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Initiative to track, prioritize and communicate progress for enhancements, features and bug fixes in DevTools to better debug, measure and analyze issues in browser games. Games is a huge Mozilla initiative right now, and games have been testing the upper bounds of debugging, rendering and responsiveness for the platform, so our tools must handle this upper bound of the platform as well.

This covers many components in devtools (debugger, performance, memory, canvas, shader, about:debugging?) as well as the platform, with input from the devtools, platform, games and web VR teams.


Current Milestone: Q1 2016

Tracking bug: 1225912.

Full Query
ID Priority Summary Assigned to Status
968510 P3 Add support for demangling C symbol names in the Firefox profiler? Jordan Santell [:jsantell] [@jsantell] RESOLVED
1224726 P1 High memory consumption when opening and searching a large Javascript file in debugger. Brian Grinstead [:bgrins] RESOLVED
1232292 P1 Hang when setting sliding breakpoint on a large file in debugger RESOLVED
1233927 P1 Switching between large JS files in debugger is slow Jason Laster [:jlast] RESOLVED

4 Total; 0 Open (0%); 4 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Past Milestones

Bug Tracking


All bugs are tagged with [gaming-tools], and use the priority field in Bugzilla to indicate priorities. Links for sorting by priority and component are below.

Meta Bugs

Some meta bugs that have been used in some components to keep track of related bugs