Dikrib report September 2011

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Reporter User:Dikrib
Date September 2011
Recruits 0
Past Items * I helped Kim Ludvigsen get L10N HG access and helped Jørgen Rasmussen get L10N SVN access, and helped them set it up and teach them the technical details.
  • We got a volunteer interested in SeaMonkey localization http://forum.mozilladanmark.dk/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9091
  • I renewed the certificate for ssl.mozilladanmark.dk two days overdue. I normally get an email warning two weeks in advance, but that must have been lost in delivery somehow.
  • Customized our phpBB installation so that the registration page shows why and why not to register instead of the standard phpBB legalese crap.
Next Items * I am growing increasingly concerned of whether Mozilla will sponsor our site or not. Our deadline for paying is getting closer and closer.