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  • Advertise and use bundles - build speed improvement
    • Create extension to take advantage of bundles (gps)
    • Set up build tooling to use the bundles
    • Set up infra (cronjob + server + s3 uploading) to produce bundles (bkero)
  • Run hgweb out of v-c-t repository (bkero) - Increased portability, testability
  • Python 2.7 upgrade (bkero) - general speed improvement and increased upstream testing usefulness


  •  ?


  • Fix diffs (smacleod)
    • Properly show rename / copy / empty files
      • Make RB core properly handle git style diffs
      • Generate git style diffs from MozReview
    • Allow display of a deleted files original contents [now unprioritized]
  • Allow Review Board to check ldap groups
    • Restrict try pushes from MozReview to level 1