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Meeting Details


  • Firebug
    • Meeting notes from this week
    • Planned releases Firebug 1.9.2 final and Firebug 1.10a8
    • HTTP Monitor post (including support for local/remote and Fennec monitoring), next step: embed back in Firebug
    • Blocker: JSD still broken in Nightly
    • Blocker: Wrappers also seems to break Firebug in Nightly.
    • Support for GC/CC log import in CCDump
  • Script Debugger
    • Variable Modification progress (blocked by a crasher)
    • Highlighting Variable Changes between Pauses
    • Content Script Debugging across Reloads soon to be possible
    • UI for starting Remote and Chrome debuggers
    • The biggest debugger crashers have patches in review
    • Script searching & navigation in the UI (like Sublime Text)
    • Scope variable inspection and debugger-debuggee compartment separation landed
  • Command Line/Global Toolbar
  • Inspector
    • Fixed DOM Inspector Bug
    • Responsive Design Mode is almost ready for review bug 749628
  • Style Editor
    • No update.
  • Security Team
    • Need to schedule a security review for HTTP monitor - week beginning 21st.