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Badge provider

A badge provider must provide badges in a valid badge format (under development). A major outstanding question is the requirement of identity and/or validation.

Example badges in different formats follow.


<div class="badge" id="JavaScript Ninja">
  <span class="site"><a herf="http://p2pu.org">http://p2pu.org</a></span>
  <span class="title">JavaScript Ninja</span>
  <span class="value">bronze</span>


    "badge": {
        "site": "http://p2pu.org",
        "title": "JavaScript Ninja",
        "value": "bronze",

Badge Backpack

The badge backpack is simply the aggregation of all badges across all sites. This could be an (X)HTML file or some other format.

Identity/Authentication Service

This is still under development. Hopefully with the help of Mike Hanson and Dan Mills, we can figure out a nice and simple system for managing identity and authenticating badge ownership.

I propose that we have minimal identity requirements for version alpha of the badge framework. For example a web site and user name and email address might be sufficient. --Joshuagay 07:55, 27 October 2010 (PDT)