Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for Participation

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The heart of Mozilla is people, and we are committed to being a diverse and inclusive community - one that invites in, and empowers everyone no matter their gender, sexual orientation, nationality, age, ability, socioeconomic status or religion (or lack thereof).

We think of diversity as the mix of people, and inclusion as how we enable that diverse mix to work effectively together - to innovate and have impact on the mission we care so much about. We are building a diversity and inclusion strategy for Participation aligned with Mozilla's overall strategy for D&I.

Plan for Strategy


Our 'Plan for a Strategy can' be found here and has three main phases:

Insights Phase (Q1)

We will conduct a series of focus groups & 1:1 Interviews with D&I topics relevant to regional leadership, events, project design and participation in projects.

Approx Timeline & Milestones


Mozilla is looking towards creating a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for Participation. In an effort to make this process language-inclusive, we are conducting focus groups and 1:1 interviews in various languages apart from English.

If you are a Mozillian and a non-native English speaker, we would like to have your support in conducting interviews and focus groups in your native language (referred to as first-language henceforth). If you are interested, please contact Emma Irwin at eirwin@mozilla.com

If you have any questions about conducting focus groups and/or interviews, please check out the FAQ here.

Experiments & Initiatives (Q1 & Q2)

Strategy Development (Q3)