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Meeting Details


  • Panos
    • Bug fixes the last few days:
    • b2g regression - we need xpcshell tests for b2g
  • Honza
    • Firebug 1.10.1 was released
    • Quick followup needed.
  • Nick
  • Tanvi
    • Waiting for Paul, starting a module to start a security diagnostic tool.
  • Victor
    • Landed patches for keyboard shortcuts in the debugger.
    • Full-text search in the debugger underway
    • Small fix for reloading pages
    • Finished patch for collapsing the debugger: bug 766054, need UX ideas
  • Mike
    • We have a strategy and patch for the bug for gcli focus issues on linux.
    • Chrome calllog command due to land soon
  • Thaddee
    • More work on autocompletion in the scratchpad.
    • Have a UX patch to test: bug 648378
  • Kevin
    • Feedback from is positive
    • Can't Close Inspector bug is mentioned a lot, will be fixed in 17
  • Mihai
    • Web console move to an iframe has been landed.
    • Intermittent fix form that patch about to land
    • Patch to make console.log messages clickable are up
    • Contributors working on web console patches.
    • A bunch of orion bugs fixed upstream
  • Optimizer
    • Working on the Timeline project's UI
    • Removed the toolbar from the top, combined with the ruler
    • Optimizations have been completed
  • Mark
    • More work on the CSP warnings
    • Looking at the upcoming security warning developer tool
    • Reminder: schedule security reviews for new or largely-changed features.
    • Things have landed without sec review, don't let that happen.
  • Joe
    • The jsb command exposed bugs, fixing those.


  • Test the Timeline Addon!
  • GCLI has some imported files, talk with Joe Walker before modifying GCLI to figure out the right places to make changes.
  • We talked with BenWa and jpr about the SPS profile.
    • Figuring out what sort of thing we want to ship with Firefox.
    • Some superset of SPS stuff
    • Working to develop a good picture of what's going on when you're developing a page.