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Information from TJ about FSA

  • Currently I have 64 students signed up from some of the following universities:
    • Hasso Plattner Institute
    • Hochschule
    • Jacobs University
    • University of Potsdam, Stuttgart, Augsburg
    • And more!

In other countries, we have Regional Ambassador Lead(s) who guide the students in their country upon signing up to the program. We currently do not have any RALs in Germany (or well, in Europe). This leaves most students who sign up to feel lost and unaware of the vibrant Mozilla community that already exists in German speaking countries. A simple introduction/outreach from any member in your community would strike a spark!

Insight on promoting at universities:

  • Program deck for beginner's, going over the basics of FSA Program: Understand the Program
  • Extensive wiki with information on what we are, types of activities, etc.: FSA Wiki Hub;
  • A Sample Program Flyer 1 and Sample Program Flyer 2. We want to create new ones as a future project.
  • Generally to promote at universities, community members create their own localized deck to explain the FSA Program. You can check some out here
  • A great example of promotions at universities is done by the Philippines Community. They have "MozTours" where they tour different universities, speaking at classrooms about Mozilla and how students can contribute through the FSA Program. Oftentimes they reach out to professors who grant them access to speak.
  • Talking point: this program is volunteer base and with a mission that extends beyond promoting Firefox - teaching web literacy, bringing exposure to open source- and is an opportunity for students to gain leadership, marketing, and tech skills as well as get connected to a large network of students all around the world (literally).

Official Facebook group:



  • TJ
  • Andreas
  • Michael Kohler

Intro to FSA by TJ for all participants

  • Slides:
    • only for college students
    • expose to the Mozilla community / SUMO / MDN / ...
    • "Gateway drug to become full-time contributor after college"
    • get to know Mozilla -> trained to be rockstar marketers -> inspired to do more
    • office hours for asking questions
    • regional ambassador leads -> guide students within country
    • new recognition levels
    • no limit of students who sign up
    • Firefox Club -> Club of students interested in Firefox
    • "learn new things"
    • Goal: increase Firefox downloads :)

What resources do we need?

  • Intro e-mail to include information on:
    • biweekly meeting
    • social channels
    • website
    • some simple steps on how to connect
    • a brief introduction about the community!
    • Michael & Andreas contact
    • ask if still interested
    • Germany, Austria, Switzerland
    • Michael - Regional Ambassador Lead


  • Draft introduction e-mail by end of May, send out by June to students in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.
  • Will figure out next steps based on responses of introduction e-mail.