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Web Console/ConsoleQueuedMessages

General info/Overview

If a user's JavaScript logs messages using console.log and similar methods before the Web Console has been opened, those messages are lost. In order to see that log output, the user needs to reload the page.
With this feature in place, the user will see those messages as soon as they open the Web Console without needing to reload the page.
This feature also works for JavaScript errors and is very convenient for developers.

Feature page

Tracking bug

None specified in dev-page
TBD (To be determined)

Feature status

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Console Queued Messages
Stage Landed in Firefox 13
Status in progress
Release target Firefox 12
Health OK
Status note `
  • "Landed in Firefox 13" is not in the list (`, Draft, Feature Inbox, On hold, Definition, Design, Planning, Development, Landed, Shipped, ...) of allowed values for the "Feature stage" property.
  • "in progress" is not in the list (`, In progress, Complete) of allowed values for the "Feature status" property.

Testing status

Current testing status for the feature - to be provided every week or when it is necessary (highlight any outstanding issue or blocker if it's the case/testing is ongoing as planned)
  • E.g.: week 46 updates:
  • E.g.: week 45 updates:
No weekly updates planned for this feature 


Team members
  • Development : Kevin Dangoor, Dave Camp, Mihai Sucan
  • Security
  • QA : Vlad Maniac (irc: vladmaniac, #automation)
  • Contributors : AlexLakatos (irc: AlexLakatos), Vlad Ghetiu, Virgil Dicu (Firefox Desktop QA Reviewers)
  • Other members


Available builds 
feature is landed in Firefox 13, targeted to be merged also for Firefox 12
DOWNLOAD BUILDS - latest-mozilla-aurora
DOWNLOAD BUILDS - latest-mozilla-nightly
Mochitests available (link to mochitests and what has been covered by mochitests)
TDB (To be determined) 



Environment needed
  • Firefox clean build with new profile How To?
  • Firefox 'dirty' profile
  • No extra settings needed
Preparations for test
  • No extra preparations needed
Areas planned to be covered by testing
  • Functional
Areas that will not be covered by testing (not in scope)
  • Automation
No automation planned for this feature

Use cases

With code like console.log("hi"); in a JS file, you should be able to load the page with the Web Console closed, open the Web Console and see "hi" in the log.

Focus on


Bug queries


Manual testing

List of testcases and scenarios
  • For this feature in particular, testcases can be identified with the use cases
Corner cases (optional)
Exploratory testing


NOT COVERED - No Mozmill API available for Devtools features at the moment


[ON TRACK] Basic Functionality
  • Windows RESULT
  • Linux RESULT
  • Mac RESULT
Comments/Unreproducible issues
  • TBD

[ON TRACK] Corner cases
Logged issues as a result of corner cases

Known issues

bug 729925


sign-off criteria
  • Sign off criteria for merge (Nightly -> Aurora)
    • Basic functionality requirements are addressed
  • Sign off criteria for release (Aurora -> Beta)
    • Testing coverage of all situations/scenarios cause no blocker bugs
  • Sign off criteria for release (Beta -> Release)