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  • sole
  • dietrich
  • Jason
  • potch
  • nick
  • callahad

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Looking to wrap up the interviewing and hiring process in the next month.
  • Please provide recommendations for ViewSource speakers
  • Please skim the DevRel wiki page and make sure it's up to date:
  • We should probably set some team-wide priorities for technologies we're evangelizing. Ideas:
    • Firefox Dev Edition/Devtools
    • Firefox OS - which part? developing for, or developing of?
    • Platform APIs - let's pick a few top ones
    • Games (mobile or desktop, both?) this is desktop mainly
    • Moz VR - with hardware or cardboard? publishing content or
    • Research Projects - which, and why?
    • Things missing
      • performance (mobile, esp)
      • mobile web dev, hybrid even?
      • regular web dev needs
      • themes
  • We'll discuss those topics at the end of the meeting.
  • Jason is out of the office Tuesday through Thursday this week

2-Minute Updates


  • Revised Pointer api doc
  • Hacks editing for latest ES6 post
  • Working on Servo examples
  • RTL/Arabic scope of work
  • Working with Chris and Andre for Games Zone restructuring
  • Working with Plugins team to build Evangelism Plan


  • Last week was mostly OTSConf prep
    • Finished prototype of pong game using phone proximity sensors to move the paddle
    • Talk is starting to look organized
    • All travel and lodging is done
  • Interview prep for a candidate
  • Submitted proposals to JSConf Colombia (topics: FxOS, Rust, and WebAssembly)
  • Went briefly down the Windows 10 rabbit hole



  • (PTO)


  • Hacks!
  • Platform Status Dashboard
  • Firefox Stickers
    • Shall I order a bunch myself, or send out an order link?
  • Starting to collect info for Trainspotting 40
  • Personal Blog
    • I should have one :)


  • Preparing demo-talk for September, good progress (will demo!)
  • Also preparing talk on Web Components for Manchester. Building content kit while I'm on it:
  • Interviewed more people
  • Gave a ton ( A TON ) of suggestions for View Source


  • devrel-needed bz keyword created
    • add to devrel wiki
    • monday meeting update
  • First SIMD.js patches to gl-matrix
  • building a hierarchical model builder for webVR
  • met with Arcadio
    • he's here to help us get demos built with $
    • unified brand id


Other Topics

Firefox release logo stickers: many small orders or one big order?

Potch to do one large order (~10,000)

FxOS Status for Developers?

Still trying to decide on another round of developer-specific phones or focus on reusing existing hardware.