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  • Jason
  • potch
  • dietrich
  • jensimmons
  • calllahad
  • havi
  • flaki
  • gio

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Jason traveling over the next week -- MS EDGE Conf., etc.

Verbal Highlights

Anything blocking you? Anything interesting to report?

  • Jen: I'll be traveling the next three weeks. I leave Wednesday for Seattle. Having meetings at Adobe on Thursday, Microsoft on Friday. Present at An Event Apart Seattle on Monday. Then jump on a plane and head to Sydney Australia, and later onto Melbourne, where I'm doing three presentations.
  • I've been talking with Patrick Brosset, Jeff Griffiths and Bryan Clark about Dev Tools for Grid (via email). Also been talking to Jason and Potch in a separate conversation. Potch & Jason will be staring work on something simple that we can use. I believe, there's a big competitive opportunity here to ship some kind of simple Grid tool and get people using Firefox (instead of Chrome) to try out Grid. (If we can beat Chrome to the punch).
  • Dietrich: Telemetry. What questions can we answer about the in-the-wild compat issues users experience? What are the larger questions you have about our user base?
    • Jen: ask about velocity of use
  • Flaki: help hacks, send me your things that you want shown/highlighted in tweets by MozHacks (send them /
  • Dietrich: Welcome Gio!
    • Gio: Thank you Sir :)

Plan for This Week

What will you do this week?

  • [jweathersby] Servo Demos
  • [callahad] Polish the DevRel Dashboard
  • [callahad] Write e10s + add-ons article for WebExtensions team
  • [potch] Game site for PatentQuest
  • [potch] v1 of a CSS grid visualization tool
  • [jen] Working on a new website for Hopefully I'll launch an MVP tomorrow.
  • [jen] Traveling.
  • [jen] meetings at Microsoft and Adobe. Then presentations in Seattle and Sydney week after. Won't be on team call until April 18.
  • [giovanny] I will be helping this weeking local community on a event
  • [giovanny] Checking how to start the new build system for the RPi
  • [giovanny] Finish last things of the Android RPi port
  • [giovanny] keep trying WebAssembly and VR stuff
  • [havi] all Tech speakers call Tues - lots of updates, lots of catherding
  • [havi] publish Hacks posts about Building Cardboard dungeon in Aframe, also Aframe 0.2, hopefully also Media Recorder API.

Summary of Last Week

What did you accomplish last week?


  • Servo testing with Canvas
  • Met with Servo team to discuss WebRenderer major improvements in most CSS properties
  • Setup meeting with MS DevTools at Edge Web Summit in SF
  • Budget review
  • CTO meeting
  • Reviewed a couple of hacks posts
  • Metrics meeting for PLR


  • Dashboard v1 is functionally ready, as far as I can tell:
    • Needs serious CSS love
    • We also need to triage our DevAdvocacy bugs so there's better value for the product owners
  • Accepted to speak at Twin Cities Code Camp on:
    • "What the Heck is WebAssembly, and do I Have to Learn C Now?"
  • Accepted to speak at MidwestJS on:
    • "What the Heck is WebAssembly, and do I Have to Learn C Now?"
    • "The New Mobile Web: Service Worker, Push, and App Manifests"


  • another team weekly update in project meeting notes - (prev edition: )
  • bookmarklet for converting github page back to repo:
  • met with Erik Rose and Nick Chapman about content extraction projects/features for Firefox
  • reach out to MoFo about the format for curriculum on teach.m.o and joining forces w/ code schools curriculum efforts
  • completed design for next phase of RPi+Web architecture, and Gio SOW schedule to work on it
  • more TIA Singapore work, confirmed w/ speaker the 3 events for PWA and reached out to reps/fsa on getting our passes into moz community hands there
  • moved the kyle drake talk to 3/31, will stream live on AirMo.
  • hosted R meetup group
  • code school outreach draft letter completed, w/ feedback from jw & cm, sending this week
  • coordinating w/ Ali on Asia plans


  • Pilot 3 of Mozilla Tech Speakers is done. 1:1 Coaching sign-ups in progress. Tech Speakers meetup weekend moved to Sept - organizational work begun. some 1:1 followups with participants.
  • Got req posted and interviewing in progress for posted req Technical Program Manager position.
  • Hacks: Content Analysis post, Fetch API post.
  • Getting new TS swag ordered.
  • Getting London workweek contributor invites squared away.
  • Booked travel for NYC, LDN trips.



  • (Holiday)


  • Joined the CSS Working Group
  • Held the first ever CSS Layout Club Meetup here in NYC. Quite successful.
  • Created a 960-grid-style layout framework based on CSS Grid. Will create a website for it in May or so. With videos. And promote the heck out of it — all as a joke. To prevent other people from creating such a thing. Here's a peak. It's ridiculous. (If you can't beat them, join them. In order to beat them.)
  • Worked a ton on a new site for Due Wednesday.
  • Lots of planning for the DevRel Website Design Sprint. Secured a house for us to meet in and some to stay at.
  • Booked planes and hotels and more for travel in April and May.
  • Filed expense reports.
  • Part of many conversations in Slack, Twitter, email about CSS Animations, Flexbox, Shapes, Grid, Grid layout tools, Initial Letter with around two dozen different people, in and out of Mozilla


  • (Holiday)


  • More tweety stuff
  • Hacks is doing nicely
  • As in breaking all-before-known records :) On our way to half a million impressions in March
  • Preparing our PWA workshop (great interest towards the thing already)
  • More events support in Europe (helping Ali with VS EU)
  • Got my address, still wrestling w/ mana & service now :)


  • Flash script refactored, finally I have a small and well done script
  • SOW for the next 6 months completed
    • Excited to start with a Linux base instead of Android base for the RPi
  • Checking A-Frame stuff due I will have a Gear VR soon


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

What are the next steps for triaging our bugs?

Discuss plans on DevRel mailing list.

Anything Else?