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Resources and information for the Web Audio Editor in Firefox Developer Tools.


Change Log

Major changes per release.


  • TBD


  • Bypassing AudioNodes
  • Fix bug that threw a permission error for using function methods (call/apply) on AudioContext/AudioNode methods while tools were open
  • Errors that originate from content now correctly show the filename/line number, rather than appearing as if the error originated from devtools
  • Fix bug that failed when disconnecting an AudioNode immediately after creating it


  • Support StereoPannerNode
  • Expose Automation events on the WebAudio and AudioNode actors (backend)


  • Disable tool on unsupported targets (browser toolbox, addon debugging)
  • Fix intermittent failures


  • Refactoring, small style fixes


  • Tool now e10s ready
  • Render AudioParam connections (`node.connect(param)`) in graph
  • Remove redundant/irrelevent information (redundant "Node" in node names, actor IDs)

Fx33 - Refined Release

  • Tool now works with all host types
  • GC'd AudioNodes are now removed from the graph
  • Improved graph rendering
  • Inspector updates: Make readonly AudioParams uneditable, inspector now works with all media/webrtc nodes, fixed setting floats on params

Fx32 - Release

Initial release, containing graph rendering and AudioNode inspector view, with modifiable AudioParams