KaiRo could confirm the fix worked on trunk and it was uplifted to beta in time for the release (candidate) to be built!
  • bug 994335 (nsXULPrototypeDocument::GetCompilationGlobal) still sits at #9 on b9. :(


  • bug 998331 is an OSX-specific crash that apparently only happened with the 4/18 build. If it doesn't come back, we might be good.


(lizzard - ashughes is out this week) 25 topcrashers for Firefox 31 so far.

  • 12 affected, keeping an eye on them.
  • 9 verified fixed, 1 wontfix
  • 3 fixed:
    • bug 856796 (Yarr::Interpreter) fixed on 30, 31
    • bug 976536, js::jit::InlineFrameIteratorMaybeGC<int>::findNextFrame(). 29,30,31.
    • bug 994335 startup crash in nsXULPrototypeDocument. 29, 30, 31


  • Beta crash rate 1.75
    • looking great for release
    • much better numbers due to bug 812881 which fixed about 6 signatures
  • checking if bug 993554 fixes bug 952721


  • missing symbols, 1.3 tablet : rockchip rk30sdk; amongst others.


  • bug 983976 - crash [@ ] when launching Usage app after app's initial setup (edit)
    • jld made a patch to Geeksphone's repo to fix this crash
  • bug 988105 - getUserMedia crashes on seccomp enabled builds on 1.3
  • bug 970403 - crash in android_atomic_add
    • similar to bug 995796
  • bug 998097 - [OPEN C] crash in DBState::AddRef()
  • bug 999736 - crash in mozilla::layers::ContentHostTexture::Lock() (


  • bug 997962 - Crash in mozilla::dom::bluetooth::BluetoothRequestParent::ReplyRunnable
    • dev looking at this.
  • bug 997367 - Crash in mozilla::layers::CrossProcessCompositorParent::GetCompositionManager
    • dev looking at this
  • bug 990908 - [RTSP] Video app crash at android::OMXCodec::read when opening RTSP streaming
    • dev has a patch


  • bug 970007 - [tarako]monkey test crash at!BufferUnrotate
    • fixed a lot of crashing issues on 1.3t
  • bug 945335 - crash in audioTrack_callBack_pullFromBuffQueue
    • probably need str; affects 1.4


Upcoming PTO

  • bsmedberg out today
  • ashughes out this week
  • lonnen on the road for 3 weeks starting next week, will find someone else to attend this meeting for Socorro but will be reachable during the week for questions.

Action Items

  • [Carryover] KaiRo/liz to evaluate options for public stability list
  • [Placeholder] Naoki/KaiRo still looking if we need try try more avenues of contact with GP on the common crashes with Keon