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Meeting Details


  • Firebug
    • Firebug 1.9.2 beta 1 released
    • Firebug 1.10a7 tomorrow, among other things, fixes compatibility with Nightly
    • Firebug meeting notes from this week.
    • HTTP Monitor is already intercepting HTTP of a local browser/tab instance. Remote monitoring in progress.
    • HTTP Monitor code clean up and architecture improvements planned.

  • Script Debugger
    • landed fixes for oranges
    • landing patch to refactor debugger front end (precursor for chrome debugging)
    • display variables in scope nearing landability
    • this is approaching preference turn-on-ability
    • mihai landed source editor fixes which improve source editor
    • patch for remote debugger underway
    • lucasr landed patch for debugging fennec remotely
    • b2g debugging patch nearly done review
  • Command Line/Global Toolbar
    • Working on final UI
    • Want to check in preffed off without final UI changes
    • Patches in review
  • Inspector
    • Work on the copy menu in the rule view.
    • Sidebar refactoring under review.
  • Style Editor
    • No update.
  • Security Team
    • No update.


  • UX reviews and Mockup requests
  • New graph server