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Meeting Details


  • Rob
    • Off for a week
  • Mihai
    • web console remoting patch part 2 (window.console API and JS evaluation) updates based on reviews from Panos. also completed part 3 (network logging). started work on part 4 (some cleanups - remove HUDService-content.js and any message manager-related code).
    • will also do part 5 which will add new tests for the new web console actors, in toolkit.
    • will start an etherpad to document what i did for the web console remoting - the actors, the new protocol changes, the rationale for the decisions taken, etc.
      • will also propose some changes/improvements to make the new actors more reusable for other components in firefox and extensions.
      • will want feedback as much as possible and as soon as possible!
  • Optimizer
    • Completed a leftover patch for reverting to last saved state in Scratchpad. r+ and ready to land.
    • Patches that are incoming in couple of days:
      • Copying screenshot to clipboard command (bug 788890)
      • Request and response bodies menu item more discoverable (bug 704983).
    • Timeline RDP implementation complete in a separate branch "RDP". Will merge with master as soon as Panos's patch lands for bug 753401.
  • Nick
    • Updated sources-over-protocol as per Panos' review comments
    • Still working on fixing mochitests that have broken in the process
  • Paul
    • bug 768442 landed (placehoder for sidebar inside a tab)
    • inspector killswitch now only hide the context menu item
    • fixed a couple of highlighter regressions
  • Panos
    • extension API patch is ready, just waiting on feedback from Jim. Doing some b2g-related followup work for the profiler
    • patch to display statically-inferred names for anonymous functions
    • reviews for Mihai's web console remoting and Nick's sources over protocol patches (debugging a B2G device works!)
  • Espadrine:
    • crash fix for CSS parsing
    • unicode in the style editor yet again! (landed)
    • autocompletion in the scratchpad: using the WebConsole's popup
  • Heather
    • about to put light theme up for review \o/


  • Joe:
    • Promise is being weird. Why.
  • Paul:
    • Did you know about `make chrome`?
      • On Mac:
        • time (make -C browser chrome && make -C browser/app)
        • is twice faster than
        • time (make -C browser);
  • CSP Warn vs Error