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Covered by Vlad Maniac


  • Establish how we continue and improve testing of the Web Console


  • Test functionality following two directions, manual and automation
    • Manual testing - scenario based testing
      • Basic functional and full functional testing
      • Make usage of test cases and test pages to create scenarios
      • Corner cases mainly before releases
      • Heavy exploratory testing since the web console was quite a stable feature so far
    • Automation
      • Run acceptance testing and smoketests using automation
      • Automation would cover up as many of the manual tests as possible
  • Keep up with dev team
    • Find bugs used for tracking the development process
    • Follow up with the pushlog to stay informed with the latest changes
  • Test case management
    • Have all test cases updated
    • Update Litmus guided tests accordingly, encourage contributors to test new landings using Litmus
    • Conduct testday activities with Mozilla QA and the community
  • Bug triage and regression searching
    • Heavy regression hunting
    • Bug verifications and bug triage

Platform and Configurations

  • Testing against the Web Console is to be performed on all platforms
    • Prioritizing
      • Windows 7, Windows XP
        • Windows 2000 spot checks when time permits
      • MAC OS X
      • LINUX


  • Testing schedule is to be synced with development process schedule
  • Decide prioritization for testing activities according to dev plans
  • Run daily smoketests using automated tests


  • Manual testing - 2 resources (George, Andrei)
  • Automation - 2 resources (Vlad, Alex)

Testing activities so far

Major issues so far