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Meeting Details

Firefox Content Tools Team

This week we formed the Firefox Content Tools team. This team will be focusing on our inspector, DOM, and webapi tools. Joe Walker will be managing the team, and Heather Arthur, Mike Ratcliffe, and Paul Rouget will be joining it. Congratulations to the members of the new Content Tools team!


  • Dils (not in attendance)
    • In the process of creating a UI Inventory. I'm going through all of our dev tools and similar efforts across Mozilla, such as Thimble, and recording functionality and the UI used. This will help with the UI Framework we've been sketching out. This is basically a way of gathering all the puzzle pieces before trying to put them together.
    • Starting on UX work for the Timeline by end of week/early next week, will catch up with Optimizer soon.
  • Nick
    • Continued work on Source Map plumbing
    • Picked up implementing long string actors in the protocol (used for sending osurces over the protocol)
  • Tanvi
    • Working with Paul on a security diagnostic tool.
    • Security work week is next week.
  • Paul
    • Away last week
    • Put together a boilerplate security diagnostic tool
    • Web Console toolbar theme
    • Looking at "highlighter v3", considering dropping the veil.
      • Have heard complaints about the veil (but you can disable it now)
      • Might not want the veil when working on the style
      • Veil is mostly useful while inspecting (before locking)
      • The amount of code to build the veil is pretty big if we scale back inspecting.
    • Figured out why the highlighter was feeling slow.
    • Margin highlighting
  • Dave
    • HTML panel patch with tests coming up friday.
    • Probably out next week.
  • Thaddee
    • Worked on improving autocompletion
    • Working on orion update
    • Static analysis system for scratchpad almost done.
    • Focusing on Reflect.parse rather than esprima for now.
  • Panos
    • Working on extending the debugger server for other tools
    • Patched up HTTPMonitor and profiler addons to work with this.
    • Just needs tests, should land soon.
  • Optimizer
    • Wrapping up UI stuff by Monday
    • Then starting on documentation for features and internals.
    • Timeline uses even lesser vertical space now; Changing to compact mode if height becomes smaller than a threshold.
  • Mihai
    • More work on the remotable web console.
      • Page errors are up for review
      • window.console api messages next.
    • console.log output that includes objects are now clickable.
    • Refactoring web console output. Cleaner API.
  • cheilmann
    • Nick wrote a source map article waiting for source map to land.
    • Released an article on remote debugging that Kevin wrote.
  • Joe Walker
    • Cleaning up minor GCLI bugs.

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