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Wednesday Presentations

Presentations will begin at 15.00, and run until approximately 17.00

Each presentation will run for at most 5 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of questions and feedback from the rest of the group.

Project list

  • Roundtable, Andy Jennings, Stjin Debrouwere, Katie Zhu
  • Big Picture, Nicola Hughes & David Bello; MoJoNewsBot (demoing MoJoNewsBot prototype using Big Picture prototype)
  • PLESPER, Laurian Gridinoc
  • The Hyperaudio Pad, Mark Boas, Trina Chiasson, Shaminder Dulai (overview, wireframes and demo)
  • FollowThis, Matt Terenzio
  • 'oof' (part of 'Proof'), Rhiannon Coppin
  • LikeLines, Raynor Vliegendhart (short demo and status update)
  • Curious, Trina Chiasson, T Dasgupta, Cole Gillespie, Cody Shotwell
  • Meta Meta Project (API overview + possible demo, maybe...), Dan Schultz
  • nwmskr, Chris Keller, Jordan Wirfs-Brock, Neil Dawson, Saleem Khan
  • * nwmskr part II, Jordan Wirfs-Brock, Neil Dawson