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Meeting Info

  • Tuesday, noon PT
  • Hal Wine's Vidyo room
  • backchannel: #vcs

Hot items

Last week

  • bkero
    • Blog post: The ‘Try’ repository and its evolution
    • DoS mitigation work
      • Eventual back-out
      • Recommendation from Opsec to do a Risk Analysis
    • Wrote code for fixing user repo creation/deletion
    • Monitoring/Trending
      • Set up Logstash script to import backlog of apache into ElasticSearch
      • Started writing Kibana dashboard apache access/error log analysis
  • fubar
    • puppet config for reviewboard hg
    • DXR comm-central build debugging
  • hwine
  • laura
    • set up some wiki pages ;)

Planned for this week

  • bkero
    • Deploy user repo creation/deletion scripts
    • Work with whd (possibly) to set up ELK/EHK cluster for receiving logs
    • Start backporting logs into that cluster
    • Collaborate on reviewboard try bundle extension
  • fubar
    • rebuild hgweb3 w/ new disks (bug 1026620)
    • reviewboard prod environment (admin, web heads)
    • DXR comm-central; new issue with m-c?; build repos?
  • hwine
  • laura

Other business

  • Still need BMO component merge/move/clean up - who owns?
  • Send your available dates for a get-together to laura.

PTOs, etc