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Firefox Data Platform

The goal of the Fx Data Platform is to make trusted Firefox data available to product managers, engineers, analysts, and others working hard to make Firefox great. In particular, we work on:

  • Telemetry: Data collection from the browsers
  • Data Pipeline: Infrastructure for ingesting and storing data -- Telemetry as well as other sources
  • Tools for analyzing data (Spark, Redash)
  • Making core data sets available for efficient analysis

Contact info

Docs and Resources

Planning Documents


Telemetry/Data/Analysis Docs


Operational Docs


The team working on the Fx Data Platform are from different parts of the org, and work closely with many other teams. The core team:

Dev + Analysis Alessio Placitelli (:Dexter), Frank Bertsch (:frank), Georg Fritzsche, Jannis Leidel (:jezdez), Mark Reid, Mauro Doglio, Mike Trinkala (:trink), Rob Miller (:RaFromBRC), Roberto Vitillo, Ryan Harter (:harter), Sunah Suh (:sunahsuh), Anthony Miyaguchi (:amiyaguchi)
Ops Blake Imsland (:robotblake), Wesley Dawson (:whd)
Test John Dorlus (:Silne30)
EPM Thomas Huelbert (:thuelbert)
Mgr Katie Parlante, Ryan VanderMeulen