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Meeting Details


  • Paul:
    • debugger (almost) works in the toolbox
  • Kevin:
    • Firefox OS Simulator is being hacked on by Myk and Tofumatt. Angling to have it for various engagement events coming up soon
    • Myk blogged about r2d2b2g (the simulator) on Hacks
    • DevHub website work continues to help people get into building apps for Firefox OS with some discussions going on about how it ties in with MDN
  • Victor:
    • Finished up chrome debugging UI
    • Huge changes happening with cleaning up frontend code, making it ready for upcoming stuff
    • Silenced up bfcache orange
    • ...and on a similar note, a pretty nasty bug with sources which take too long to fetch incorrectly
  • Rob:
    • I removed things.
  • Honza, Firebug:
    • Firebug 1.11a4 tomorrow
    • Focusing on blockers this week
    • Also focus on automated testing
    • Reported several bugs that should help Firebug to adopt JSD2
  • Panos
    • b2g debugging now works and the bugs we had on Fennec from getting the sources in the client are now fixed
    • remote protocol changes required by the profiler are progressing smoothly