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Data @ Mozilla

Who are we?

The Data team at Mozilla is made up of people with many different skills to facilitate more than just simple reporting: people who have a deep knowledge of data processing infrastructure, understanding the business and market, as well as statistical and modeling knowledge.

Vision: A sustainable, global and independent Mozilla that ethically leverages data for the common good.

Mission: We provide tools and guidance to transform Mozilla into a modern, global, ethical data-informed business.


At Mozilla, like at many other organizations, we rely on data to make product decisions. But here, unlike many other organizations, we balance our goal of collecting useful, high-quality data with our goal to give users meaningful choice and control over their own data. Our approach to data is most succinctly described by the Mozilla Privacy Principles. If you want to know what Mozilla thinks about data, the Principles will tell you that.

From those principles come Mozilla's Privacy Notices. They differ from product to product because the data each product deals with is different. If you want to know what kinds of data each Mozilla product collects and what we do with it, the Privacy Notices will tell you that.

From the Principles and the Notices we derive operational processes to allow us to make decisions about what data we can collect, store, and publish and how we go about it. Here are a few of them:

If you want to know how we ensure the data we collect, store, and publish abide by the Privacy Notices and the Principles, these processes will tell you that.

Learn more

If you’re a Mozilla community member (or are just curious) see, which has links to our documentation, resources, and dashboards -- many of which are open to the public.

For more information on accessing and using this information in analysis, see the Data Documentation.

For detailed technical information on how to add Telemetry to Firefox, see Telemetry reference in the Firefox source documentation.

Working groups

The Data Organization has a number of working groups. Some of them are open to participation by the the community:

Get in touch

We hang out on the #telemetry channel on Come say hi!

If you're a community member and are looking to participate in our work, see the public working groups above. We also maintain a list of mentored issues on

If you are a Mozilla employee, information on how to engage with us internally is on our mana page (LDAP access required).