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Meeting Details


  • Firebug
    • Meeting notes from this week
    • Firebug 1.10 beta 3 tomorrow
    • Still focusing on blockers
    • Release next week or in August (due to vacations)
  • Script Debugger
    • Latest crash fixed by Jim
    • Fixing b2g debugger regressions, now functional again.
    • Fixes for bugs found by QA.
    • Breakpoint view is almost ready to land.
  • SourceMap
    • Working on getting sourcemaps from headers into JSScripts.
  • Web Console
    • Working on moving to the remote debugging protocol.
  • Source Editor
    • Working prototype of autocompletion in the scratchpad
    • Need to use the esprima parser in the prototype
    • Orion update is good to go
  • Inspector
    • Paul working on fixing keybindings in the markup view/inspector.
    • Rebased the patch to make the rule view easier to read
  • Style Editor
  • Timeline
    • Introduction of "Overview Mode", as new events come in the display zooms to accommodate them.
  • Security Team
    • Working on commands from the hackathon
    • CSP patches
    • Finishing up GCLI page manipulation commands.
  • Command Line/Global Toolbar
    • Landed the style update for the toolbar.
    • Preffed on by default.
    • Nasty focus bug on linux.
    • Created a xul command command, but it has some troubles.
  • Product Management
    • Kevin is working on the aurora 15 hacks post.