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WiFi debugging allows WebIDE to connect to your Firefox OS device via your local WiFi network instead of a USB cable.

The connection experience is generally more straightforward (especially after connecting to a device the first time) than with USB and also more convenient to use since you're no longer tied down by a cable.


WiFi debugging uses TLS for encryption and authentication over the WiFi network. Each device creates a self-signed certificate for authentication. When connecting, a QR code is scanned to verify the certificates were presented by the correct devices. After the first connection, these certs can be remembered to allow for immediate connection if desired.


As of bug 1027454, this feature is no longer hidden. Assuming you have Firefox 39 for desktop and Firefox 3.0 on device, you can enable this feature on the device:

  1. Go to Developer Settings on device (Settings -> Developer)
  2. Enable DevTools via Wi-Fi
  3. Edit the device name if desired


  1. Open WebIDE in Firefox Nightly (Tools -> Web Developer -> WebIDE)
  2. Click "Select Runtime" to open the runtimes panel
  3. Your Firefox OS device should show up in the "WiFi Devices" section
  4. A connection prompt will appear on device, choose "Scan" or "Scan and Remember"
  5. Scan the QR code displayed in WebIDE