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Project Name


Project Lead

Nicola Hughes

Big Goal for MoJo Hackfest

Identify and add modules for data that would be useful to the newsroom

Key steps toward goal

  • 1. Identify data
  • 2. Scrape data into ScraperWiki
  • 3. Write module for MoJoNewsBot

Project Status

  • IRC chat bot with modules for:
  • 1. Searching Google
  • 2. Search Google News
  • 3. Wikipedia first paragraph
  • 4. WikiDictionary lookup
  • 5. Weather checker
  • 6. Headline retrieval from The Times, Guardian, BBC, Al Jazeera, Reuters
  • 7. Twitter trends lookup for location
  • 8. Twitter search for a given number of tweets
  • 9. Last tweet from input account
  • 10. Special Advisers gifts and hospitalities from CSV downloads on Cabinet Office site via ScraperWiki

(functions = remind, calculator, translate, stats, help)

Pending needs

  • 1. Debug
  • 2. Put on server using DotCloud
  • 3. Place in rooms for multi-user testing
  • 4. During scraping events, make modules


Link for more info: blog post

Link for video demo: video

Link to source code: GitHub

Next Steps

- From here I would like to:

  • Debug chat bot
  • Put onto server and leave in HacksHackers IRC room - test stability and scalability

Places where this project might be tested include:

  • During tour events with ScraperWiki, identify good data streams for a newsroom to be able to query and make modules for MoJoNewsBot
  • Put into chat rooms for specific newsrooms and include modules for their data streams