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Meeting Info

  • 2.00 pm Pacific Time Wednesday, Jan 7 <= **One time change**
  • Laura's vidyo room
  • Backchannel in #vcs

Hot items

  • On Call Handoff!!!

Last week

  • bkero
    • Started work on github: Created Github Pilot Etherpad
    • Requested Github Enterprise AWS trial, started setting up
    • Code reviews for various hg scripts
    • Created/deployed git 2.0 to staging for testing
    • Began hgweb.m.o CI work
  • fubar
    • TLS and HSTS for DXR
    • BMO production update script love and fixes
    • Treeherder newrelic update and fixes; everything finally reporting correctly
    • vcs-sync walk through
    • SVN user permission fixes (what year is it?!?)
  • gps
  • hwine
    • start cross training on vcs-sync
    • close old bugs
    • start github planning
  • laura

Planned for this week

  • bkero
    • Finish setting up github enterprise AWS instance(s), start populating it with Real Data (TM)
    • hg.m.o CI - Get hgweb side created, start testing against it
  • fubar
    • BMO push duty
    • AWS/terraform/docker learnin' and testin'
  • gps
    • Land and deploy hgtemplates updates (waiting review)
    • Browser-based (presumably Selenium) test infrastructure for MozReview
    • Bundle-based repo work (try scalability)
    • Try to finish some Mercurial patches in time for 3.3 release
      • JSON API in hgweb (would allow us to eventually kill a lot of custom code)
      • Make hgweb templating more powerful so we can do more powerful things with the web interface
      • Make the transaction API tolerable (so pushlog works more robustly)
  • hwine
    • more github planning and meetings
    • (release build week may take work)
  • laura
    • Finalize q1 things for everyone
    • treeherder/tbpl parity

Other business

  • mailing lists -- too many?
    • infra-devservices@m.c <= will kill unless anyone hollers
    • developer-services@m.c <= Hal's list for "team" & covers all operational systems
    • version-control-dev@m.c <= Greg's list for DVCS work
  • gps priorities
    • Push times to try have decreased dramatically due to peripheral optimizations that are not bundled-based repos. Remaining long pole in push times is synchronous slave replication. This is a problem for all repos. We also have very annoying replication bugs. At this point, I think Try is under control and replication lag/bugs are our biggest performance and business continuity concern. I think bundle-based repos should be put on the backburner until replication is better.

PTOs, etc

  • fubar - 16-26 Jan
  • bkero - 10-16 Jan - presentation