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Meeting Info

  • 1.30 pm Pacific Time
  • Laura's vidyo room
  • Backchannel in #vcs

Hot items

  • On Call Handoff!!!
    • bkero → fubar

Last week

Planned for this week

  • bkero
    • More performance analysis on Github Enterprise vs vs hg.m.o vs git.m.o
    • Grab load balancer logs from zeus for git.m.o, profile traffic types + frequency
    • Generate content based on expected firefox codebase growth, test scaling and perf
  • fubar
    • dxr ES building
    • actual AWS stuff? I live in hope
  • gps
    • Hopefully get files metadata support landed in mozilla-central
    • Deploy the newly-written IDL hook
  • hwine
    • interview all app users of hg.m.o
    • start move onto AWS for seamicro devices
  • laura

Other business

PTOs, etc