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This is just a temporary place for a brain dump of where we are to avoid things falling through the cracks.

Full Bug List

Go to the demo page (or any built GCLI) and type "bugz".

Immediate Tasks

  1. Get bug 656668 to the starting blocks. The more of the children of bug 659059 that we can get fixed before we push this, the better. On the other hand we want to get this started. The biggest churn will be around localization, I hope. I vote we set this off soon, like today?
  2. UI polish
    1. bug 657598 Better unit tests fitzgen
    2. bug 665660 Both GCLI and JS command radios are labeled 'Command' fiztgen/joe
    3. bug 666015 Single prompt fitzgen
    4. bug 666047 Completer/inputter alignment fitzgen
    5. bug 666334 CSS: s/.jsterm-/.gcliterm-/g joe
    6. bug 666578 inputter.css fitzgen
    7. bug 666579 undocked input none