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This page is out of date and no longer maintained. No pages link here, please don't add links to this page.

Name irc nick Twitter Blog Mozillian Works On
Dave Camp dcamp @campd Link Developer Tools Engineering Manager
Paul Rouget paul @paulrouget Link
Victor Porof victorporof @victorporof Link
Panos Astithas past @pastith Link
Jan Odvarko Honza @janodvarko Link Firebug
Joe Walker joewalker @joewalker Link
Mike Ratcliffe mikeratcliffe @ratcliffe_mike muhahahaha Inspector, CSS tools, toolbox and the stuff that makes things look sexy.
Mihai Sucan msucan @robodesign Link Script tools (source editor, web console, debugger, etc)
Nick Fitzgerald fitzgen @fitzgen Link Script tools (mostly debugger)
Jim Blandy jimb @jimblandy Link DevTools
Brian Grinstead bgrins @bgrins Link DevTools
J. Ryan Stinnett jryans @jryans Link
Patrick Brosset pbro @patrickbrosset Link DevTools markup and style inspector mostly.