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Note: This is a draft of Mozilla's Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

Late 2015 Update

We are working on a major strategic revamp of Diversity and Inclusion for Mozilla. Right now (December 2015) we are in a period of listening, learning, and piloting. If you would like to learn mpre and get involved, please do reach out to Larissa Shapiro or email inclusion@mozilla.com

Building Inclusive Teams Workshop Materials

As part of our discovery and strategy building, we are doing pilots of three trainings around Unconscious Bias in Orlando. The "one pager" for the Building Inclusive Teams and Communities workshop is here.

Participation Leadership Summit Unconscious Bias Workshop

We tested a community driven unconscious bias session at the Participation Leadership Summit in Singapore in Jan 2016. Links to slides and other materials within.

Archived 2014 Strategy below



"Inclusion and Diversity" is an Official Mozilla Governance Policy. Given our rapid growth over the last three years (diversification of products, people, functions, teams, spaces), we cannot expect our "inclusion and diversity" policy to be implicitly understood, practiced, nor be equivocal about what accountability looks like for this policy. We are at a unique time where we can know more, do more, and do better with our inclusion and diversity practices. An explicit and focused effort to uphold our policy helps us to conserve and evolve those core behaviours that express Mozilla's identity.

  • Strategy. The Diversity and Inclusion Strategy (D&I) is a long term solution, supported by tangible, participatory mechanisms like workshops, trainings, tools, coaching, and other collaborative structures. The strategy provides a layer of rigor to uphold and champion our policy by:
    • evolving our practices in light of internal and external D&I research
    • initiating accountability with leadership
    • making visible the inclusion and diversity practices of our global communities
2014 GOALS
  • Goals for 2014
    • Evolve our D&I practices by partnering with expert and innovative vendors. (See [ Partners below]).
    • Leverage Leadership (Execs, Directors, Managers, ReMo Council) to sustain, develop, and scale D&I education opportunities
    • Influence global D&I practices and behaviours by sharing successes and failures
  • Accountability
    • A Project Accountability statement with metrics to measure its success will be announced to the Project first, then placed on this wiki.
  • Benchmarks
    • The methodology of the D&I Strategy follows research from the 2014 Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDIB) and the 2008 Global Diversity and Inclusion study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Both are global studies that provide rich quantitative data and global D&I approaches for a still developing field of research. With the explicit permission from the authors of the GDIB, now sponsored by the Diversity Collegium, this Diversity and Inclusion Strategy approaches evolving behaviours in line with the GDIB's model and recommendation. Before work be done to affect, say, the Recruiting Team's efforts (Internal facing), adding disparate Education Programs (Internal facing), or teams working with Supplier Diversity vendors (External facing), we must tend to the present behaviours of the culture to affect change at the Foundational level. The strategy for 2014 is focused on strengthening these Foundations to uphold Mozilla's "Inclusion and Diversity" policy:
      • D&I Vision, Strategy, and Business Case
      • Leadership and Accountability
      • Infrastructure and Implementation

A Note on Mozilla's Diversity Data


  • External
    • Ada initiative: "The Ada Initiative helps women get and stay involved in open source, open data, open education, and other areas of free and open technology and culture. These communities are changing the future of global society. If we want that society to be socially just and to serve the interests of all people, women must be involved in its creation and organization."
    • Aperian Global: "Founded in 1990, Aperian Global provides consulting, training, and web tools for global talent development... Our mission is to develop the capabilities of individuals, teams, and organizations to perform effectively worldwide in order to create a sustainable global future."
    • Diversity Collegium: "The Diversity Collegium is a think tank of diversity practitioners whose vision is to tap into the power of diversity and inclusion to transform the spirits, hearts and minds of societies, organizations and individuals to positively impact the quality of life for all human beings."
    • Sexual harassment prevention training by Richard Curiale: "Richard Curiale is the Managing Partner of Curiale Wilson LLP. He is resident in the firm's San Francisco, California office."
  • Internal
    • Community Diversity Working Group: "The Community Diversity Working Group is made up of Mozillians with multifaceted perspectives. Peers review past and current events to help inform how best to contribute to the health of our community's diversity."
    • Education & Culture Working Group: "The Education and Culture working group seeks to help plan, develope and implement Mozilla-wide educational and cultural resources that support and grow our contributor community."
    • WoMoz: "Women & Mozilla ("WoMoz") a community composed of members from different Open Source projects. We are mainly dedicated to improving women's visibility and involvement in Free/Open Source and Mozilla, and to increase the number of women contributors."

D&I Strategy: Education

Diversity and Inclusion Lexicon

A lexicon to help with language awareness and practices of diversity and inclusion.

Workshop and Trainings

NOTE: In order to work inline with the Benchmark's Foundation Category, Workshop and Trainings for 2014 is targeted to Execs, Directors, Managers, and ReMo Council. Of these groups, we will be looking for a balanced course (of leadership, gender, and experience). Seating is limited and we want people who intend to keep stewarding the policy and strategy forward.

