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    - web console remoting patch part 2 ready today or tomorrow - remotable window.console API, JS evaluation, object inspection and autocomplete.
    - kudos to Jen from the webdev team for fixing bug 704204 - text zoom in/out in the web console.

Nick aka BlackEagle:
  • Source maps are now exposed from the debugger API on Debugger.Script.prototype.sourceMapURL which concludes most of what I would call "plumbing" and means I can transition to actually integrating with the debugger!
  • Been working on moving the fetching of sources from the debugger client to the debugger server. After talking with JimB yesterday, we realized that we need to change the protocol in a different way than we originally discussed and I originally implemented, so this probably won't land in 17 :(

  • free text search across all scripts ready (and rebased, needs review)
  • collapsed panels implementation done (one-button version, thanks shorlander)
  • contributor Abhishek added shortcut tooltips across the debugger UI

  - Breakpoints on Reload is off in Beta, fixed in Nightly, soon on Aurora
  - Hoping to get Extensibility landed in Nightly before merge
  - Same for Profiler Actors
  - new crasher (784706), but already with a working patch

Optimizer (will miss the meeting today):
  • End of GSoC.
  • Started work on First Run Experience and Remote debugging
  • Incorporating some of the UI changes as suggested by Brian

  • autocompletion in scratchpad (Firefox 18)
  • unicode in style editor
  • started work on bug 774753 (sandbox bug)

  • JSD2 adoption in progress
  • Mostly analysing existing code
  • Firebug 1.11a2 tomorrow

  • Markup panel landing today (third day I've said that, this time I mean it)
  • Need to fix the context menu and colors.

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Victor: Mike, I think jsbeautify needs an update,, if we're going to use it in the debugger

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Kevin's command line ProTip:
  • install Customize Shortcuts and change the shortcut for the toolbar (I use cmd-D because I never use bookmarks :)