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Quick Summary

Google Group glean-platform-wg (e-mail for an invite)
Matrix channel
Meeting Biweekly cadence on Thursdays at (9h00 Pacific, 12h00 Eastern, 16h00 UTC, 18h00 CEST)

Meeting Notes (Editable invite-only link)


What is the focus of the working group?

Ensure the Glean Platform is evolving to meet the needs of its stakeholders.

Ensure the various parts of the Glean Platform are working well together. This includes identifying work that cuts across multiple parts of the ecosystem and coordinating designs and implementation.

The various parts of the Glean Platform have homes in other Working Groups and meetings. These parts include (non-exhaustive list):

  • The Glean SDKs (Meets Mondays at 14:30 UTC). Includes glean-core and glean.js
  • Glean-related features of the pipeline (See the Platform Infrastructure WG). Includes glean-parser, probe-scraper, the Glean schemas in mozilla-pipeline-schemas, mozilla-schema-generator, lookml-generator
  • Data sets and views (Some overlap with the Data Warehouse WG). Derived data sets and views closely aligned with Glean data. Looker components related to Glean data.
  • Glean User Tools (See Glean User Tools WG). Includes Glean Dictionary, GLAD, GLAM, GUD.
  • Glean end-to-end Testing. Includes Burnham.

This working group is also the home for the Glean New Metric Process. New metric proposals will be discussed and triaged in this working group, and then the implementation will be coordinated in this working group (which often will cut across many Glean projects).


Community discussion

The Glean Platform WG works largely in the open, and is subject to the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines.


Google Group

glean-platform-wg (e-mail for an invite)

Conventions for posting to the group:

  • Use [Proposal] in the subject line when sharing a proposal.
  • The group is public, so should not be used to discuss NDA'd or other sensitive topics. A natural place to move topics involving an NDA with Google (GCP) is the Data Platform Infrastructure Working Group.

Work status:


  • High-level "threads" of work will be tracked in Bugzilla "metabugs" in the "Data Platform and Tools: Glean Platform" component, linking out to individual tickets tracked with the individual projects, (in Bugzilla, Github, JIRA or elsewhere).
  • The goal is to have no more than 5 of these metabugs in progress at one time.


Meeting notes: Published link, Editable invite-only link

The meeting agenda will be posted in the notes at least 24 hours before the meeting.

The Fortnightly Glean Platform Working Group Newsletter: A high-context summary for consumption outside of the working group, notably for the Data Science team's awareness, will be produced less than 24 hours after each meeting.


Matrix channel:


Meeting: Biweekly cadence on Thursdays at (9h00 Pacific, 12h00 Eastern, 16h00 UTC, 18h00 CEST)

Zoom Room: [1]

Meeting notes: Published link, Editable invite-only link

Meeting roles to rotate - facilitator, note-taker, agenda-builder.


Jan-Erik Rediger as owner of the calendar event and to initially facilitate agenda-building. Rotating facilitator, note-taker & agenda-builder once established.

Motivation, context, history

Glean has historically had multiple cross-project coordinating meetings, formerly known as "Glean end-to-end", "Glean client-to-platform", and "Glean middle-to-end". Acknowledging that Glean is in fact the coordination of a number of projects, the Glean Platform Working Group puts that coordination under one umbrella.

While each of the constituent parts of Glean has its own schedules and priorities, this Working Group provides a place to plan and coordinate work that cuts across these projects.

An important function of this working group will be to identify and communicate overarching Glean design work that needs input from Data Science.

It will also provide a high-level overview of Glean capabilities that should be more easily consumed by outside stakeholders, in mobile, desktop, web platform and other Glean-using teams across Mozilla.


  • Be transparent: Good notes, visible to the world. The group meetings are documented in Google Docs published to the web.
  • Be inclusive: Prioritize async contributions, break out decision making via proposals etc.
  • Be collaborative: Context sharing, identifying and creating opportunities.


Exhaustive status report of what everyone is working on.


Membership is open to joining via the Google Group: glean-platform-wg (e-mail

Alessio Placitelli is sponsor.

Jan-Erik Rediger is owner of calendar invite / Zoom meeting.

Jan-Erik Rediger is owner and moderator of the Google Group.

Ongoing membership from three sub working groups, initially: Glean SDK (Jan-Erik Rediger), Glean Platform (-), Glean User Tools (-)


Data engineering, Data science, Members of other Mozilla Products using Glean.