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Meeting Details


  • Mark Goodwin
    • CSP in the web console bits are close to finishing.
    • Wants to discuss security info in the devtools
  • Heather Arthur
    • Rule View visual update landed
    • Matthew Wein has a patch to increment/decrement with arrow keys.
  • Nick Fitzgerald
    • SourceMap library patch landing
    • Having trouble testing SourceMap headers.
  • Mike Ratcliffe
    • Landed a bunch of GCLI commands this week
    • Chrome calllog finishing up.
  • Thaddee Tyl
    • Orion update ongoing.
    • Autocomplete taking time.
    • Working on a patch to make esprima more resilient against not-completely-correct javascript
    • Necessary for parsing during typing.
    • Reusing some existing work, but going to rework after a rejected pull request.
  • Jan Odvarko
    • Firebug 1.10!
    • Good feedback so far.
    • 1.10.1 in a couple weeks
  • Brian Dils
    • Met with Nick and Paul this week.
    • Looking at bug 770818
    • Looking at inspector issues, send problems Brian's way.
  • Victor Porof
    • A lot of stuff landed before the 16 pull
    • Adding a breakpoints pane.
    • Caused some orange, we think we have a fix.
    • Experimenting with collapsing stack/variable/breakpoint panels.
  • Girish Sharma


Victor's GL Shader Editor

Who is interested in meeting about a security filter/diagnostic tool?

  • Mihai, Paul, Tanvi, Mark, ...?