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Target Audience Date and Time Location Description Sign up/Apply Materials Special Notes
Managers Choose date and time best for you.
  • July 16th @ 9:00-11:00am PT
  • July 31st @ 2:00-4:00pm PT
  • August 7th @ 7:00-9:00pm PT
Air Mozilla
  • Per the requirements of the presenter, these sessions cannot be recorded.
This is a legal training - understanding what constitutes harassment in the eyes of the law. Mandatory for managers. none Managers - if you do not attend, please email Mihca Anderson.
Individual Contributor Choose date and time best for you.
  • July 16th @ 2:00-3:00pm PT
  • July 31st @ 9:00-10:00am PT
  • August 5th @ 8:00-9:00pm PT
Air Mozilla live streaming, no recording. This is a legal training - understanding what constitutes harassment in the eyes of the law. Not mandatory for employees, but encouraged to attend. none

Unconscious Bias

Target Audience Description Date and Time Location Join Materials Special Notes
Online courses
  • Managers, ReMo Council
  • Region/timezone friendly
  • Remotees friendly
  • Max Participants for each course: 17
Participants develop an understanding of their unconscious biases, and gain practical and positive ways to deal with biases that arise.

NOTE: Online courses have 2 parts. Participants must attend both parts.

  • Americas
  • 19 and 26 August, 1600-1800 UTC
  • Africa+Europe
  • 30 Sept and 7 October, 1100-1300 UTC
  • Asia-Pacific
  • 6 and 13 November, 10-12 Beijing
Aperian uses Adobe Connect Platform On this document choose bottom tab with timezone best for you, then add info. Required reading before course: Exploring Unconscious Bias
  • Aperian uses Adobe Connect Platform for virtual trainings. Please review Adobe's tech specs for compatibility.
  • 2 Part course. Must attend both parts.
Onsite courses
  • Mozilla Execs, Directors, Foundation and People Leads
  • Max Participants for each course: 22
Similar to Online course, but with a few more practice activities.
  • SF
  • 3 September, 10-4 PDT
  • Toronto [Cancelled]
  • 5 September, 10-4 EST
  • [Cancelled: no sign ups]
  • SF

  • T-Dot
[Reserved] Required reading before course: Exploring Unconscious Bias
  • SF course will be co-lead.
  • Participants responsible for their travel.

Supporting Women in Open Source

Learning Opportunity Description Date and Time Location Join Materials Special Notes
AdaCamp AdaCamps are conferences dedicated to increasing women’s participation in open technology and culture.
  • Portland: 21-22 June
  • Berlin: 11–12 October
  • Bangalore: 22–23 November
  • Portland
  • Berlin

  • Bangalore
none AdaCamp is an invite only event.
Ada Initiative Ally Skills Workshop
  • Max participants per workshop: 30
The Ally Skills Workshop teaches men and women simple, everyday ways to support women in their workplaces and communities.
  • Group 1:
  • 18 September, 10-12 PDT
  • Group 2:
  • 15 October, 800-1000 UTC
  • Group 3:
  • TBD
  • Group 1: MtV

  • Group 2: Berlin
  • Group 3: Toronto
On this document, choose bottom tab with location best for you, then add info. Allies Curriculum This course if for men and women who are committed "to speaking up to support women, [and] be more aware of the challenges facing women in their workplaces and communities."
Ada Initiative Leadership Training A train the trainer workshop for people to spearhead projects supporting gender equality.
  • TBD (Early November)
  • 10-4 PDT
MTV On this document. TBD This workshop will be limited to no more than 15 people.


  • Communication Research Initiatives gather data and feedback from the Project on good communication uses (e.g., ways we can be more inclusive with our communication tools, reduce inefficient and unproductive practices, build upon existing tools and practices that contribute to our community well-being).
    • Yammer Inclusion Research led by Tre Kirkman will gather data and community feedback on how we currently utilize Yammer, so that we can be more inclusive.
    • E-Mail Subject Line Etiquette led by Payam Keshtbod will gather fluid and efficient practices to help streamline and prioritize email communication.
  • Mental Health Wellness
    • This project is lead by Dino Anderson and Sylvie Brossard.

Diversity and Inclusion at Mozilla

This section will be a documentation and categorization of Mozilla's Diversity and Inclusion history.


Select group of individuals who have gone through all D&I trainings and are involved in some sort diversity and inclusion initiative, working group, strategy, design, community outreach, etc. This group will be one of the groups (Education and Culture, Community Diversity, WoMoz) that others can discuss diversity and inclusion issues in a proactive and productive manner. In 2015, you will be able to find Champions:

  • Mozillians.org Group
  • Quilt project

The hope is that over time all Mozillians become Diversity and Inclusion Champions.


Currently looking for graphic designers to contribute making badges. Please contact Dino Anderson if you would like to help.