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Meeting Details


  • Firebug
    • Meeting notes from this week
    • Firebug 1.10 final tomorrow!
    • Official announcement post:
    • New features list (+screenshots): hacks.mozilla
    • site feature update
  • Web Console
    • Remote debug protocol support in the console, script errors and style errors working, all tests pass.
  • Script Debugger
    • fix for debugger and the bfcache
    • couple of other fixes from last week's testday bugs
    • patch to simplify b2g and fennec code
    • leading way for further backend work enabling honza's extension API.
  • Source Editor
    • still a couple of bugs in the update patch
    • good progress with orion upstream update
  • Responsive Mode
    • Contributor working on Custom Sizes preset
  • Style Editor
  • Timeline
    • Last week's updates around user interface
    • Improvements for Overview Mode
    • Simplified Toolbar
    • Main issue with addon
    • Release Coming soon
  • Security Team
    • Tanvi landed mixed content highlighting in Web Console
  • Command Line/Global Toolbar
    • Developer Toolbar style update,
    • more tools menu arriving
    • Annoying linux issues (window manager bug?)
    • Trying to get as many fixes as possible


  • Paul Building a Menu for extra tools in the developer toolbar.
    • Has a broadcaster implementation for disabling/enabling tools.
  • Update on Gecko
    • Dropped Extensions for CSS
    • Transitions
    • Filed bug to remove prefixes from our own code
    • Support for Map and Set in JS
      • Will soon be Iterable
    • WeakMaps
  • Thaddée
    • Autocomplete work {bug|762164}
    • Looking for feedback on keyboard shortcuts
    • Paul suggests a twitter survey, Christian suggests a Google Survey
    • Blog post on hacks?