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Feature Status Lead engineer QA Lead Status
ToolsWindow Landed Paul Rouget Simona Badau OK


  • The main objective of this feature is to build "one-window" version of the following developer tools:
    • Web console
    • Debugger
    • Inspector
    • Style Editor
    • JS Profiler
    • 3D View
    • Scratchpad
    • Responsive Design Mode


Focus areas

  • Display - consistent display on all platforms, no visual/layout issues
  • Functionality: all buttons in the docked/undocked toolbox are working as expected

Test Cases

All the created test cases are available here.

Important Bugs

Bug 816946 - [meta] [toolbox] Toolbox in Firefox 20.

Not Tested

  • The functionality of the developer tools features.

Sign off Criteria

  • All the test cases were executed.
  • All the major bugs have been fixed.

Pre-beta sign-off

PASS on:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS 10.8
  • Ubuntu 12.10