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Meeting Details


  • Mihai Șucan
    • Web Console work: some fixes landed in aurora and beta, updates for the Web Console remote debugging protocol patch based on Panos's review. Mostly waiting for reviews.
    • Source Editor work: submitted a few patches for review. Reviewed Thaddee's Orion upstream update patch - almost ready to land.
  • Mike Ratcliffe
    • Tidying up the chrome calllog command.
    • Fixing leaks in the network panel
  • Victor Porof
    • Debugger UI stuff:
    • Keyboard shortcuts for stepping.
    • Script searching
    • Fixed a debugger breakpoint-related leak.
    • Another long-url fix.
    • Working on the webgl shader editor.
  • Kevin Dangoor
    • Catching up after vacation
  • Paul Rouget
    • Added the devtools menu to the developer toolbar.
    • Killed the inspector killswitch - the inspector just hides the context menu item now.
  • Nick Fitzgerald
    • Adding sourcemap infrastructure to SpiderMonkey.
  • Heather Arthur
    • Matthew Wein's arrow-key rule view progressing.
    • Tweaking the computed view.
  • Brian Dils
  • Tanvi Vyas & Mark Goodwin
    • Working with paul and mihai on a security diagnostic tool.
  • Optimizer
    • Need to add network integration
    • Starting with performance optimizations this week.
    • Firefox integration meta bug: bug 777777