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  • Meeting to discuss the work done so far on this project and talk about next steps and priorities.


  • marcia, kairo, chofmann, smooney


  • Categories so far look good but might want to tune those a big or even subcategorize.
  • Work priorities
    • 1. Get reports we currently use integrated into the main system
    • 2. Workflow improvements
    • 3. Support new kinds of analysis
  • Custom reports
    • There are a number of custom reports that people have put together and run.
    • Figure out what those are and get them on the crash stats site.
    • Some might be logged already but we need a full list with bugs.
    • A good start is probably a brainstormed list on the wiki page and make sure we link to associated bugs.
    • Start by looking at chofmann's reports.
    • Make sure there are bugs on file for all these.
  • General
    • Start moving stuff to the mozilla wiki from Kairo's private wiki.
    • Keep working with private categorization for now.
    • Kairo will take the lead making sure bugs get logged as placeholders and chofmann and others can fill in the detail.
  • UI tweaks
    • High and low priority items (call it analysis efficiency).
    • We want to improve workflow - rank based on how much they speed up the workflow.
    • Maybe we need to file some more bugs
    • For example...workflow
      • find a top crash
      • look at the list of reports
      • look at individual report
      • find top line in the source file
      • look at revision history of the source file
      • any recent revisions that caused a regression
      • you keep going through every line in the source file
    • Need a way to correlate a crash signature with revision history.
  • Crash spikes
    • Another category of alarms and notifications
    • Some ideas of algorithms and settings
    • Some kind of prototyping with csv reports first.
    • Good as a secondary project for Kairo to work on but focus on reports first.
  • Malware crashes
    • Another area of investigation is around malware crashes.
    • Would like history timeline for malware crash signatures - log a bug so that Socorro can generate this - crash volume history.
    • Give us a csv and graph - signature over time or any combination of signatures.
    • Need to have some coherent story put together by the first
    • This means gathering more data.
  • New short release cycle
    • This will involve changes to the home page to support more channels.
    • Also need a redesign of some of the admin panel to support this.
    • Don't quite know all the details yet but it would be good to log a bug to track it.