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Git DVCS Service

Stop (medium size).png is being shut down
See bug 1277297 for details, and below for information on finding content formerly stored here.

Overview used to be our primary Git service access point. It used to mirrored all FxOS related code, including mirrors of upstream repositories used in building FxOS. It was never the "Repository of Record" for any Mozilla project.

All FxOS mirror repositories have been removed, however the repositories are available from their upstream source. The upstream source should be listed in the manifest file for the device you're building. Those manifests can be found in the b2g-manifest repository. (Unfortunately, some manifests were not correctly maintained - you may need to look at older revisions of the manifest if the latest points to

All other (non-FxOS) repositories have been moved elsewhere, mostly to [GitHub].


The high level status of git and supporting infrastructure can be seen on the main Mozilla status page. You can also view current host load and Apache traffic.


  • I get a 404 in my browser then I access the repository via the URL on the summary page!
    • The URLs listed on a repository's summary page are useful only with git, and you can not web browse the repository using the same URL. For example, using the Bugzilla repository as an example:
    # HTTP(S) is not supported
    $ curl -s -I | grep ^HTTP
    HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
    # git+http is supported
    $ git ls-remote master
    6419b7fcbf9c8efa2d7b55c7e40cfbdf08a5cd5c        refs/heads/master
    # git+ssh is supported
    $ git ls-remote ssh:// master
    6419b7fcbf9c8efa2d7b55c7e40cfbdf08a5cd5c        refs/heads/master

Troubleshooting and Problem Reporting

Note: see also the references section for tips and tools to avoid issues.

If you suspect issues, please follow the steps in order until you get a response:

  1. Check status and known issues
  2. For Firefox related work, ask the sheriffs in #releng or #developers
  3. For FxOS related work, ask in #b2g
  4. File a bug under Developer Services :: Git
    • please include an accurate time (with time zone)
    • please be specific about error codes - there's a big difference between 500 (hg) and 503 (load balancer)!
  5. If urgent and important, escalate bug to #moc (they escalate to DeveloperServices as needed)

Known Issues

Currently open (will improve search over time):

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Recent Changes

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Requesting Services


Git is used slightly differently by different teams (e.g. localization vs coding). In general, consult with others where differences are noted.